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Stargate Universe Episode 6 Water – What was that alien sand man? October 31, 2009

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sgu Another decent, but not great episode. Water follows other monosyllabic episode names like light and darkness..and wonder what’s next.

The Destiny loses half of its water and the command staff is checking the crew to see who has taken ..what??

That was dumb. What did Lt. Scott see on ice world (Hoth as Eli called it) when he saw the sand-man? what was that?


But how about Choloe and Lt. Scott still shaggin? and then Lt. Vanessa ‘hooters’ James had a nice moment ..but still cheesy. In the first episode she was with Scott in the cleaning room after all..seems kinda dumb.


This episode did have better pacing than prior episode and the dual plot lines kept up engaged. That said, this show sooner rather than later does need to pick up the pace.

We can’t have every episode as the search for something they’re missing. We can’t have every episode about Chloe and Lt. Scott. We need to see more of Destiny too.

In Stargate Atlantis it too a while for the base team to explore the whole ship. How come they haven’t explored Destiny yet? There has got to be some cool stuff on that ship that we haven’t seen yet.

Second Avatar Trailer looks Sweeet October 30, 2009

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ok we’re now officially excited about Avatar.
Yeaaah the basic premise – good guy on the wrong side – is a little tired but the added concept of good guy not in his own body is kinda cool

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Drunk Ewoks Take Over the Today Show October 30, 2009

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Who doesn’t love ewoks?

It has been 25 years since we saw them in Return of the Jedi and they’ve never been in any other Star Wars movie..but they’re still as popular as ever..

especially when they’re moonwalking (endor-style) drunk

Flashforward – Who is Suspect zero? How about Simon? October 29, 2009

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Interesting episode – Lloyd Simcoe finally realizes who Olivia is and the benford’s start to fall apart.

Real big inclusion is the Simon character and our bet is that he’s suspect zero – the guy in the stadium.

We also think that we was talking to Lloyd – suspect 1 during the blackout.


Clearly Lloyd is part of the conspiracy – but we knew that – so the only question is which suspect he is and how many suspect in total there actually will be.

Stargate Universe Light – Did Rush Know About Destiny’s Solar Collectors? October 24, 2009

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sgu Episode of Stargate Universe – Light -was kinda/sorta interesting.

Yes it SUCKS that Chole didn’t hook up with Eli.

BUT the whole thing with Destiny going through the Corona of a star to recharge was kinda neat – and also obvious.

What bothered us about this episode was how most of the crew just seemed so hopeless. No one was really doing anything. How come no one went to investigate the power source of the Destiny?

More importantly did Rush know?

We think he did.

Know with full solar power again in the Destiny doesn’t that mean the ship’s stargate has enough power to dial Earth?

It makes sense the Destiny can self-replenish its own power, after all the ship has been flying for millions of years. It makes no sense that no one asked the question about what powers Destiny before.

Dollhouse Belonging – Directed by Riker (aka Jonathan Frakes) – The Best Episode Yet October 24, 2009

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dollhouse What a great episode – Belonging – directed by Star Trek’s Riker (Johnathan Frakes) showed us how Sierra got into the dollhouse

No that party was freaky and disturbing.

When they returned her to the creep, I though ok this is a sad sack ending. But then having Prija/Sierra kick the dudes butt? That was great.

How/why Sierra ended back in the dollhouse after that is a little bit iffy though. I mean why not just set her free? Then again she’s probably not equipped to live in society anymore – at not until Topher can set her totally free.

Overall a brilliantly written, plotted, acted and directed episode that had a great mix of flashback and current action. We were on the edge of our seat until the end. BRAVO!

Flash Forward – kissing Lesbians, the U.S President and the most awesome episode yet. Gimme some truth baby!! October 23, 2009

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The fifth episode of Flash Forward ‘ Gimme Some Truth’ was another awesome episode.

Yes, there is a Lesbian revelation and a Lesbian kiss – ok (that’s the resident Lesbo left: Janis Hawk played by beautiful actress Christine Woods)

Moving beyond that we get to understand how the LA FBI office is tied to the White House in a deeper conspiracy than perhaps even the black out.

On the black out we get more intel into what happened in Africa in 1991

And how about that ending? Chinese Triad mobsters shooting our FBI heroes, and the FBI shooting right back.

Fox cancels Dollhouse from November schedule October 22, 2009

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dollhouse No it’s not a full cancellation of Dollhouse – but FOX is still messing things up.

