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Stargate Universe SGU Finale – Eli is the Last Man Standing May 15, 2011

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E We are still DISGUSTED by the FRAKKING IDIOTS at SyFy for cancelling this show..

but first let us lament the best of the best.


From the very first episode to now — the very last, Eli has been our favorite character.

He’s the guy we all associate with, the game player that never lived up to expectation..kinda like the Last Starfighter, only a heck of alot smarter.

Eli is the man that figured out the final chevron.

Eli is the one that figure out how to pilot through the blue star

Eli is the one that figured it was better to run than to fight.

And it is only fitting that he is the last man standing.

SGU was a fine show, the last 10 episodes were among the best Stargate episodes in any version of Stargate SG-1, Atlantis or otherwise. There is more story to tell and more life left is this franchise.

Apparently SyFy would rather broadcast wrestling and mixed martial arts than SciFi.

We suggest that all SyFy subscribers cancel their subscription to the channel – since it doesn’t support SciFi any more.

Fringe is on FOX.

Doctor Who is on BBC America.

And when Battlestar Galactica Blood and Chrome come on – you can just buy it on iTunes. No need to support the FRAKKERS that cancelled SGU is there?

Stargate Universe SGU Novus is a cool planet, but why no FTL? April 26, 2011

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wow that was one heck of an awesome two parter.
We’ve had many episodes where the crew of the destiny are stuck on one planet or another. But now we see a future where destiny’s crew really did get stuck. No surprise that tj and young hookup, James and varo was a surprise..
The more amazing part is the city the survivors descendants built…and all without Rush.

But with all their advancement how come the ppl of Novus never built FTL drives?

Stargate Universe – The Hunt – who is the hunted here? April 22, 2011

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Stargate Universe season 2 episode 16 The Hunt [HD] was another fantastic episode.

What a brilliant concept around hunting.

If the beast is intelligent you can’t eat it….and an amazing full circle of events from the beginning when Greer can’t kill the space deer, until the end when he doesn’t kill the monster as it recognizes him to be intelligent for the …fire?

ok a little bit of  a stretch but still cool.

Stargate Universe SGU Gin RETURNS!! March 30, 2011

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Hope – we sure had it when Gin died – or at least when her body died.

We didn’t believe she was actually dead. Eli is the best character on the show and he wasn’t going to cheated that way.

So now his girlfriend -and Dr. Rush’s Amanda Perry are both back as sentients inside of Destiny – neat.

But how is it that only specific people see them? Is it some kind of brain wavelength thing?

How will they get them into new bodies? Maybe into robot bodies?

Once again – another awesome episode and once again we’re DISGUSTED that the frakking idiots at Syfy have cancelled this brilliant show.

Stargate Universe SGU – Leutian Alliance Attacks Earth March 27, 2011

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Alliances was yet another awesome episode of SGU.

HOw the FRAK could SyFy cancel this show?


A really great story and we weren’t sure how it would end, until the end and even then..

the Leutian alliance attacking Earth directly was kinda neat, but the whole stones angle – made this rly interesting.

We know that if someone dies on one end of a stones connection, both hosts die, so this was a good twist. Also interesting to see the relationship expand btween Destiny’s Leutian ‘guest’ and Lt. Johansen.

Stargate Universe SGU – Twin Destinies – Did Rush Kill Everyone? March 17, 2011

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Twin Destinies WAS another fine episode of SGU.

Yet another attempt by the crew to find a way to dial the 9th Chevron.

And YES Eli is the smartest man on that ship.

But what was up with Rush coming back from the future and still having the same ship in the same timeline?

Shouldn’t Destiny already have been destroyed in that timeline?

And how could there be two, Col Telfords? The timeline stuff just doesn’t make sense.

It was cool and weird how Col Telford got fried on the power conduit and overall, our team here at ShowMeSciFi.com really enjoyed this episode.

Is there a better SciFi show on TV today?

Stargate Universe SGU Deliverance Delivers – March 10, 2011

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Deliverance marks the midseason 2 debut of SGU and one of the final ten episode for this series that SyFy has so maliciously maligned by cancelling it pre-maturely.

This episode was nothing but end to end action…as the evil drone ships are outsmarted and then finally outrun…


What happened to Chloe? Why did the aliens ‘cure’ her?

makes no sense at all. sure we don’t like the Chloe character at all, but the plot here is just nonsense.

