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Star Trek 12 coming out June 29, 2012 June 29, 2011

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20110629-093256.jpgone year to go…
The big question for us is if we will getmthe Klingons we should have had before…or will JJ Abrams mess up canon and give us a Borg encounter?


Star Wars Jedi The Dark Side is a great comic book series June 29, 2011

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20110629-085443.jpg Now that Dark Horse has finished off Legacy..we’ve been looking at new series…

First up is Jedi the Dark Side… Now the art isn’t what we typically like..but after reading the first two issues it has started to grow on us.

Qui Gon is the central character but he’s not the jedi of episode one and he sure likes to yell at his padawan..Xanatos.

The Jedi librarian character Tahl is really interesting too as she comes off As the wise jedi master..

Where will this series go? What will happen to Xanatos? We know Qui Gon gets Obi Wan as a padawan at some point and a master only gets one padawan..

Fall scifi shows on big U.S. Networks are really thin June 29, 2011

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Not a whole lot of great TV shows for scifi fans to look forward to this fall on the big U.S. Networks

This is all we currently see of any real interest..
Friday, 9/23 – 9/8c Fringe, FOX
Friday, 9/23 – 9/8c Supernatural, The CW
Monday, 9/26 – 8/7c Terra Nova, FOX

Terra Nova could be a real winner if FOX doesn’t kill it prematurely… The only other show that should be back is V on ABC though we have yet to see an official date on that.

Captain Kirk aka Bill Shatner Interviews Voyager’s Janeway..and every other Star Trek captain June 29, 2011

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Who doesn’t love Shatner? The dude has become a caricature of himself in recent years…in a new series called Shatnerpalooza he takes it even further by interviewing every star trek captain.

Check out the clip below where he interviews Voyager’s Janeway..and she claims she had never heard of him before…aye Aye captain!

Star Wars : Fate of the Jedi : Conviction. 1 word review – TERRIBLE! June 28, 2011

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This series started off alright but this is the worst book yet ….

As opposed to the last book – Fate of the Jedi Vortex – which was AWESOME, this book has a few interesting moments but for the most part it just drags on…

and on..

and on…..

and on…

So here’s the spoiler for you…Tahiri is convicted (the conviction on the cover), Chief of State Natasi is overthrown in a coup and then they both get sent to the same prison and both escape. In the meantime Abeloth is cornered and escapes..the Keshiri Sith are cornered and escape too.

and oh yeah Luke is the grandmaster of the Jedi again.

in between that..nothing happens, the plot is boring and pedantic and were it not for the fact that we knew it had to lead somewhere we would have put this book down midway for lack of anything interesting going on.

Yes this book advances the plot, so yes if like us, you’ve become hooked on the Fate of the Jedi, you will read it. But just don’t expect to enjoy it as much as Vortex.

Star Wars The Old Republic – The Sith Return to Korriban June 7, 2011

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Bioware’s trailers for Star Wars The old Republic are better than all three of the prequels…and this year at E3 they kicked it up a notch with The Return.

After 1,000 years the Sith return to Korriban and our fav new Sith Darth Malgus ( from deceived) is front and center.

Star Wars Legacy War # 6 REVIEW June 4, 2011

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Just wow.
What an amazing finale to an amazing series.
Cade chooses the light and drives his lightsaber through Darth Krayt
cade’s mom saves cade with a family pic
Roan Fel dies..
The galaxy is ruled by a triumvirate of empire, alliance and jedi..

Oh and Cade? Back to being a pirate….

This is an ending that solves most of the loose ends..and is a real ending…..

Sure the sith will come back one day…but for now everything has been settled. From begining to the end Legacy has been the best Star Wars comic of all time and one of the best stories in the entire cannon.

Briiliant storytelling, matched with glorious artwork combined to deliver an experience that we will dearly miss.

And yes we will miss Cade…..but somehow, we don’t think we’ve seen the last of him yet…

Doctor Who the Tardis is ALIVE! June 4, 2011

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The Doctor’s Wife wow the TARDIS is alive!
What an interesting twist.. We’ve never seen the tardis personified before have we?

Having the message cubes as a lure was also a neat trick…and you just gotta love the humor….
700 years and the Doctor has never read the front of his own box….pull, NOT push the door open!

But why call the episode the doctor’s wife? Isn’t dr song the doctor’s wife? Is she somehow also the soul of the tardis?