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Terminator Sarah Conner Chronicles 2×03 The Mousetrap September 22, 2008

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This show continues to get worse week after week. The acting is deplorably bad and the pacing is all wrong.

John Conner is a total wimp. The Cameron character – in this episode was week. Charlie (who looses his wife in this episode)..COME ON..i’ve seen better acting from cardboard.

And what!!! Terminators can’t swim? really?

Sarah Conner Chronicles – CLIPS posted! May 21, 2007

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WELL we might have to wait until 2008 for the Sarah Connor Chronicles – but FOX is being good and has put some clips online to whet our collective apetities.

I don’t know – but Sarah Conner is Linda Hamilton and it’s not going to be easy for anyone no matter how good to replace her.
Then again Summer Glau rocks…in this clip she does her version of Arnie’s T2 – ‘Come With Me If You Want To Live..’

Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles. RIP Derek Reese April 4, 2009

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We’re not fans of Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles – but we were fans of Derek Reese. He was the best male character in the series, a fine actor and just fun to watch.

As of Friday’s show Adam Raised a Cain

Derek Reese, brother of Kyle, uncle to John is Dead. He literally walked into the gun of a Terminator who shot him in the head dead. Quick, sudden and brutal. There was little lament, little grief..

After all the big thing in this episode was the CAPTURE OF SARAH CONNOR!

Yes this show often moves to slow, but now wow…alot of activity in a very short period of time.

Can this show survive without Derek Reese? Sure..but it won’t be as good.

the only character this show could not survive without is Cameron (Summer Glau) beyond that they can all get shot …well i suppose John Conner the weenie is supposed to survive but he’s so lame we still keep hoping he gets toasted too.

Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles – T-888 1920’s style December 1, 2008

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So the T-888 was hidden in a wall waiting for 80 years to shoot someone.


This was a great episode for Cameron – maybe her best yet. She’s a methodical killing machine – with a gun or with research. It was a really interesting treat to see how Cameron noticed the terminator in the past and pieced all the threads together to figure out where he was in the present.

Now as for John Conner – he’s still a mega wimp – and a lame acting job overall. Every episode i’m hoping he’ll get whacked or better yet shaken up so he becomes a more likeable character.

Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles 2×04 Cameron is Allison Young September 29, 2008

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Interesting episode – we get our first real insight into Cameron (Summer Glau- who had a real life before as a human called Allison Young. Allison also knew John Conner which makes the “I love you” comment to John earlier this season even more interesting.

Why Cameron had this flashback episode – who knows but makes for some great backstory. Makes sense that Skynet would base its infiltrators on real humans.

Now what about Shirley Manson character – a T1000 – having a daughter! What’s up with that? Is she also a machine?

The best part of this episode? NOT MUCH WHINING FROM JOHN CONNOR!! He’s such a wimp!

Sarah Connor Chronicles -Pilot Episode Online on Jan 4th! January 3, 2008

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Who says that good things come to those who wait? Terminator spinoff TV series Sarah Connor Chronicles isn’t on broadcast TV until Jan 13th but you – YES YOU can watch it tomorrow Friday Jan 4th online – for free.

Fox will post the pilot episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor ChroniclesYahoo! for 24 hours beginning Jan. 4 at 9 p.m. PT/12 a.m. ET. The commercial-free premiere will also feature an exclusive introduction by star Lena Headey (Sarah Connor).

Is this an indication that Yahoo! actually is Skynet? HA! I sure hope that Yahoo! has provisioned enough bandwidth for this event…i’d also suspect that bootleggers and pirates will find their way to swipe it off Yahoo! once available and you’ll see Sarah Conner Chronicles all over BitTorrent too. Hopefully it doesn’t detract from the official broadcast launch on Fox. WE NEED THIS SHOW. The SciFi genre Needs This to be successful…too many SciFi TV shows have died…let’s hope this one has a longer life span.

Sarah Connor Chronicles Won’t Treat Terminator 3 as Canon. June 24, 2007

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Terminator 3 sucked. Ok good now i’ve said it.

T1 and T2 were both awesome but T3 was ridiculously bad for a lot of reasons. Now there is hope though with the upcoming Sarah Connor Chronicles series (set to debut in 2008  on FOX) that we the FRAKKING FANS will finally get the T3 we deserved.

The creator of SCC just gave an interview where he revealed that the new series will go off on its own alternate timeline.

