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FlashForward – Jericho Caused the Blackout?? May 21, 2010

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So we finally reach D Day that day that the FlashForward are supposed to have occurred and (some) things are as they should be.

The biggest surprise for us though – is the chase to try and figure out who triggered the blackout.

No where did we have a previous hint that it was Jericho – but it kinda/sorta makes sense in the end esp wit the whole President getting killed thing – or does it?

And was Jericho paying Simon and Lloyd?

Guess we’ll have to wait until season two to find out!

FlashForward Revelation Zero – Simon is Suspect Zero March 18, 2010

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So much happened in tonight’s FlashForward episode – Revelation Zero – it’s hard to keep track.

We know now that Simon is at the heart of the whole conspiracy around the black out…

Amazing to see the whole suspect zero footage at the baseball stadium and the call from D Gibbons.

Simon’s whole family thing was neat too…and yeah this episode was all about him — wasn’t it?

So where does the show go from here?  HOw much longer can they string this out?

FlashForward D Gibbons is in Hong Kong – the mystery of who caused the FlashForwards is solved!! December 3, 2009

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Looks like FlashForward’s main plot is winding down doesn’t it?

Loyld Simcoe and Olivia were starting to get real cozy – and what the frak was up with Simcoe saying he caused the black out?

We now know conclusively that D Gibbons was behind the whole thing beyond any doubt – how we get to him – isn’t clear.

The whole bit with demetri’s fiance actually realizing her flashforward was dem’s funeral and not their wedding was also cool.

all in all a great episode, but i’m not sure how much is left unknown in this plot.

FlashForward – Bryce goes to Tokyo, Keiko comes to L.A November 19, 2009

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FlashForward really sucked tonight.

Mostly it sucked because it was just a character set-up episode.

Bryce chases his vision all the way to Tokyo and finds nothing while Keiko does the same but only in reverse. Sure that was interesting but it didn’t have to be the whole frakking episode.

Let’s hope the next episode (in two weeks) has a bit more action, otherwise this show won’t make it to 2010.

FlashForward – Who is Jericho? What’s up with the rings? November 12, 2009

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Our choices matter now more than ever…

Ok after last week’s big episode Tracy is back and we find out that she was chased by Jericho – sorta like blackwater i guess.

But how did she get out of Afghanistan? And

Who is Jericho? and how are they related to the black outs?

And what’s up with the rings? Do they offer the wearers immunity from whatever it is that triggers the black outs?

FlashForward AlreadyGhosts.com – You can Change the future! November 5, 2009

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alreadyghosts.com  the blue hand WOW what a fantastic episode.

The future is not written and now we know for sure.

The death of agent Gough – jumping off the building to change the future and save a mom of two boys was just so startling, we’re still in shock.

But that was nothing in comparison to what Aaron saw was it?

Another shocker.

One of the teases in this episode was the AlreadyGhosts.com website where those that don’t have flash forward come. That site doesn’t actually exist it just re-directs to the ABC site – a shame really. ABC could have built a real viral site there for the show – a missed opportunity for sure.

Overall this show is getting better week by week, the twists and turns in this episode made it the best yet – the new revelation that the future is not definite changes everything too.

Flashforward – Who is Suspect zero? How about Simon? October 29, 2009

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Interesting episode – Lloyd Simcoe finally realizes who Olivia is and the benford’s start to fall apart.

Real big inclusion is the Simon character and our bet is that he’s suspect zero – the guy in the stadium.

We also think that we was talking to Lloyd – suspect 1 during the blackout.


Clearly Lloyd is part of the conspiracy – but we knew that – so the only question is which suspect he is and how many suspect in total there actually will be.

Flash Forward – kissing Lesbians, the U.S President and the most awesome episode yet. Gimme some truth baby!! October 23, 2009

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The fifth episode of Flash Forward ‘ Gimme Some Truth’ was another awesome episode.

Yes, there is a Lesbian revelation and a Lesbian kiss – ok (that’s the resident Lesbo left: Janis Hawk played by beautiful actress Christine Woods)

Moving beyond that we get to understand how the LA FBI office is tied to the White House in a deeper conspiracy than perhaps even the black out.

On the black out we get more intel into what happened in Africa in 1991

And how about that ending? Chinese Triad mobsters shooting our FBI heroes, and the FBI shooting right back.

FlashForward – Dead Crows October 8, 2009

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flashforwardAnother great episode of FlashForward tonight…the whole letting the Nazi go thing was a little uncomfortable..


The crows connection was kinda cool. I have not read the Sawyer book, so I don’t know how closely ABC is following along.

AT this stage of the show, i’m hooked so i don’t want to read the book (yet..but I will).

FlashForward D Gibbons is a Bad Man October 1, 2009

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flashforwardsecond episode of flash forward was another great episode.

The little girl is the new hero of the show isn’t she?

Her final line in the episode – D Gibbons is a Bad Man – was just brilliant. It took everyone, including us by surprise. She is the key to understanding what’s going on.

And what was going on in the Dollhouse? Was that guy – Suspect 1 – part of the plot?

Nice pacing throughout, great characters and a deep plot. This show is a winner.

Let’s just hope that ABC doesn’t cancel this show.

Flash Forward April 29, 2010 10 pm The Mosaic File September 25, 2009

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Flash Forward ‘s debut episode on ABC was pretty cool.

Actors we’re all great and the story was solid.

Why did they all flash? And why did they all Flash Forward to April 29, 2010 at 10 PM ??

No I haven’t read the book yet (Flashforward), though now i’m really tempted too. Though the book and the TV show apparently do not directly align with each other.

The other big questions at this early point are : Why 2 mins 17 seconds ?

I think the visualization of what would happen to our planet if everyone blanked out for 2 mins 17 seconds was amazing. First you think so what? right?

But with everyone on earth in cars, things moving about if you black out – chaos everyone that looked like a war zone.

How long this show will last..who knows..but for now at least I’m hooked.