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Star Trek Phase II : EPISODE 4 :BLOOD AND FIRE – PART 1 December 27, 2008

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We’ve been excited about the Blood and Fire episode of the fan produced Star Trek Phase II series for months. It’s now available – though only if you download it (as of Dec 27, 2008 at least) without an option for a streaming web version – yet *UPDATE** It’s on YouTube we’ve linked the episodes below!!.

Yet though this episode has some of the best special effects EVER for a fan made Star Trek flick – some of the early chatter has been about the 3.5 minute homo-erotic scene. While it’s not my own particular preference – it’s fair to have this considering that the original Trek was full of its own gratuitous scenes and no one can argue that Jeri Ryan’s super-tight outfit on Voyager served any practicial purpose other than to stimulate males of all ages. (That said I wonder if the Star Trek New Voyages ppl could line up someone that would agree to a skin tight Jeri Ryan outfit...)

That small scene aside – this is an AWESOME first part of an episode that is superior to anything i’ve seen yet from Star Trek XI. Too bad this is set for the big screen. Best line – Kirk’s nephew is a ‘red’ shirt – so Scotty say – ‘Relax Jim we don’t put bullseyes on the red shirts anymore!”


OHH and it looks like it’s now on YouTube – so here ya go – enjoy

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5


1. Glenn - December 28, 2008

Cannot wait to see more!

2. cliveyoung - December 29, 2008

The Phase II guys are doing some of the most innovative fan film work around–I wrote all about how they started their series it in my new book about the history and future of fan films, Homemade Hollywood, which just came out in bookstores.

Also, for what it’s worth,
if you want to find out more about the world of fan films, you might want to check out my daily fan film blog, fancinematoday.com.

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