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Star Wars: Darth Bane : Path of Destruction October 29, 2006

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I’ve always wondered about he ancient Sith. How did the Jedi defeat them a thousand years before ANH anyways? Finally there is a book (not a comic book or a video game) that details the last great era of Sith vs Jedi before the Star Wars movies begin.

The book is a riveting tale of Darth Bane the Sith who decides on the rule of two, Master and Apprentice. Much like Anakin Skywalker, Bane is the chosen one (in this case the Sith’ari). He’s supposed to be the ultimate Sith and he is. The plot is crisp the writing style excellent. Two thumbs way up!! This is a real winner and perhaps the finest novel ever written about the Dark Side of the Force and the Sith.

Star Trek : Encounters (game) October 20, 2006

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I don’t think i’ve ever seen a Star Trek game for the PS2 that was any good, until now. Star Trek Encounters isn’t the most graphically intense or strategic game. It is just plain fun.

It took me all of 10 minutes to get into it and I haven’t put the game down since.

Here’s a view vids of the game:
YouTube vids

Bloodlines :Star Wars: Legacy of the Force October 20, 2006

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Holy crap is this awesome! Boba Fett is back and this time he’s got a family. His family gets messed up with the Solo family and well let’s just say that there’s some killing.

Jacen Solo’s decent into the dark side continues as he literally walks the same path as his grandfather Anakin Skywalker.

I can hardly wait for the next installment in this great series that makes friends foes and old foes allies.

Star Wars: Yoda : Dark Rendezvous (a clone wars novel) October 20, 2006

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One my favorites things about Star Wars Episode 2 Attack of the Clones was Yoda finally kicking some ass.

No surprise then that i really liked Dark Rendezvous which is Yoda focussed Clone Wars era novel. Count Dooku lures Yoda out to his hideout with the ruse that he’s thinkgin about turning back to he Jedi. Apparently you can go home again but Dooku decides not too in the end.

Great read and defiantly my new fav Yoda tale.

Star Trek Titan: Book Three: Orion’s Hounds October 6, 2006

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titanshounds.jpg This one takes us all the way back to the Encounter at Farpoint. Remember that? The very first episode of TNG. Those same living ships are back and this time they are lots of them and lots of other ‘living’ space entities too.

Star Trek Titan book Two: The Red King October 6, 2006

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redking.jpgAnother Winner! Titan gets sucked into a distortion that sends it to the Andromeda Galaxy.  Tuvok (of Voyager fame) gets real nervous thinking he’s stuck far from home again.

Star Trek Titan : Taking Wing October 6, 2006

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I’ve never been particularly fond of Star Trek books, until now.

Star Trek Titan Book One Taking Wing by: Michael A. Martin is a great freakin start to an awesome new series.

0743496272_01__aa240_sclzzzzzzz_.jpgRiker no longer the second fiddle to Picard and is now in command of his own ship, the Titan. Unlike other Starfleet vessels, Titan is crewed by mostly non-humanoids which makes this an interesting bunch with lots of room for character study.

Titan is supposed to be a ship of exploration but they get drawn to Romulus to help the Romulans figure things out politically after Shinzon blew up the Senate (Star Trek Nemesis – remember that movie?).

All in all a great book that I highly recommend.