Season Two has barely started and now FOX has pulled the show out of the November line-up . Technically it’s not a cancellation, it’s worse.

FOX is putting Echo and the rest of the Dollhouse…


Joss Whedon however is still officially optimistic, but then again he was optmistic at one point that Firefly would return to FOX and we know how that worked out.

Here’s what Joss wrote.

Howzabout that schedule? Well, I’m not as depressed as everyone else. We weren’t about to rock sweeps anyway, and though there’s a chilly November, December is CRAZY. It’s like an Advent calendar of episodes! We get November to try to spread the word (which I’ll be leaning on Fox to do, though it’s hard to imagine them doing as good a job as the WhyIWatch guy) and then December is pure gluttony. Plus the episodes line up extremely well in these pairs, and we’ll have an absurdly appropriate lead-in.

Katee Sackhoff Set to Appear (Nude?) on Big Bang Theory October 22, 2009

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starbuckpicsmall Katee ‘Starbuck is a Frakkin Angel’ Sackhofff is coming to the Big Bang Theory.

The word is that she connects with Wolowitz. No word yet if there will be  BIG BANG ..yeaah a weak pun.

The summer glau cameo was a little weak last season but still entertaining.

Last week’s Will Wheaton cameo was hilarious though..

Let’s hope they make light of the whole ‘Starbuck is an Angel’ thing. Would be great to have Sackhoff finally open up about that whole debacle

Stargate Universe Episode 5 : Light. Chloe Ditches Eli October 21, 2009

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sguEli is the only decent character on Stargate Universe, yet for some reason the producers don’t want to see him happy (yet).

In this week’s episode Chloe (the Senator’s) daughter hooks up with the Lt Scott – instead of Eli. And after Eli showed her where the showers were…how grateful is she?

The episode looks like a typical – ok only x number of you will survive the rest are toast episode that we’ve seen a gazillion times in Stargate shows.

Unless something really great comes out of this episode, Stargate Universe at this early stage is already on the fast track to oblivion and early cancellation.

Stargate Universe Lt. Vanessa James and her all natural assets October 20, 2009

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So far Stargate Universe has been a BUST literally.

The show has been mostly lame, but the ‘bust’ quotient was really high this week in the Darkness

The biggest culprit was one Lt. Vanessa James who was front and center with her…ahem..assets.

The actress that plays Lt. James – Julia Benson is now on the defense – and oh yes they’re all natural too.

I play 2nd Lt. Vanessa James and for all the talk about my natural (and believe me they are 100%) assets I promise you that there is much more to my character. Who knew that a tank top could cause such a stir.

Will Wheaton on Big Bang Theory – A Star Trek Wrath of Kahn FEAST October 19, 2009

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big.bang Wil Weaton aka. Wesley Crusher of Star Trek The Next Generation, made a guest appearance on The Big Bang Theory tonight.

It was hilarious


Turns out Sheldon had a vendetta with Wheaton because Wheaton didn’t show up to a Trek Convention in 1995.

So Wheaton end up at a card tournament at the comic book store, and Sheldon and Raj end up facing off against him in the final. The funny part wasn’t so much Wheaton, he was ok.

the funny part was Sheldon with his Star Trek Wrath of Khan lines (and yeah he reminded that Wheaton wasn’t in that movie).

The final twist with Wheaton lying to Sheldon about why he didn’t make the 1995 conference was AWESOME.

And yeah this episode was better than the one with Summer Glau.

Stargate Universe Episode 4 – Darkness – LAME!! October 17, 2009

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sguAnother slow episode – yeah Eli is still great and the whole shower thing was funny too.

The communication stones aspect is interesting and the tension with Col. Telford (Lou Diamond Phillips) is kinda neat.

But the episode was slow and it didn’t make sense

Why weren’t they looking for the ship’s power generator?

Why didn’t they have teams at the SGC helping them with schematics or SOMETHING to try and figure out how to gain control of the ship.

It just doesn’t make sense

Stargate Universe Episode 3 – Air – ok let go find some sand.. October 17, 2009

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sgu Every Stargate series has an episode (or 10) like this one.

The ‘team’ needs something and finds it at the last possible second.

ok it’s not a new idea.

We learn a little more about the characters, but to be honest, we don’t really care about them (yet). They just don’t seem real.

Eli is the early big winner – he’s real and easily the best actor of the bunch – so far.

FlashForward – Who is Simon? October 15, 2009

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flashforwardOk this episode was a little slower than the other, but still very entertaining.

