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Star Wars Clone Wars : When will Ahsoka die? July 22, 2011

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We all know that Ashoka has to go…
She doesn’t existing in Star Wars ANH (or III for that matter).

At some point she disappears…

or dies.

In an interview this week,  Clone Wars show chief Dave Filoni told ComicCon conf goes that,

“”I’ve done eight different endings for her. I’ll be talking to George about it soon,” said Filoni.


That’s right Ashoka fans…she’s going bye, bye.

Meantime lots to look forward too in Clone Wars Season 4 hard to believe that this series has been on the air for three years already.

Let’s hope it stays on for a few more…

Star Wars Clone Wars Animated Season 3 Kicks off this week September 13, 2010

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Hard to believe that Star Wars Clone Wars has been on the air for over two years now…but it’s True!

Season Three starts this week!  It seems like just yesterday we paid to see the pilot movie in the theater too… (BTW, Amazon has decent pricing on Season 2 and Season 1 if you need to catch up)

Clone Wars Animated has been an awesome series so far, giving us a different viewpoint on Anakin Skywalker and introducing us to worlds that we’ve never seen before (but read about).

And of course, how can we talk about Clone Wars without mentioning Ashoka Tano?

With Ashoka we have perhaps the brightest new character addition to the Star Wars universe outside of the 6 movies.

We’ve also gotten a more personal view of the clones with Captain Rex and crew.

For Season three it looks like we might see the end of Asaj Ventress and the return of a creature that looks a whole lot like Darth Maul!!! We can hardly wait…

Clone Wars Season 2 – So far so good October 12, 2009

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starwars.clone.warsWe’re a little behind the curve here, but have now just watched the first two episodes of Clone Wars Season 2

So far so good.

Though..the plot was a little thin. I mean come ON how could Bain walk out of the Jedi temple without someone sensing him in the Force? That was a bit of a stretch.

Beyond that, another decent coming of age episode for Ashoka and hey Bounty Hunters rock.

The new clone wars has a basic but very enjoyable formula for most shows that just works.

What I’m still really looking forward to seeing are the hints of darkness in Anakin that we have yet to see.

Dark Horse : Star Wars Clone Wars #5. Finally some action! May 5, 2009

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After dragging this basic storyline out for the last four issues, we’re finally getting closer to the end game here.

Anakin is a ‘slave’ to the Queen of Zygerria, but what?? She gets killed? and she loves him??
NUTS. Padme sure wouldn’t be happy about that.
And where was the rest of the Republic Fleet this whole time?

And now Dooku is going to turn on Zygerria? ok that’s kinda cool.

I will buy the final issue in this story arc, but am not likely to continue buying this series overall. Though it’s ok, it’s not nearly half as good as the animated series on TV.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars #3 – Anakin the Charmer January 8, 2009

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This comic is getting a bit lame fast isn’t it? So now Anakin is a slaver with Ashoka the slave…all the while Anakin is charming the Queen of the Slavers…

I dunno it’s a little bit of a stretch that no one would recognize a hero of the Republic just because he’s wearing an eye patch…

To add further insult to injury – it looks like the next issue of this series will not be out until February..not sure why Dark Horse is jerking around with this series…maybe they’re just not serious enough about it.

The animated show on Cartoon Network is MUCH better.

The real Ashoka Tano – Ashley Eckstein November 13, 2008

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Without a doubt Ashoka Tano is the breakout character in the new Clone Wars animated series.

She’s fun, she’s spunky and she’s ‘snips’.

Ever wonder what the voice behind Tano really looks like? WELL here ya go. It’s blonde knockout Ashley Eckstein.

Eckstein gave an interview to StarWars.com the other day and in it she note how she sees Ashoka as a positive role model for young girls.

I don’t think there are enough positive roles for young girls out there. I try to seek out positive roles for not only girls, but kids and teens in general. When I found who she was and what her role would be, and how positive and kick-butt she was, it was like a dream come true.

Star Wars Clone Wars Comic – #2 October 27, 2008

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This comic wasn’t as good as the first issue -not by a long shot.

The artwork in this book just falls apart and looks like some deviant mutant form of the animated show.

It’s really quite repulsive and in fact so offensive that we’re not likely to buy the third issue – a shame really since the story is kinda interesting.

Ashoka’s ppl are missing – and the Jedi are trying to find out where they are – same basic story as the last issue just drawn out a little more.

Essentially a slaver story – similiar to the type that we saw in Dark Times actually – i just hope that no one gets eaten this time.

Star Wars Clone Wars -the comic – issue #1 September 16, 2008

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The first of the new Dark Horse comics tie-ins for the new Star Wars Clone Wars animated series is out and it looks pretty darn good.
The cover art is done the director of the Clone Wars animated movie – and the plot is by a writer for the regular series.

The first issue deals with Ashoka’s people and its a great start..reasonable action, decent pacing and solid artwork all complement this issue.

NO It’s not Star Wars Legacy quality – but it is solid Star Wars and at least as good as the actual animated series itself.

Star Wars The Clone Wars – the Series starts on October 3 September 4, 2008

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Sure …Star Wars The Clone Wars movie was ‘ok’..but remember it really was just the pilot for the bigger series..the one that will start on Cartoon Network starting on October 3rd.

The first trailers are now up for the regular series and it sure looks like they’ve got a winning formula….more humor,  more Ashoka and more LOTS MORE action.

A weekly star wars show…and not a 10 minute thing like the last time they tried this either….check this out!