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Alien prequel coming..will Ripley be back? May 30, 2009

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The original Alien (1979) is a SciFi classic — though Aliens was arguably a better movie.. the third Alien and the crap that followed is pure crap.

But now word is circulating that we could get a prequel…that might be really neat. The prequel is set for a 2011 release at this point.

We might get further insight into the Alien and the Company ..two entities that JUST EXIST in Alien but we never get the full backstory..

Might also be interesting to get the backstory on Ripley (signory weaver)..though she only really got interesting in Aliens.

Terminator Salvation SUCKS. This isn’t the movie we were waiting for May 29, 2009

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We’ve been looking forward to Terminator 4 – aka – Terminator Salvation for a long time.

For the first time ever we will have an entire movie set in the future with Terminators everywhere and John Connor leading the fight…or so we had hoped.

Terminator Salvation is not the movie we hoped for. The plot is weak and easily could have just been called – the hunt for Kyle Reese..or the Salvation of Marcus Wright…

While those are both kinda/sorta interesting..it’s not what we wanted. We wanted full on Terminators everywhere…which isn’t what we got.

Sure there is the Schwarzenegger type Terminator battle which was neat, but what the frak was Markus then? If they already had full flesh?

Where were the great one-liners that made the Terminator franchise? Yeaah there was a cheesy – I’ll be back – but beyond that?

This was just a movie that felt like it was going through the motions. It wasn’t boring but it wasn’t all that exciting either.

The Terminator pre-quel book had a superior plot to this lame excuse for a movie.

Hopefully though MCG gets a second shot at this..the setup in this movie..for Connor to be the supreme leader was cool..and to see him really take leadership, send his dad back in time and destroy Skynet will be something that we sure would love to see.

Darth Jackson from Britain’s Got Talent. HAS NO TALENT May 27, 2009

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While everyone is talking about that FRUMPISH woman that sings from Cats and Les Miz…Britain’s got talent has another weirdo on the show…

Darth Jackson .. a dude that dances to Michael Jackson tunes in a Darth Vader outfit.

It is funny to see him and the stormtroopers dance..i’m not sure that George Lucas would be amused though..but I am.

Just in case YouTube blocks the embedding at some point here is the full URL:


Terminator Salvation From the Ashes (movie prequel) is great stuff May 24, 2009

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terminatorsalvation.bookFrom the Ashes by Timothy Zahn is a pretty good book – oh and its also the prequel to the new Terminator Salvation movie too.

It basically sets up the conditions so we understand where John Connor is …that is not part of the main Resistance (yet) and the position of Kyle Reese who is hanging out in a place called Moldering Ashes.

Yeaah there is some action in this book, the last several chapter are nothing but action — but the real keys are the characters and the setting…stuff that the big movie just doesn’t have time to explain.

Zahn of course is a great SciFi writer on his own, so the quality of pacing and writing is superb in this book. This is a must-read for all Terminator fans!

Star Wars Legacy #35 Cade is a SCUMBAG May 15, 2009

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After all he’s been through, Cade Skywalker is still scum.

He defeated Darth Krayt, was hailed as a savior of the Jedi Order and maybe even the Galactic Alliance itself but in the end Cade is a troubled man.

When we first met Cade way back in the first issue of this series he was hiding who he was and living out his life as a bounty hunter.

Then over the course of the last three years he has revealed who he really is, his friends have found out who he really is but none of that matters.

At the core of his being Cade Skywalker is bounty hunter scum.

In this issue he ends up starting a bar fight and nearly turns to the dark side to kill his cousin.

For what??

It’s his nature. Cade is no Jedi hero. He is a Skywalker but he is not the heir to the Luke Skywalker legacy.

That’s fine by us and what makes Legacy one of the best Star Wars storylines of all time.

It would have been easy for this series to be just about the transformation of Cade from bounty hunter to Jedi hero. But life is never that easy and neither is this series. It’s a complex series where heroes are villains and there are no clear answers.

