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#MinorityReport is the BEST New SciFi Show – and Toronto LOOKS Fantastic (and Futuristic!) September 21, 2015

Posted by showmescifi in ShowMeSciFi.com.

Minority ReportWOW! We really enjoyed watching the new Fox Minority Report show.

Set ten years after the end of the event in the movie (based on a Philip K Dick story), the precogs ..the individuals that could see crime in the future are .. individuals.

They have been set free, and are living among us. It’s an interesting sequel and continuation of the original story where the precogs aren’t seen as individuals.

Now in addition to the ‘minority report’ that is the dissension of one of the precogs about if a crime will actually occur / we have personality differences and conflicts across the three pre-cogs.

Then there is the tech…futuristic in the Tom Cruise movie and still futuristic in this show.

And of course there is Toronto.

Toronto City Hall makes an appearance as does the Royal Conservatory of Music, Brookfield Place and even Roy Thompson Hall. To Toronto fans, it’s a joy and delight to see the futuristic city.

Let’s hope that FOX doesn’t pull the plug pre-maturely on the pre-cogs. But then again this is the Netflix era. If FOX does bail (as it has in the past with Firefly and even the Sarah Connor Chronicles), we don’t doubt it could find a home elsewhere. This is great story telling and we’re looking forward to the future of this show. (thought he precogs already know what that future is!)


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