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V – Project Aries – the last hope for Humanity led by Donavan/Lars? March 15, 2011

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DIANA IS DEAD. (That’s how you kill your mother)

RYAN IS DEAD. (That’s how you kill your father)

What a massive turn of events.

And then the final massive twist

Donavan is back – leader of Project Aries – backed with Erika’s FBI friends, who we thought were going to remove Erika – nice twist…and great to see Donavan (now called Lars?)

Now that all of Earth has been blissed – is is time for a full out invasion of Earth with V’s fighting against the Project Aries?


1. DJ - March 16, 2011

Finally, a fantastic episode that makes you cheer out loud! My only fear is that the producers were too slow in getting this rebooted franchise moving, and that it will be canceled along with every other good sci-fi program (Journeyman, Jericho, FlashForward, Enterprise… Should I go on?).

Great job on killing off Tyler, too. He was almost as annoying as his fat friend from the first season.

Project Aries should take this show to a new level. I hope it gets renewed so we can find out!

2. ODA - March 17, 2011

I don’t think Tyler is dead, there was a faint pulse in his neck…

3. Chris - March 18, 2011

I’m just happy Tyler is dead. He was such a useless character. Too whiny and minimal contribution to anything. I cheered when he died.

4. USER: RINZLER - March 23, 2011

Tyler’s death was enjoyed by many. Sorry ODA, not even V technology could bring that waste of skin back. The world was blissed by the anomaly hybrid Amy, but where is Hobbes? That sneaky merc isn’t that dull that he’d become part of the reptiles banquet. More to follow, but I’ve gotta get back to The Grid before Clu notices I’m gone…

5. A.Payne - April 1, 2011

Not happy that Tyler’s dead! True he was a whiner but at least he was a good guy! Chad Decker is going to die! Not Happy that Ryan Nichols is death! I will be really PO if this show gets cancelled. It is getting good! I like the reemergence of the original players I just don’t think having killed off so many main characters was a good thing but we will see how it all plays out.

6. tracy - May 22, 2011

Tyler dying was grand!! I’m glad something good happened at last, it was getting too boring for my liking…….was considering not watching anymore. But bring on series 3.

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