Rush’s transformation to being kindler and gentler is also odd, but an interesting development for sure.

Where does the Destiny go from here? What can be done in only 9 more episodes?

Stargate Universe Resurgence Season 2 mid-season cliffhanger was kinda lame. December 6, 2010

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Resurgence (<–get it on Amazon now) was a typical Stargate cliffhanger wasn’t it?

Destiny is being attacked …oh no will it survive???

On the negative side, the lame acting by Eli and his mental state rly diminished from this episode as did the melodramatic Chloe (why isn’t she dead yet!!)

On the positive side, the Seed Ship is back as is Col. Telford (no surprise). The ship graveyard scene was reminiscent of Star Trek TNG episode which was kinda/sorta similar wasn’t it???

Overall, a decent half season for SGU – yes we like the show and HELL YES we can hardly wait for it to return.

Stargate Universe SGU – Malice – Is Gin really dead? November 20, 2010

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Malice was a fine episode – all action from beginning to the end.

Shocking in a way that Gin was killed – perhaps even more shocking was that both Gin and the professor at the other end died. Shouldn’t it have been that just the body died and Gin would have been trapped on Earth in the parpalegic’s body?

Also the whole deal with the crew not being able to stop the clock seemed odd – Rush was able to drop out of FTL before without a clock so why was this time different?

Stargate Universe (SGU) Destiny’s Destiny is a Mission to find God November 13, 2010

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The Greater Good episode (–click to catch in Amazon), was one of the best episodes of SGU yet.

Finally, the crew get to see the bridge and FINALLY beat Rush at his own game.


But WTF is the nonsense about Destiny’s mission?  A mission to find…the construct behind the background cosmic radiation??

DESTINY is on a Mission to Find GOD.

Remind anyone of Star Trek V? (and yeaah that movie sucked).

If Destiny’s mission really is about finding the higher power behind the big bang — this show could suffer…

That said, we’re worried about Gin — and given the dark slant of this show, she’s likely in a world of trouble.

Stargate Universe SGU – Eli Gets Laid by the Leutian Alliance November 3, 2010

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Eli is our favorite character on SGU. His greatest flaw is his love for the mega-wench Chloe who is now more alien than human anyways..

But in the upcoming Season 2 Episode 7 – The Greater Good – episode, Eli finally gets some satisfaction as he hooks up (see the final frame in the teaser below) with a one of the leutian alliance prisoners.

Stargate Universe SGU Goes to Cloverdale and leaves us bored November 1, 2010

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WTF was the Cloverdale episode?

Another Stargate – character X is infected story?

come on.

And the whole – ok it’s a dream sequence on Earth thing was moderatly interesting but mostly lame.

Easily the worst episode of SGU yet.

Stargate Universe (SGU) – Eli is a Mamma’s Boy and that’s fine by us October 22, 2010

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was a touching episode wasn’t it?

Eli’s mom missed him so much she went into depression – and great how camille gets her to come on board Destiny (by way of the stones) and a nice twist with her lover too — a sort of Destiny survivor support group on Earth.

What’s going on with Chloe? We don’t care – hopefully whatever it is, will kill her off the show soon.

As for Rush – the dude is a dick.

Stargate Universe S2E02 – Aftermath – The Mercy Kill October 8, 2010

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HURRAY Rush finally unlocked the code to the Destiny’s control room….but are those visions he sees or is Destiny actually trying to speak to him?

We think it’s a bit of both.

All issues about the ability of the ship to fall out of warp aside, what about the food replicator type capabilities of the ship? Shouldn’t he have been focusing on fixing that too?

By far the most disturbing part of the show was the mercy kill – yes it was understandable, but no that’s not what we want to see. It could have just been  a cutaway shot of some kind we didn’t actually have to see the suffocation, that was unnecessarily graphic.

So what is the other ship? clearly another ancient ship, but what is its purpose?

Stargate Universe Aftermath – Finally gives us the chair October 5, 2010

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The second episode of the second season of Stargate Universe is on tonight. Titled Aftermath – this episode promises us a view of Destiny’s bridge…

Stargate Universe SGU Season 2 – “We Blow A Lot Of Shit Up” September 25, 2010

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Season 2 of Stargate Universe/ SGU starts this coming Tuesday and the good folks at SyFy are actively out promoting the show.

