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Stargate Universe SGU Gin RETURNS!! March 30, 2011

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Hope – we sure had it when Gin died – or at least when her body died.

We didn’t believe she was actually dead. Eli is the best character on the show and he wasn’t going to cheated that way.

So now his girlfriend -and Dr. Rush’s Amanda Perry are both back as sentients inside of Destiny – neat.

But how is it that only specific people see them? Is it some kind of brain wavelength thing?

How will they get them into new bodies? Maybe into robot bodies?

Once again – another awesome episode and once again we’re DISGUSTED that the frakking idiots at Syfy have cancelled this brilliant show.

Stargate Universe SGU – Leutian Alliance Attacks Earth March 27, 2011

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Alliances was yet another awesome episode of SGU.

HOw the FRAK could SyFy cancel this show?


A really great story and we weren’t sure how it would end, until the end and even then..

the Leutian alliance attacking Earth directly was kinda neat, but the whole stones angle – made this rly interesting.

We know that if someone dies on one end of a stones connection, both hosts die, so this was a good twist. Also interesting to see the relationship expand btween Destiny’s Leutian ‘guest’ and Lt. Johansen.

Star Wars Agent of the Empire – Is this the Legacy successor? March 25, 2011

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One of our favorite Star Wars authors of all time, John Ostrander is set to pen the next big Star Wars series from Dark Horse.

According to Dark Horse:”Ostrander, who was part of the Dark Horse panel, described it as “James Bond meets Star Wars.” He said that because the story’s superspy for the Sith is working in the classic era of the films, we may see the return of several beloved characters, including Han Solo, Leia, and Winter.”

Sounds good to us. We have seen some limited detective type novels in the Star Wars universe, but never in the comics..

Fringe – Walternate Accelerates the birth of his own grandson March 25, 2011

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The whole episode we trying guess who was behind Olivia’s abduction..

We knew it could be the Watcher…

AMAZING twist that it was Walternate…

So what was the Watcher waiting for?

Here’s our theory – FauxOlivia’s baby is actually the boy that is supposed to power the machine – not his dad Peter.

And hey good news! FOX has renewed Fringe for another season.

Doctor Who Returns for Season 6 on April 23 March 24, 2011

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Doctor Who returns for Season 6 on April 23,

in both the U.S. and the UK.

But before that happens there is an online webisode prequel that the BBC is already out promoting.

The online prequel episode is a precursor to the two-parter that airs starting on April 23. No main TARDIS characters but a setup story with the guest characters.

Star Trek Typhon Pact Paths of Disharmony – Andoria Leaves the Federation. March 23, 2011

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Star Trek: Typhon Pact #4: Paths of Disharmony is the third book in the Typhon Pact series.

And YES, the title of this review is a spoiler.

This isn’t a particularly good book so we figured we’d save you the trouble.

The writing is decent and sure we love the crew of the Enterprise, yes it’s great to see Picard maturing as a Father.

Beyond that this book’s plot drags along at a snails pace for hundreds of pages. The general premise is trouble on Andoria with an undercurrent of Typhon Pact intervention. The problem is that the plot is entirely predictable when it’s not boring you to death.

Yes it is a bit interesting to learn more about the Andorians and yes it is neat to see them secede from the Federation, but the pacing just seems wrong in this book.

We did enjoy the other two Typhon Pact books that we’ve read, which both also dealt specifically with one society. Rough Beast of Empire is all about the Romulans – and an excellent read – while Seize the Fire is all about the Gorn. Perhaps the drama of the Romulans and the Gorn just simply is more interesting than the mating habits of the Andorians…then again..no Andorian in this book calls Picard a ‘Pink Skin’ – and that’s just plain wrong.

Smallville – Clark finally puts on the glasses, but where is the cape? March 18, 2011

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We all know how Clark Kent’s story will end…

But is sure is taking aa loooooooooong time to get there.

Finally, Clark has decided that Clark Kent is the disguise, and he’s taken the glasses…HA! well that and the bumbling buffoon act too…

So when do does he bulk up and get the cape and the tights?

Fringe – Amanda Graystone is a SOUL vampire March 18, 2011

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Caprica’s Amanda Graystone – aka actress Paula Malcomsom does a fine role playing another tortured sole in Fringe.

But how did she come back from the dead in the first place? And why was the bomb blast enough to kill her? Was it really her destiny to save everyone on the train?

a bit odd, but hey we loved it.

As for Olivia (ann Torv) doing the Leonard Nimoy William Bell voice — that’s kinda cool…but werid how she’s interested in Astrid.

Stargate Universe SGU – Twin Destinies – Did Rush Kill Everyone? March 17, 2011

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Twin Destinies WAS another fine episode of SGU.

Yet another attempt by the crew to find a way to dial the 9th Chevron.

And YES Eli is the smartest man on that ship.

But what was up with Rush coming back from the future and still having the same ship in the same timeline?

Shouldn’t Destiny already have been destroyed in that timeline?