At the end of this issue, Cade returns to the life he had where this series began. A disreputable scum bag on the run.

Fringe Season Finale Shocker, Peter is really dead May 14, 2009

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Alright not a spoiler anymore the show was on tuesday night…

Peter is really dead. How about that!! Walter had to pull  him over from an alternate reality…but doesn’t that mean that someone else is missing Peter?

Neat to see Leonard Nimoy – albeit briefly and kind of eerie to have his office in the World Trade Center.

But hey we know this show has been renewed so in a few short months we’ll know what the frak is going on!

Battlestar Galactica Caprica is Awesome May 11, 2009

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caprica Finally got the chance to watch Caprica and it sure is a worthy addition to the Battlestar Galactica canon.

The show is deep and complex, with great characters and fine actors.

The challenge of mono-theism vs polytheism is something that the regular Battlestar Galactica never really explored..It’s a very interesting take about prejudice too. It’s not what I had expected — it was better.

The whole holoband concept was also something un-expected and very entertaining.

The weird part from a connectivity point of view though – is the cylons predate Daniel Greystone by thousands of years according to BSG. So is Daniel really one of the final 7? He isn’t really inventing the Cylons but rather re-inventing them right?

Overall a really great start and a show that we are very much looking forward to watching weekly soon!

Dollhouse Season (Series?) Finale Omega REVIEW May 10, 2009

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The season finale (episode 12) of Dollhouse was an interesting – if not confusing- episode.

After chasing the dollhouse for 11 TV hours, Agent Ballard is now a dollhouse contractor.

We find out the Doctor is really a doll herself and that Alpha was a messed up dude from very early on.

What we didn’t have is a proper cliffhanger or even an ending for this show ..it just kinda ran out of time didn’t it?

Will they find Caroline? maybe but is that the chase? find alpha? I guess that’s neat. Considering that FOX is now apparently considering cancelling Dollhouse, Omega is not a good final episode at all.

There is a 13th episode that apparently will only be available on the Season One DVD..let’s hope that FOX pulls itself together, shows the 13th episode and renews Dollhouse for Season Two.

Star Trek XI is Alternate Universe Crap. But a good standalone movie May 8, 2009

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Buy tickets to Star Trek now!
Star Trek XI, from a pure action, character and standalone plot point of view is one the top three Star Trek movies ever.

But Star Trek isn’t about standalone plots and that’s why this movie was so bitterly dissapointing. The whole thing is an alternate reality. So that means the 40 years of Star Trek history that we all know and love is thrown out the windows.

That’s BOGUS.

That aside there are some great things in Star Trek XI both Spock’s are great. Uhura’s relationship with Spock is cool. Kirk is a great character as is his dad. Nero is excellent as is Captain Pike.

The best scene for me was the Kobyashi Meru – that was brilliant. We first heard about how Kirk cheated the simulator in Star Trek II and now 30 years later we get to see how he actually did it and it WAS AWESOME.

The ship itself was a little lame.

Engineering is just a bunch of pipes and knobs, no warp core to speak off, which again is TOTALLY BOGUS.

But the jump to warp speed was cool and the ship’s displays and alert systems are all neat too.

Overall a mixed bag, but mostly positive and we’re likely to see this movie again and again and again. No this isn’t as good as Star Trek II but it’s easily a whole lot better than Nemesis, Search for spock and Final Frontier.

Fringe : Harris works for ZFT May 6, 2009

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Last night’s episode of Fringe,  The Road Not Taken
got rid of Olivia’s closest enemy agent Harris.

We had him pegged for being a douche but we didn’t see it coming that he was ZFT.

The whole firestarter thing was really cool too, i wonder if Olivia can do the same thing? Notice how in the room where they ignited the twin there was one of those light boards that ZFT uses to test recruits…so we’ll have to see

And nice shout out to Spock / Star Trek in this episode too…next episode Nimoy himself will finally appear.

