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FlashForward – Who is Jericho? What’s up with the rings? November 12, 2009

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Our choices matter now more than ever…

Ok after last week’s big episode Tracy is back and we find out that she was chased by Jericho – sorta like blackwater i guess.

But how did she get out of Afghanistan? And

Who is Jericho? and how are they related to the black outs?

And what’s up with the rings? Do they offer the wearers immunity from whatever it is that triggers the black outs?


1. m - November 13, 2009
2. JiMbO - November 25, 2009

well they saw in that clip that that person was wearin a ring, so your thoery of immunity could be true. in terms of gettin out of afghanistan well who know but i do know this ,
theres a theory goin round that know dimitri he maybe the dude in that video , know he didnt have a blackout why ? cause he was sent back from the future to change it, so whatever happens now is all set up to influence people making decisions that they wouldnt make, like that women gettin pregnant, fbi agent drinkin.
about jericho i dont have a clue yet, need more info , but i reckon there linked with that quantum physisist dude and that scientist ( men who were playin poker )

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