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Orville Season 2 Finale was AWESOME April 26, 2019

Posted by showmescifi in ShowMeSciFi.com.

orville-season2TIME travel, alternate reality and multi-verse stuff is common across SciFi shows.

What The Orville did in its Season 2 finale – “The Road Not Taken” was nothing short of amazing.

RATHER than some grandiose idea for time travel, a simple thing – Kelly not going on a second date with Ed, is enough to change the course of history and end up with Kaylon destroying most organic life.

Reminds us a bit of the classic Star Trek: The Next Generation Episode “Tapestry” in which Q challenges Picard to remake his life. Instead of fighting the Narsican, he doesn’t and never ends up commanding the Enterprise. That doesn’t however end up with the end of the Federation though – life just goes ..on.

In Orville – it’s different – that simplest of things of human interaction a second date is the thread that unravels a whole timeline. It’s so simple and submline and yet so very excellent.

The Orville overall was amazing through Season 2 with basic human themes. Early on with the Jaloga – the once a year a Mochlan has to ‘relieve himself’ really set that tone.

We can hardly wait to see what’s in store for The Orville in Season 3.




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