Not sure how the Watcher fits in..but clearly Walter was expecting him.

Fringe Renewed for Season Two!! Proof that FOX Knows a great show when they see one May 5, 2009

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Without a doubt Fringe is the best new SciFi show of the past year. The characters are interesting, deep and entertaining. The plots are well constructed and full of twists.

The pacing of the shows is great, without too much dead weight or prancing around.

We all love Walter and Olivia is well she’s just awesome.

Now Fox has officially announced that they have renewed Fringe for a second season..which is great news.

Fringe is not Sarah Connor Chronicle which isn’t a good show and likely will get cancelled by Fox.

Dollhouse on the other end is an excellent show and we here at ShowMeSciFi have our fingers crossed that Fox sees the light and doesn’t destroy another Joss Whedon production.

Dark Horse : Star Wars Clone Wars #5. Finally some action! May 5, 2009

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After dragging this basic storyline out for the last four issues, we’re finally getting closer to the end game here.

Anakin is a ‘slave’ to the Queen of Zygerria, but what?? She gets killed? and she loves him??
NUTS. Padme sure wouldn’t be happy about that.
And where was the rest of the Republic Fleet this whole time?

And now Dooku is going to turn on Zygerria? ok that’s kinda cool.

I will buy the final issue in this story arc, but am not likely to continue buying this series overall. Though it’s ok, it’s not nearly half as good as the animated series on TV.

Knights of the Old Republic #40 Dueling Ambitions part 2. Zayne is still a hero May 4, 2009

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No he’s not a Jedi padawan anymore and he’s not a fugitive either..

but it sure does seem like Zayne is on the run in this issue..

This is the middle issue in this new story arc where Zayne is part of a live swoop sporting event where he’s trying to save himself and a few others.

We still don’t know what the deal is with Jarael and her force abilities..clearly that’s the big mystery that this series will continue to draw out.

How is this going to end? We’ll see in 30 days..

Star Wars Fate of the Jedi Book 1 Outcast : A decent, but not great start May 2, 2009

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outcastJust finished reading the first book in the new Star Wars Fate of the Jedi series,  Outcast (Outcast (Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi, Book 1) and it’s left me with some mixed feelings.

No this is not the fantastic start that the Legacy of the Force had with the civil war..though this is a similar concept isn’t it?

The Jedi once again are at risk of being purged the by the Senate.

How could Luke Skywalker agree to his exile? How could he agree to the whole observer thing? MAKES NO SENSE.

The idea in general of a new Jedi purge is a great one. The evolution of Jagged Fel as ruler of the Imperial Remnant (or Galactic Empire as he calls it) is cool. Jainia being in love with his also great (and we know that this ultimately lead to Star Wars Legacy 200 hundred years later..). Those elements are good and represent the best parts of this book.

The book is well written and some of the plot segments are ok but it’s poorly stitched together overall, especially for a first book in the series. There is no big climax in this book that all great Star Wars books must have. There is no payoff for reading through till the end, no reward or big fanfare. It’s just kinda there and that is disappointing.

Will I continue to read this series? Sure. But i won’t be buying these expensive hardcover books in the store. I’ll just wait until my local library gets them.

It’s Free Comic Book Day!!! May 2, 2009

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It’s Free Comic Book Day!!

Virtually every comic book store in Canada and the United States is giving away free comic books today…

not everything but a really decent selection this year..for scifi fans there is even a free Star Wars Clone Wars issue!!

Dollhouse : Alpha Revealed !! It’s Firefly’s Wash! May 1, 2009

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What a great episode of dollhouse. Agent Ballard finally finds the Dollhouse with the help of


We did not see that coming, it wasn’t until Alpha slashed Victor that we even had a clue.

The twist with data key sending Sierra to Tucson was a little odd and didn’t really make much sense though..

And why wouldn’t Topher have known what Alpha looked like?

And which personality did Alpha imprint on Echo??

Lots of questions in this first episode of Dollhouse yet that did not have a clean ending.