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Stargate Atlantis 4×19 Kindred Part II – Beckett is a Clone! March 1, 2008

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One more episode to go and then Season 4 is a goner.

The last episode easily could have been the season finale with the discovery of a new Dr. Carson Beckett, but thankfully the producers have ALOT of respect for the fans and for that we should all be gratful.It’s also good that they did not disgrace the memory of Dr. Beckett. He did die. This new Beckett is a clone.

He’s not evil or a replicator…just a clone.

Yes it’s kinda lame that he has to go back into stasis…but we know he’ll be back every so often in times of need.

It looks like the final episode of Season 4 -March 7th – WILL BE a cliffhanger (gotta hate those) with Sheppard coming back to an abandoned Atlantis after trying to locate Teyla

Stargate Atlantis 4 x 18 Kindred : Dr Beckett RETURNS!!! February 23, 2008

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And we thought Midway was a great episode.

Here we get both of our Wraith ‘friends’ Todd and Michael

Tayla gets abducted but the biggest surprise of all in the last scene.

wow. what a totally unexpected surprise. How did Beckett get there? He’s dead!!

We know Beckett helped to ‘create’ Michael so maybe Michael had some of his DNA and cloned him?

Or maybe Beckett never really died and was actually beamed off Atlantis by Michael when the explosion happened with the body replaced by a clone?

Whatever the case Stargate Atlantis Season 4 just keeps getting better and better..too bad we’ve only one episode left and then Season 4 is done!!