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Chad Vader Season 2 Episode 1 – preview February 29, 2008

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No it’s not quite ready. But Blame Society does have a little preview clip up now where they do a quick read of the script for the first new episode of Chad Vader in months…

I can hardly wait…

Tripping the Rift – Pilot Episode February 29, 2008

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Yes we know Tripping the Rift has been out for three seasons already…But have you ever seen the actual pilot?

It’s a short little clip – Gus has the wrong voice. Six looks different…but otherwise is mostly there. And its totally hilarious.

NSFW…but otherwise VERY funny. (oh and hey if you’re looking for full episode, seasons or the new movie, lots of sellers have ’em on eBay too – you’re not going to find this in Walmart!)

Bionic Vision a Reality? February 28, 2008

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Yes, we all know now that the new Bionic Woman is really bad show.

But the basic premise of bionics is still kinda cool. Apparently it’s not all just Science Fiction anymore either. There may be a way to get real bionic vision sometime soon since the technology is mostly already here.

Check out this interesting clip from ABC.com all about it:

Stargate Atlantis Toys – Shop carefully cause prices vary! February 27, 2008

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stargateatlantistoys.jpg Regular readers of ShowMeSciFi.com know that we’re HUGE Stargate Atlantis fans.

With Season 4 coming to a close this week, we thought..’hey we don’t have any Stargate Atlantis toys, let’s get some!’

As it turns out there isn’t a whole lot of options yet for Stargate Atlantis Toys. Mostly its just a few figures at this point, so not Atlantis itself, puddle jumper, Wraith dart etc.

Pricing on the figures can also vary wildly. We’ve done a quick eBay analysis for ya here to help you (and us) get the best pricing on Stargate Atlantis figures.

This first auction is for a full set of all five action figures. Included in this set are Dr. Elizabeth Weir, Lt. Colonel John Sheppard, Wraith (Male), Dr. Elizabeth Weir “Field Ops” and Lt. Colonel John Sheppard “Field Ops”. Each figure includes a piece of the Stargate from Stargate Atlantis. Bidding on this is now at $49.99
(Stargate Atlantis SERIES 1 ACTION FIGURE SET OF ALL 5 )

Now another eBay seller has the same set now up for auction on a Buy It Now for $127.99
(overpriced Stargate Atlantis SERIES 1 ACTION FIGURE SET OF ALL 5)

A third eBay seller we found has the same set for a Buy It Now of $54.95

As a fourth option we found a seller that has a set of 4 for a Buy It Now of $29.99

So as you can see there really is a wide range of pricing here for what is essentially the same set of toys. To make your (and our) search easier we’ve also set up a simple link to keep you in the loop and the latest Stargate Atlantis toys.
Stargate Atlantis toys

And for you RSS users :

Star Wars Rebellion #11 Small Victories (lame comics) February 27, 2008

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Star Wars Rebellion is a misplaced comic book series in the new Dark Horse Star Wars lineup.

It lacks the drama and direction of Knights of the Old Republic, the awesomeness of Legacy and the darkness of Dark Times.

It’s just basic PULP comic stuff.

The ridiculous amount of time between issues also makes this a stoopid series to even try and follow (but we do, not sure what that says about us).

Basic story in this issue, transparent 2D cardboard cutout characters and pedestrian art.

If you’re looking for pulp Star Wars ..here ya go!

Starship Troopers 3 Maurader : Let’s crack a planet February 26, 2008

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The first Starship Troopers is CLASSIC Sci Fi. Yes it was cheesy but it good cheese.

Starship Troopers 2 was unwatchable it was so horrible. Hard to know if the Starship Trooper 3 will be anything better. It’s a direct to DVD release..and yes Johnny Rico is back and he’s still blasting bugs.

Terminator 4 : Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins Open May 22, 2009 February 26, 2008

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May 22, 2009 is now set as the release date for Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins.

If that date sounds familiar..you’re right ShowMeSciFi.com fans.