And how could there be two, Col Telfords? The timeline stuff just doesn’t make sense.

It was cool and weird how Col Telford got fried on the power conduit and overall, our team here at ShowMeSciFi.com really enjoyed this episode.

Is there a better SciFi show on TV today?

V – Project Aries – the last hope for Humanity led by Donavan/Lars? March 15, 2011

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DIANA IS DEAD. (That’s how you kill your mother)

RYAN IS DEAD. (That’s how you kill your father)

What a massive turn of events.

And then the final massive twist

Donavan is back – leader of Project Aries – backed with Erika’s FBI friends, who we thought were going to remove Erika – nice twist…and great to see Donavan (now called Lars?)

Now that all of Earth has been blissed – is is time for a full out invasion of Earth with V’s fighting against the Project Aries?

Conan The Barbarian Remake- I Live, I Love, I Slay and I am Content March 12, 2011

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First new trailer for the upcoming Conan remake is out…with Stargate Atlantis’ Ronon Dex (played by actor Jason Momoa) as Conan.

What is best in Life?

Apparently not the Anvil of Crom…

If the trailer sucks…how good can the movie be?

Stargate Universe SGU Deliverance Delivers – March 10, 2011

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Deliverance marks the midseason 2 debut of SGU and one of the final ten episode for this series that SyFy has so maliciously maligned by cancelling it pre-maturely.

This episode was nothing but end to end action…as the evil drone ships are outsmarted and then finally outrun…


What happened to Chloe? Why did the aliens ‘cure’ her?

makes no sense at all. sure we don’t like the Chloe character at all, but the plot here is just nonsense.

Rush’s transformation to being kindler and gentler is also odd, but an interesting development for sure.

Where does the Destiny go from here? What can be done in only 9 more episodes?

V – Anna Blissed Tyler – and THATS where the Invasion fleet has been hiding… March 8, 2011

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A solid episode and now we now Anna’s secret weapon against the humans…


Tyler sure looked happy didn’t he?

Perhaps even better is the fact that we FINALLY KNOW what happened to the invasion fleet we saw at the end of the first season…

They made it to Earth and they’ve been cloaked in orbit around Earth…500+ ships

Star Wars Legacy War #3 – Jedi/Fel Imperials and Galactic Alliance Join to Crush the Sith March 7, 2011

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Wow…where do we begin to review a comic as fantastic as Dark Horse’s Star Wars Legacy War #3?

After 52 issues, Morrigan Cade finally reveals herself to her son an Nyna Calixte – SHOCKING that after all this time, he had no idea about the double life…

Yet he still knew about his sister…

Andwhat was up with Darth Talon showing up with a carbonite slab?

COME ON? Don’t tell me that Cade couldn’t smell a trap..that just seems odd…then again..it’s a trap within a trap within a trap isn’t it?

Cade figured he outsmarted Krayt by making a stand, which as it turns is exactly what Krayt figured Cade would do…


For the first time ever we have the Galactic Alliance, Roan Fel’s Empire, Krayt’s Empire and the Jedi in one place.WOW.

wE CAN hardly wait till next month to see the action unfold.

Fantastic Four is DEAD. Long Live FF! March 5, 2011

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We haven’t been huge followers of Fantastic Four over the years…

But the fact that we knew that the series was ending got us interested (again) we picked up Fantastic Four with issue #584 and we’re glad we did.

The end of The Human Torch in #587 was sad – but is he really dead? we never actually see that..do we?
Then again in #588 we do see Anihilus with Johnny’s torn 4 jersey..
How about #588? has there ever been a better issue of Fantastic Four? This is an issue with few words…and lots of emotion.

The artwork is brilliant, conveying the depth, drama and emotion that words simply could not.

The final pages with Spiderman – and the recollection of his Uncle Ben – also brilliant.

Now we know that that is the end of Fantastic Four – but the beginning of FF ..
Will we buy FF#1 ?


This is a new version of a classic team, and hey Spiderman in white? We wonder how long that will last…

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Deliverance – Sneak Peek – Stargate Universe March 2, 2011

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Deliverance – Sneak Peek – Stargate Universe.

Terra Nova – is this the next great SciFi series that FOX will Cancel? March 1, 2011

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We’re not fans of FOX here.

They cancelled Firefly after all –

They also cancelled Sarah Connor Chronicles — though they had good reason..(the show sucked)

In May Fox is set to try their hand at SciFi again with Terra Nova.. Jason O’Mara from Life on Mars is a lead character ..and he’s a great actor so we’ve got our fingers crossed

V – Erica Fraks Hobbs March 1, 2011

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So Erika fraks Hobbs..woohoo.
Why do these show always need to descend into gratuitous sex scenes…we dunno but hey.

on the actual plot angle who was killing the other candidate humans? was that a diana plot in motion?

And how about that DNA turbine …that was cool. So now that the V’s have all the human DNA what will they create? A new species?