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Star Trek XI Fourth Trailer is AWESOME! March 6, 2009

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“Your father was Captain of a Starship for 12 minutes. I dare you to do better.”

Captain Pike to James T. Kirk.

The first few trailers for the new Star Trek movie had us wondering if this new Star Trek movie would be a total disaster.

Apparently J J Abrams listened and the latest trailer is seamless stitched together in a way that should excite all Star Trek fans.

We know that this isn’t classic Trek – and the new trailer doesn’t pretend to be either. This is something new and it’s something AWESOME.

Star Trek XI Superbowl Trailer – Starfleet Academy Under Attack! February 1, 2009

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J J Abrams is out today with a new teaser trailer for Star Trek XI – set to air during the Superbowl.

Basically more of the same from what we’ve seen in previous trailers  – destruction of the Kelvin, Kirk getting busy, Spock beaming in, Scotty looking worried..

But oh yeah there is one major plot addition that we haven’t yet seen in any other format

– a massive space attack on StarFleet Academy itself!

If you don’t catch it during the SuperBowl it’s already on YouTube – check it out below.

New Star Trek XI Teaser Posters! July 18, 2008

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Ahead of Comic-con which kicks off next week, J.J Abrams is putting out a new teaser poster for Star Trek XI. The Star Trek Movie (startrekmovie.com) site has been updated too, but the only update is the new poster…

kinda lame if you ask us…the new site that its…

but neat to see the first glimpses of the new crew…the one that looks the best is easily Eric Bana who looks like he’s a Darth Maul clone…or maybe he’s just the Klingon Kang (or Koloth?)

Zachary Quinto : A Logical Spock for Star Trek XI May 28, 2008

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Looks like Zachary Quinto – the new Spock for Star Trek XI – is a Star Trek fan.


In an interesting interview on SciFi Wire Quinto reveals that he thinks the new Trek will ‘honor’ classic Trek.

He also almost slips into his Vulcan character during the interview, by referring to the process as being ‘logical’.

“I always do that,” he said. “When I’m going to say the word ‘logical,’ and then I stop myself. There are certain things that I can no longer do with as much ease as I used to. Using the word logical is one of them.”

Terminator 4 : Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins Open May 22, 2009 February 26, 2008

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May 22, 2009 is now set as the release date for Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins.

If that date sounds familiar..you’re right ShowMeSciFi.com fans.

That’s right! It’s just about the same time as Star Trek XI.

So it’ll be a SciFi shootout Memorial Day Weekend in 2009.

T4 begins two months of production in New Mexico on May 5.

Star Trek XI DELAYED !! Until May of 2009 February 14, 2008

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Star Trek XI which had been scheduled for an Xmas 2008 release has been DELAYED by at least five months pushing the release date back to May of 2009.

So first Paramount get the fans excited.

Then they push us around, testing our patience. NICE. Paramount sure knows how to treat its fan base. Apparently they wanted to get a better opening weekend…TOTAL BS. Xmas weekend is a fine time to launch a movie. Abrams and crew just aren’t ready.

But hey..maybe with this delay and the writers back…Shatner can finally land a part!

Paramount Cancels Star Trek XI Webmaster Point Program February 8, 2008

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ShowMeSciFi.com is excited as any website out there for the upcoming Star Trek XI movie. That’s why we signed up for the Star Trek XI webmaster program from Paramount – the general idea was that for each click you generate, Paramount would tally them up and do something nice for you.

After just a few short weeks – Paramount HAS CANCELED THE POINTS PROGRAM.

Q: What happened to the points system?
A: Due to click fraud and to make use of the Webmaster Program easier on users we have eliminated this points system. Nothing else relating to the program has changed. Please just point all links to the official site. If you have questions please direct them to us in the forums.

Click fraud? are you kidding me?? Other webmasters are that desperate??? Paramount is so incapable that they can’t properly measure clicks? KHAAAAAAAAN!

Star Trek XI : Plot Revealed? February 7, 2008

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Star Trek XI bad guy Eric Bana has given away the plot of Star Trek XI – sorta/kinda/not really.