That’s right! It’s just about the same time as Star Trek XI.

So it’ll be a SciFi shootout Memorial Day Weekend in 2009.

T4 begins two months of production in New Mexico on May 5.

Star Wars Dark Times #9 Parallels part 4 February 26, 2008

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Another solid issue that moves the plot along nicely. Reading this story arc issue by issue is a bit painful though and if I had a choice I likely would have prefered to just buy a trade paperback (but hey that could be months!).

We continue to learn about Bomo and what he is willing/able to do. And on the parallel side the Jedi younglings are under attack. Overall a nice balance of the two stories.

The real ‘magic’ though of course will come in the next issue when the Parallels will finally be brought together somehow – or not.

I just hope that no one else gets eaten.

Star Wars Legacy of the Force Revelation OUT TODAY! February 26, 2008

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The Eighth book in this awesome series – Star Wars Legacy of the Force : Revelation is OUT TODAY!!

We got our copy at about Noon and what a glorious event it was.

The local bookshop had just set up a whole display of Star Wars Legacy of the Force Revelation in the Bestsellers area in the front of the store. They also had a few dozen copies in the regular SciFi section.

I guess we’re not the only ones who read this stuff.

As always we tend to read these a bit slowly (a week or so) to savor every page. True this is Karen Travis the SUCKIEST AUTHOR IN THE STAR WARS UNIVERSE KILLER OF MARA JADE – but hey it’s the second to last book in the serious , how badly could she screw this up?

We’ve been waiting for this book for months and it’s great to finally see it on the shelf (and now in our hands!!)

Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles 1×7 Ballerina February 25, 2008

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Nice. We get a rehash of more Terminator 2 stuff with a new Dr. Silverman (this one isn’t nearly a neurotic).

Did Sarah actually save the FBI agent? That sure was some ‘weird’ cinematography there wasn’t it?

And Cameron?? Man oh  man is she one scary Terminator …now she’s a ballerina too.

All told yet another really solid episode of Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles. Our only complaint is that next week is the season finale?! How does that happen??? Since when does episodes make a season? I know we had the writers strike to deal with but still..8 episodes is NOT A FULL SEASON!

Norway’s Doomsday Vault February 25, 2008

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No it’s not SciFi. It’s real.

Deep in the Norwegian Artic permafrost, there is a Doomsday vault that will keep all of the Earth’s seeds. Just in case we exterminate a species or two as Global Warming heats up.

Sure it’s a good idea – that’s why the general idea has been in a gazillion (that’s an exact figure) sci fi stories and movies.

Stargate Atlantis 4 x 18 Kindred : Dr Beckett RETURNS!!! February 23, 2008

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And we thought Midway was a great episode.

Here we get both of our Wraith ‘friends’ Todd and Michael

Tayla gets abducted but the biggest surprise of all in the last scene.

wow. what a totally unexpected surprise. How did Beckett get there? He’s dead!!

We know Beckett helped to ‘create’ Michael so maybe Michael had some of his DNA and cloned him?

Or maybe Beckett never really died and was actually beamed off Atlantis by Michael when the explosion happened with the body replaced by a clone?

Whatever the case Stargate Atlantis Season 4 just keeps getting better and better..too bad we’ve only one episode left and then Season 4 is done!!

HD-DVD Dead – So What Happens To Star Trek? February 22, 2008

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Yes we got an HD DVD player just to watch the new Star Trek classic remastered.

Yes we’re p**ssed that Toshiba is ditching us.

I guess this means that CBS will have to put out a Blu-Ray version now…

BUT WAIT!! They can’t! You know why? Because Blu-Ray doesn’t have the same capacity. So you physically can’t put the same FANTASTIC material that’s on the HD-DVD Star Trek remastered onto Blu-Crap.

Once again – as was the case with Beta – the better format has lost and that really sucks.

Star Trek Phase II Set for a New Voyage February 19, 2008

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Looks like Star Trek New Voyages (the awesome fan produces classic trek stuff) is changing its name to Star Trek Phase II.

