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Richard Woolsey aka Robert Picardo Set to Lead Stargate Atlantis February 5, 2008

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Total and absolute MADNESS. Robert Picard the bald holographic doctor from Star Trek Voyager is set to become the expedition lead for Stargate Atlantis in Season 5.  The move follows Amanda Tapping (Col. Samantha Sheppard)’s departure at the end of the current Season 4.

Having Woolsey in command will  be a constant pain for everyone on Atlantis…

While I don’t mind him in the odd episode – in command of Atlantis itself???



1. Laura P - February 6, 2008

All I can say is “wow”. You’re right. It’s madness.

2. Trudi Topham - February 6, 2008

I don’t think it’s madness at all, but then I’ve liked the character of Woolsey whenever he’s appeared in SG-1, and enjoyed his development from stiff-necked bureaucrat to sympathetic middleman.

3. Kr311 - February 6, 2008

It is going to be fun, for the first time the Atlantis Administrator will be against every mad ideas from McKay and Sheppard, which migth become very interesting to see. He will forbid playing golf, well, throwing golf balls to the ocean xD

4. the unknown jaffa - February 6, 2008

i think its an ok move. im very upset it wasnt daniel jackson. he should be in atlantis at all times, just not on camera. have a nice arrival scene and let him meet everyone. then he just goes off by himself and studies the entire city.he could be shown once in a while.
there is definitely a room in atlantis that makes zpms. that is where jackson needs to be. let him show up at the beginning of an episode and he’ll say ” you need to see this now” and he can be the first to build a zpm. daniel jackson deserves to be the one.

i would love to see jackson as a regular on atlantis. the place was made for him.he will be on at least 2 episodes of atlantis in season 5.
go to gateworld.net and read about season 5 its gonna be gr8

will anubis reappear in sg1 movies or on atlantis? what do you good people think?
hes not dead oma was keeping him busy so he might be back.

5. Kr311 - February 6, 2008

I believe every Stargate fan wants Daniel Jackson in Atlantis, however hiring Michael Shanks as a regular character may not be possible due to his wage, they would have to reduce CGI scenes to afford his salary.

At least we now know that he will be appearing on 2 episodes or more of the next fifth seasson of SGA which is very good news.

6. Svenyboy - February 9, 2008

I think it’s a good idea. Why should we feel comfortable with every character? Conflict makes the best entertainment.

7. Darus - February 22, 2008

I think that the writers of Atlantis somehow are running out of good ideas . Take for example, the plot in which Todd was outted as a jerk. That was a bad move since Todd has a lot of fans.

Besides, it also shows bad planning on their part as the guys from Atlantis took all the trouble to rescue Todd in “Spoils Of War”. Other than that, the elevation of Keller to full cast. Okay, I have nothing against Jewel Staite but I think her characters is far from satisfactory. And worse, they seem to have turned her into a slut.

Removing Carson Beckett was also a bad move and now they’re going to recast him back in Season 5 for a few episodes?? How?? Is he going to be a ghost or something???!!

Personally, I’d love if this Carson came from an alternate universe and had to stay in the present reality. That would be good and it would be a convenient way of pushing Keller out. Her character is a failure.

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10. Ed - November 1, 2008

I’m happy that Dr. Beckett’s character has a reoccurring role. I hope Richard Woolsey’s character is replaced soon. I do not like him as the leader of Atlantis, he’s weak and annoying. Atlantis had two previous interesting characters that were involved with missions, inspired the team, and risk takers. Woosley is an annoying auditor with no field experience.

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