In an interview with Celebrity Truth Bana reportedly described the plot of Star XI thusly:

“You’ve got this ship right? And it’s flying through the air, like, really fast. It lands, and these dudes get out.

“Then there’s these other dudes, some of them have ears, some of them haven’t, and they get into a bit of a fight. There’s heaps of bullets flying and one of the ships has trouble taking off. Then they fix that ship and then there’s a couple of other guys flying around..” Bana pauses before asking, “Is this good? Then this other guy turns up and he’s had some problems with his missus…”

So apparently Star Trek XI is going to be a comedy then…..

Star Trek XI – Fans Take to the Forums January 31, 2008

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The official Paramount Star Trek XI forums are now open and in just a few short days are already racking up some impressive numbers.

As of Thursday Jan 31, 2008 at 9:47 PM ET, the official Paramount Star Trek XI movie forums had :

114 Threads, :

2,242, Posts

and 846 Members.

Talk about pent up Star Trek demand!

Star Trek XI : Kobayashi Maru – Will we finally see Kirk’s solution? January 30, 2008

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Though J.J Abrams has given up some details about Star Trek XI, some key elements are still ‘officially’ unknown.

HOWEVER – since we know this will include the early days of Kirk before he takes command of NCC-1701 – ShowMeSciFi.com is going to go out on a limb and state:

“In Star Trek XI we will finally see James T. Kirk take the Kobayahsi Maru test at Starfleet Academy.”

For years, we the fans have wondered exactly what Kirk did to pass that critical Starfleet examination (we know he ‘cheated’ or changed the rules as he says) – it will be MONUMENTAL to finally see the actual scene. The Kobayashi Maru is a defining test in a Starfleet officer’s career , presenting trainees with an impossible scenario and seeing how they respond.

As a refresher check out the first theatrical mention of the Kobayashi Maru in a STar Trek movie.

Star Trek XI Could be the First of Three New Trek Movies January 29, 2008

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YUP. Looks like Paramount isn’t just doing a one off with Star Trek XI which could be a good thing if the movie is any good.

In an interview with IGN , Anton Yelchin (playing Checkov) said that he had been signed on for three movies.

That clearly means Paramount is serious about this new Trek and is ensuring that if it is successful that they can milk the cast for everything they can.

And hey it also opens up the opporunity for Shatner to make an appearance in Star Trek XII or XIII!

Chris Doohan (son of James ‘Scotty’ Doohan) Set for Star Trek XI role January 25, 2008

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No James Doohan’s son won’t have the role of Scotty in Star Trek XI but he will have a role.

According to an interview he did with TrekMovie the younger Doohan isn’t quite sure of his role ..yet

At this point, I’m tentatively scheduled to go in later next week to film, but, like James Cawley, I still don’t know exactly what I’m going to do. I can tell you that my father would be happy with my position on the ship.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAwww isn’t that nice. Now why can’t they find a spot for Shatner!!!

New Star Trek XI Starfleet Uniform January 24, 2008

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Until now most Starfleet Uniforms have been military yet not militaristic (if you know what I mean

Sure in ‘Yesterday’s Enterprise’ we saw a stiffer collar as the Federation battled the Klingons but…

Star Trek XI is going the Imperial route..or so it would seem.

JFXonline has posted some intriguing pics of the new Starfleet uniform.

It really does look like a knock off from Star Wars Imperial wardrobe with the hat and all.

Never before have we seen Starfleet personnel with hat as part of the Uniform. It also looks like they’re tossing out the oh-so-hip shirt look off the classic series and the vested look of the early Star Trek movies too.

Too early to say what this is all about..but one thing is for sure – J.J Abrams is messing with alot of stuff.

Buy tickets to Star Trek now!

NCC-1701.COM Watch Star Trek XI ‘s Enterprise being built January 22, 2008

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Time to get excited Star Trek XI fans.

Looks like there is an UNDER CONSTRUCTION site for Star Trek XI’s NCC-1701.

The site? Why it’s of course — what else would it be?