Now for me personally Star Trek Phase II holds a lot of meaning. I’ve had a copy of Star Trek Phase II on my shelf for many years.

In 1977 Star Trek Phase II would have brought back Star Trek to network TV.

A footnote in Star Trek history, few people realize how close Star Trek Phase II came to full-scale production.

All of the actors were signed except Leonard Nimoy, whose Spock character would have been replaced by a young Vulcan, Xon. Sets and props were designed and constructed. New models, including a never seen model of the U.S.S. Enterprise, were built. A special effects company was hired, and scripts were written, including a two-hour teleplay that would have been the pilot for the series. But, the plans for the network were canceled, and Paramount decided to shift gears to feature film production, shutting down the television series — less than two weeks before the beginning of principal photography. The result of this decision was Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

This is the story of the lost Star Trek series. Including full behind-the-series information on the show that almost-but didn’t-happen. Full of never-before-seen color artwork, storyboards, blueprints, technical information and photos: Star Trek Phase II reveals the vision behind Gene Roddenberry’s lost glimpse of the future.

So will New Voyages recreate what Star Trek Phase II might have been? We can only hope…

Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles 1 x 6 : Dungeons and Dragons February 18, 2008

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WOW. What a great episode, easily the best yet for Sarah Connor Chronicles.

We finally get a glimpse of the future. Even better the series is now woven tightly in with the narrative from the first Terminator with Kyle having a pic of Sarah (not Linda Hamilton though).  And we get another vantage on that pivotal move of Kyle Reese and what happened to him before being sent back.

Now his brother…what happened in that room with the music?  Is he a sleeper skynet agent now?

New Knight Rider – SUCKS February 17, 2008

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KITT had it right when he said, “Yes that Sucks.”

Not that the original Knight Rider was superb TV..but the new Knight Rider is just plain awful.

Weak plot, pathetic acting and worst of all…the voice of KITT was totally disjointed. The audio didn’t seem to come from the car but almost came of as a narrators voice. At least in the original the car and voice were connected. In this lame excuse for a TV show the voice is just there and not properly connected to the car.

That’s just poor production.

Yes the Mustang itself is cool, but beyond that there are no redeeming qualities to this show whatsoever.

Stargate Atlantis 4 x 17 Midway February 17, 2008

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Indeed this was a fine episode. At last Teal’c makes his cameo coming face to face with his Atlantis counterpart Ronon.

What a great episode. Great cause Teal’C rocks and so does Ronon. Great because the Wraith attacking Midway is a great plot. And great because of the AWESOME amount of action in this episode – wraith bashing all the way.

And of course MARVELOUS dialogue.


The People vs. George Lucas : Time To Tell George Who Shot First February 15, 2008

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Yes we here at ShowMeSciFi.com are huge Star Wars fans…but we’re not zealots.

There are problems in Star Wars and things that we can complain about..but to whom? Who will listen? Not you! YOu’ll click away right?

Well know we can ALL vent with the People Vs. George Lucas project. Apparently it’s supposed to be some kind of documentary thing with people sending in their own clips about what they thing is wrong in the Star Wars movies.

It’s a neat idea and a whole lot more participatory than something like Trekkies for example.

Our #1 complaint? That’s easy. Jar Jar Binks!

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull TRAILER February 14, 2008

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It’s not as easy as it used to be…

Star Trek XI DELAYED !! Until May of 2009 February 14, 2008

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Star Trek XI which had been scheduled for an Xmas 2008 release has been DELAYED by at least five months pushing the release date back to May of 2009.

So first Paramount get the fans excited.

Then they push us around, testing our patience. NICE. Paramount sure knows how to treat its fan base. Apparently they wanted to get a better opening weekend…TOTAL BS. Xmas weekend is a fine time to launch a movie. Abrams and crew just aren’t ready.

But hey..maybe with this delay and the writers back…Shatner can finally land a part!