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Battlestar Galactica Unity – review July 4, 2007

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unity.jpgWith no new Battlestar Galactica on TV for a few months yet…it’s time to turn to the paperback fiction episodes.

Battlestar Galactica Unity by Steven Harper is one such paperback episode (as is Sagitarius is Bleeding which we’ve previously reviewed). Unity is better.

Unity occurs during the period when Sharon is pregnant and being held as a prisoner on board Galactica. Galactica is being attacked by Cylon Basestars and Raiders which ultimately results in the destruction of the Basestar but an escape pod gets away which Starbuck discovers and brings aboard Galactica. Turns out to be a famous Colonial singer.

When the singer give a performance on the ship he ends up spreading a ‘virus’ . Long story short some religious zealots later and it all works out.

While plague type shows in SciFi are common, the BSG universe with Cylons (Cylons who think they are humans like Starbuck) and the various colonial religions add a real interesting touch that make this a solid and enjoyable read.

Though it wasn’t on TV, it had all the elements of BSG episode and easily would make a really good episode.


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