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Star Trek The Experience Going to Neonopolis October 23, 2008

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Star Trek The Experience which had been at the Las Vegas Hilton for 10 years is moving to downtown Las Vegas. It closed at the Hilton back in September so this would be a big deal.
According to the Las Vegas Review Journal:

Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman and Neonopolis developer Rohit Joshi say the defunct Star Trek: The Experience attraction at the Hilton is moving downtown…If it works it would be the biggest resurrection since Mr. Spock reanimated on planet Genesis — both for the Experience show and the troubled Neonopolis development

Though I’m thrilled that Star Trek is coming back to Vegas – Neonopolis isn’t the right place. It’s not on the strip and it’s not accessable by the Las Vegas Monorail (like the Hilton). Location is everything – especially in Vegas.

While I still personally might try and make the trek to a Star Trek Experience – i suspect that most convention goers to Vegas won’t – it’s just too hard to get downtown which is why Neonopolis to date has been a total bust.

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1. Christopher Cleary - March 12, 2009

It would be impressive to make this Experience even better and add in more themes and attractions to really drive business.
Imagine, being able to play a real Laser Tag Game but set in the Star Trek Universe. Making the 3D and 4D rides cool, but nothing compared to actually carrying around a phaser rifle and shooting up other players in a real maze of corridors. (Almost like doing a tactical training in the Holodeck). I would definitely go back, just to try that out! 😀

2. Sheila - March 13, 2009

When is the opening of the new Neonopolis Star Trex Experience?

3. Dan - March 13, 2009

My understanding is that the restaurant and museum will open on May 8, 2009 to coincide with the Star Trek movie opening. Of course, the Neonopolis site (which I can’t access for some reason) at http://www.neonopolis.com would be the best resource to confirm the date. I haven’t been to Neonopolis in a long time but if I recall there are movie theatres there. The ride(s) will NOT be open until about January 2010, though. Those will take longer to put together.

4. Las Vegas Local - March 28, 2009

I think that the Neonopolis center is a great location and that the Hilton is going to regret ever letting go of the Experience. I was at the Hilton the last weekend the Experience was open and I have never seen so many people packed into one tiny little space as that day. There were signs, letters, and people all begging the Hilton to reconsider. I know that the Hilton is going to regret this. Now as a Las Vegas local I can assure you that the fact that the monorail doesn’t go there is no deterrent. Hardly any one uses it. Now the shuttle idea sounds good but for us locals it’s a very easy drive so long as you avoid the Strip as much as possible. All I know is I can’t wait for the movie and I can’t wait for the Experience to reopen and be even more successful that ever before and also bring some much needed revenue back to Las Vegas. Come on May 8th!

5. Bored - Michael - March 28, 2009

I imagine more people like myself who go to Las Vegas regularly would use it more often if they didn’t do the typical corporate bs and make you walk through every inch of the casino floor and a maze of stores to get to the stations lol.

6. Rictor - April 4, 2009

I worked at Quark’s Bar at the Hilton and have many fond memories. I would like to be a part of it again. I wonder how I go about it?

7. Khalessa - April 12, 2009

I would go for the laser tag. The klingon in me is saying the equivilent of hell yeah!

8. Tammy Sosnowski - October 12, 2009

Does anyone know if Quark’s reopened yet?

9. trololo12 - July 6, 2010

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10. Svetaprettygirl - December 19, 2010

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