We now know for sure that Olivia’s flashforward lover is involved in why the flashforward occured in teh first place. And we learn that the babysitter was being drowned – ok that’s neat.

But what happened to the crows?

There certainly is continuity in this show, and there is new stuff too, keeping the balance between the two is what will ultimately make or break this show

Battlestar Galactica Babes in Maxim. The Plan has R Rated Intense Sex October 14, 2009

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Battlestar Galactica the Plan is out on Oct 27 and to help promote the event, Trica Helfner (six) and Grace Park posed for Maxim.

Yeaah hot toasters.

Not only are they posing for some explicit pics, they’re also hinting at some explicit scenese in the upcoming DVD.
Tricia Helfer: There will certainly be a lot more explicit action on the DVD. And I refuse to have a body double, so you will see a little bit of skin from me as the Six character. There’s also a new character you’ll see in some very intense sex scenes.

That’s more than we had expected.

So not only will we finally get the Cylon viewpoint, but we’ll also get more action.

Let’s hope that somehow the whole Starbuck is an angel thing gets blown away by some more sane explanation.

Dark Horse discontinuing Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic with issue #50 October 13, 2009

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kotor Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is being cancelled by Dark Horse as of issue 50 in Feb of 2010.


If anyone needed proof that Dark Horse is run by idiots, here is one prime example.

This series has grown on us as we’ve followed Zayne around. Sure once the conspiracy against him was revealed and Hazen destroyed it hasn’t been as exciting

Sure the artwork hasn’t been consistent and yes we’ve complained about that a dozen times or more in this blog.

But the storytelling was also good if not great.

Dark Horse can’t seem to keep a regular Star Wars title for too long, they get nervous or something and just kill it. It’s not right and we the fans should tell them so.

John Jackson Miller the creator/writer extraordinaire of the series though is optimistic and is promising us all a big finale.

We’ve been working toward the series’ climax for some time, getting pieces into place for the big finale — where we really have pulled out all the stops. Every question posed in the series (at least to my way of thinking) is addressed. I turned in the last script recently and was very pleased with it — it wraps things up for this incarnation pretty close to how I’d always imagined it. Dark Horse has given us marvelous support and creative freedom from Day 1 on this series — and we did everything to make sure things went out with a bang!

Asimov’s Foundation coming to the Big Screen? Harry Seldon predicted it October 13, 2009

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foundationOne of our favorite series of all time is Issac Asimov’s Foundation.

Both the original Foundation, Foundation and Empire and Second Foundation and then the latter Foundation’s Edge series which tied foundation together to R. Daneel Olivaw the Robot.

In a real sense it was Asimov and The Foundation series that ignited our life long love of SciFi and comics too.

Back in the early 80’s our Favorite comic book store was one called Foundation Comics at Yonge and Lawrence in Toronto.

BUT ENOUGH of that.

A Hollywood adaptation of the Foundation is coming to the big screen at some point in 2011.

In an interview replicated over on SciFi Wire the new director Roland Emmerich doesn’t come off sounding like a total doorknow — though he is clearly a frakkin nugget.

“When you read it [Foundation], … you see all of a sudden how many other science fiction sagas it has influenced, you know? From Star Wars to Dune, all these things are pretty much influenced by Foundation, which was the first of its kind. Which poses a little bit of problem, but it’s definitely something … which you can sink your teeth in. And I was very happy that it became available.”

Clone Wars Season 2 – So far so good October 12, 2009

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starwars.clone.warsWe’re a little behind the curve here, but have now just watched the first two episodes of Clone Wars Season 2

So far so good.

Though..the plot was a little thin. I mean come ON how could Bain walk out of the Jedi temple without someone sensing him in the Force? That was a bit of a stretch.

Beyond that, another decent coming of age episode for Ashoka and hey Bounty Hunters rock.

The new clone wars has a basic but very enjoyable formula for most shows that just works.

What I’m still really looking forward to seeing are the hints of darkness in Anakin that we have yet to see.

Fringe – Agent Francis The Shapeshifter shot in the head October 8, 2009

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Finally we know what Leonard Nimoy – william bell – told Olivia in the parallel universe.

yeaah it’s a little weird – a war is coming powered by shapeshifting biomechanical hybrids that have mercury in their veins.

And yeaah now we know that someone else knows that Peter belongs on the other side.

But the thing we’ll miss most is Agent Charlie Francis. Sure he’s actually been dead for a while since the shapeshifter took over the body, but still.

The character was a great one a friend for Olivia and another agent in the FBI that had some personality.