We’re gonna go off on our own. I think the thing about T3 is, obviously there was just no Sarah Connor and that’s something the fans were never happy with. I don’t even think the people who made T3 were happy with that. It just wasn’t a choice of theirs. You know, Linda Hamilton was going through some things and didn’t want to be a part of it. They had a script at one point I know; there was a T3 that had Sarah in it. I’ve never read it. I don’t know anything about it. But I know that they did and they wanted to do that. They wanted it to be kind of her trilogy, and it never could be. So I think that my feeling was this TV series to me sort of serves as the third act to that trilogy – what could have happened had we followed that after T2. So I almost think of this as T3. To me it takes the place of T3. But also I think that sort of in the spirit of Terminator, it’s an alternate timeline. I know a lot of people get very worked up about the continuity and the canon and all that stuff. What I try to do is stay very, very true to the first two movies and then sort of take it from there. But always remain true to the spirit of everyone’s intent and again, take some time with this woman and explore what maybe would have happened.

Sarah Connor Chronicles – Terminator continued! March 5, 2007

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Sarah Connor? ??

Looks like it’s not just the Terminator who will be back but Sarah Connor as well.

Multiple news outlets are reporting that filming has just wrapped on The Sarah Connor Chronicles which is a Terminator spinoff series.

Summer Glau who is well known to scifi fans from her work on Firefly (and the “Serenity” movie) plays Cameron, a female Terminator. There is also a male named Cromartie (Owain Yeoman). Apparently it’s some some of T2 type scenario where one Terminator is good the other evil.

The series starts at the end of T2 with Sarah Conner (not played by Linda Hamilton – i know that really really really sucks -) played by actress Lena Headey on the run with the future leader of humanity John Connor.

THANK GOODNESS it doesn’t deal with the T3 crap. That movie just plain sucked.

“The Sarah Connor Chronicles” is set to premiere on Fox this fall. I’ll be sure to post clips as soon as I can track them down. That is unless the Governator tracks her down first – and here for your viewing pleasure..that infamous clip from the original.

SciFi Takes Over Fall TV Schedules September 24, 2007

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“Geeks are the new cool,” said Teri Weinberg, NBC Entertainment’s executive vice president. “We are all gravitating towards the underdog.”

According to a story over on Wired, so called ‘Geek’ shows make up roughly 20 percent of the major networks’ new prime-time programming for the 2007-08 season .

Among the big shows are:The Big Bang Theory, The Sarah Connor Chronicles and a retooled Bionic Woman. Then of course there is ‘Heroes’ (premiering tonight), Journeyman (also on tonight) and all shlock on SciFi channel including Battlestar Galactica, Flash Gordon, Stargate Atlantis and others..

The Wired article calls it a coming of age for Geek culture – I disagree.

First of all Geek doesn’t necessarily equal SciFi (though it often does) and if the big tired brains at Wired think that every show that has a computer in it is a ‘Geek’ show then woohoo welcome to the new millennium.

The failure of Battlestar Galactica (arguably the best SciFi show out there today) to get a proper timeslot is proof positive that the major networks especially NBC Universal really haven’t got a clue at all.

If ‘Geek’ SciFi culture were truly to take over we should see BSG in the prime time NBC lineup, we’d see Stargate Atlantis there too and Stargate SG-1 would never have been cancelled (though we are looking forward to the movies and Amanda Tapping in season 4 of Atlantis).

‘Geek’ SciFi culture hasn’t truly commanded mainstream TV since the glory days when Star Trek The Next Generation and Deep Space 9 were both on at the same time.

Where is FOX now? Sure they’ve got Sarah Conner Chronicles coming – and we all have high hopes for that – but let’s now forget that FOX is the network that killed Firefly.

(check out the full wire article on Wired.com)

Top 5 Dads in SciFi June 16, 2007

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In Honor of Father’s day…here is ShowMeSciFi’s list of the top 5 dads is SciFi

1) Darth Vader – Could there be any other first choice? Who hasn’t recited the line “Luke I am Your Father ” at least once?

2) Sarek – father of Spock (Star Trek). Sarek made his fair share of appearances in Star Trek episodes and his influence on Spock cannot be understated.

3) William (Bill) Adama – Admiral of the Colonial Fleet (Battlestar Galactica) and father of Lee ‘Apollo’ Adama. In the new BSG series as was the case in the old the father son relationship is never far.

4) Kyle Reese – Father of John Conner Leader of the Human Resistance (Terminator).

Perhaps the weirdest Father/Son relationship. John Conner of course (thanks to time travel) actually sends his own father back in time in order to impregnate his mother (Sarah Conner) so that he could exist.

5) Jor-El – Father of Kal-El better known as Superman. Were it not for Jor-El, Superman would have never made it off Krypton (and Marlon Brando rocks!).