There are four cameras of the shipyard (i’m still hoping it’s Utopia Planetia) showing different stuff under construction..trick is you have to bring each camera into focus which by changing the frequency.

Sure you could try and figure it out yourself but why bother? Here are the frequencies:

camera 1 frequency of 555 (99.1%)

camera 2 frequency 120 (99.5%)

camera 4 frequency 289 (100% )

Now Camera 3 is the money shot! It only comes up every so often and it’s a pic of the interior of the new Star Trek XI NCC-1701 interior!!!

It looks ALOT like a TNG interior to me…i wonder if they’ll decide to put in a holodeck too..


Star Trek XI : Shatner Out Because Kirk is Dead January 21, 2008

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Among all the excitement of the new Star Trek XI movie there is a major controversy.

William ‘Bill’ Shatner a.ka. Captain James Tiberius Kirk has been SHAFTED by the producers of Star Trek XI and will not be making an appearance.

Leonard Nimoy (SPOCK) is in it, but apparently Shatner isn’t good enough for J.J. Abrams.

“I think they’re coming toward the end (of shooting, so) they’ve got another three weeks to hire me,” Shatner joked at the opening of the traveling exhibit Star Trek: The Tour in a recent interview with USAtoday. “No, I don’t think you’ll be seeing me, unfortunately. I don’t know the reason why.”

Apparently the reason why is because Kirk died in Star Trek : Generations.

WHAT A LAME EXCUSE. Spock died at the end of Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan – he came back. Why not Shatner’s Kirk?

No i think the reason is because Shatner is such a giant in the Star Trek world that his appearance in Star Trek XI would overshadow all the others in the recast classic roles.

Want Shatner’s Kirk back? You’re not alone. Go check out BringBackKirk.com for a group that has got the right idea. It’s time for Kirk to Return.  J.J. Abrams may think he’s some kind of hotshot director but without Shatner something will be missing from Star Trek XI.

The First Real Star Trek XI Teaser Trailer January 18, 2008

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startreksite.jpgForget about paying down good money to see Cloverfield just to see the Star Trek XI trailer..multiple copies are now online (one linked below)..

Oh and no need for the early fan trailer anymore either (though i bet a few will be made based on the real thing).

The trailer – is all about construction and ends with the words UNDER CONSTRUCTION. The NCC 1701 Enterprise looks wicked and they’ve refreshed the Starfleet Logo itself too.

Anyways enough of me..here’s the trailer..

Star Trek XI Teaser Trailer January 11, 2008

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Looks the real deal teaser trailer for Star Trek XI will be out on Jan 18th first in JJ Abrams Cloverfield…

Yeaaah right.

Within minutes of it showing up anywhere that someone has an Internet connection..the trailer will be everywhere..Cloverfield looks a little lame anyways…

BUT fans being fans..there are a few fan made trailers already circulating for Star Trek XI..here’s one of the most recent (and professional) **UPDATE** THE FIRST REAL TRAILER IS OUT NOW – CHECK IT OUT HERE**


From Stargate to Star Trek – Paul McGillion December 14, 2007

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Paul McGillion, perhaps best known for his role as Dr. Carson Beckett on Stargate Atantis will be in Star Trek XI.

No it’s not a big part.

But yes he’s in the movie and apparently is in a scence with Capt. Pike.

Too bad he didn’t land the job of McCoy!

Star Trek XI : Greenwood to Play Capt Pike November 8, 2007

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I always thought that poor Captain Pike got shafted badly in Trek. His chair and the whole blinking lights thing was just..saaaaaaaaaaad.

Well Pike makes a return – on two legs – in Star Trek XI by way of Canadian actor Bruce Greenwood.

It will be neat to see Pike in full command of the NCC-1701 AS he should have been all along…

Star Trek XI is set for an XMAS 2008 release.

Bones Goes Urban – Star Trek XI McCoy Cast October 18, 2007

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Dammit Jim I’m a Dr! Not a second rate actor who’s only real claim to fame is Lord of the Rings!

Karl Urban will be Bones in Star Trek XI.

I truly admired DeForest Kelly as Bones – and i remember the day he died well – because i was truly sad.