ShowMeSciFi.com was on one press call with Ming Na and Lou Diamond Phillips where they talked about their experiences on the show, what its like to be part of Stargate and all kinds of other really lame questions.

There was at least one really great question that was asked – and kinda/sorta answered. The two SGU actors were asked what there favorite Season 2 episode were….

No major spoiler were divulged but Phillips did hint at some massive action to come.

“There is an increased amount of action,” Phillips said. “There is a definite membership out there in fandom that will appreciate the action adventure aspect of some of the episodes coming up– we blow a lot of shit up.”

And here is the actual audio track from the call – where the SGU actors tell us about their fav Season 2 episodes.

Stargate Universe Season 2 begins on Tues Sep 28th August 19, 2010

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Yeaah SyFy is once again trying to kill a solid scifi series with bad placement..no Tuesday isn’t the worst day for a show – but you better believe that we’ll be among the millions that DVR it.

Here’s the official blurb from Syfy:

STARGATE UNIVERSE — Season 2 Premieres Tuesday, September 28, at 9PM (NEW NIGHT) — Stargate Universe returns with 20 all-new episodes for season two. SGU follows a band of soldiers, scientists and civilians, who must fend for themselves as they are forced through a Stargate when their hidden base comes under attack. The desperate survivors emerge aboard an ancient ship, which is locked on an unknown course and unable to return to Earth. In the new season, the team fights to take back the ship from the Lucian Alliance, who transported themselves on board Destiny with plans to take control. The team also discovers their true mission. It’s not about going home, it’s about going further. Season two guest stars include Robert Knepper (Heroes, Prison Break) and Julie McNiven (Supernatural, Mad Men) for a multi-episode arc in which they portray members of the Lucian Alliance. Also, series star Robert Carlyle makes his directorial debut in episode 4, Pathogen. Robert Cooper and Brad Wright, of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, serve as executive producers and writers. SGU is produced and distributed by MGM Worldwide Television Distribution.

Stargate Universe – Is TJ Dead? Season 1 cliffhanger June 12, 2010

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Incursion Part 2 the Season 1 cliffhanger for Stargate Universe was a DUMB episode wasn’t it?

Why didn’t Young storm the gateroom? WTF?

Why would he surrender control? so Rush could MAYBE get it back? Just seems dumb.

And TJ dead? What’s up with that? Most likely she’s lost the baby – but hopefully she’ll be back for season 2.

No this isn’t as good a cliffhanger in some respects as the mid-season one when Rush was left behind — but he got back pretty easily didn’t he?

In this case — someone will die. that we know. What will also likely happen is the Lutians will stay on board the ship too, creating another dynamic.

But let’s all keep our fingers crossed that the Lutians find their way to putting poor Chloe out of her misery….for Eli’s sake.

Stargate Universe – Divided was one AWESOME episode. Military 1 Civillians 0 April 12, 2010

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Stargate Universe is a GREAT show. You need to look no further than this weeks episode Divided to see that.

Rush and the civilians try to take over the ship – but loose out to the military that take it right back.

Wasn’t it sweet to see Col Young just walk into the room where Rush was – after the mutiny? What drama!

Chloe is also clearly a beeatch choosing Rush over her sleeping buddy – not the right choice for her. And let’s hope Eli doesn’t fall for her either.

Somehow the crew will get along – or not – but it just adds to the dynamic aboard that makes this show so much fun to watch. Added to that is the ongoing power issue with Destiny itself. Eli and Rush will need to figure out how to get more power so they can have full shield and be able to return fire when next the super-Asgard attack.

Stargate Universe Renewed – Will be back for 20 episodes in Season 2 December 14, 2009

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The good folks at SyFy are so very much unlike the idiots that run Fox – aren’t they?

Today SyFy announced that Stargate Universe is being picked for a second season.

That’s good news.

No Stargate Universe is not the best iteration of Stargate – the first season so far has had an equal share of hits to misses – and it really does seem like Voyager meets 90210.

But it is evolving with each episode and it’s a show that despite some of our first negativity is actually starting to grow on us ..

That’s why a decent scifi show needs at least two – if not 3 or more seasons to mature.

Let’s just hope that Stargate Universe does mature beyond its pre-pubescent approach that we’ve seen so far..