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technorati November 22, 2006

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Hunters of Dune November 22, 2006

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I was somewhat pessimistic when i first picked up Hunters of Dune. Sure it’s written by the same dynamic duo of Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson that wrote the Dune Prequels (House Atreides, House Harkonnen and House Corinno) and sure they wrote the pre-prequels (The Butlerian Jihad (Legends of Dune, Book 1), The Machine Crusade (Legends of Dune, Book 2) and The Battle of Corrin (Legends of Dune, Book 3)) but how are they going to pull off a sequal a climax to Dune?

The last Dune book written by the now deceased Frank Herbert was Chapterhouse Dune (Dune Chronicles, Book 6) written in 1987. Hunters of Dune picks up precisely where that one leaves off and doesn’t skip a beat.

In the process Herbert (the son) and Anderson weave a tale that is perhaps the best Dune novel (with the exclusion of the original Dune) yet. It brings together the entire canon of Dune stories from pre-prequel, to prequel to mainline Dune stories.

My only complaint is that the sequel to Hunters of Dune won’t be available until August of 2007.