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Stargate Universe SGU – Twin Destinies – Did Rush Kill Everyone? March 17, 2011

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Twin Destinies WAS another fine episode of SGU.

Yet another attempt by the crew to find a way to dial the 9th Chevron.

And YES Eli is the smartest man on that ship.

But what was up with Rush coming back from the future and still having the same ship in the same timeline?

Shouldn’t Destiny already have been destroyed in that timeline?

And how could there be two, Col Telfords? The timeline stuff just doesn’t make sense.

It was cool and weird how Col Telford got fried on the power conduit and overall, our team here at ShowMeSciFi.com really enjoyed this episode.

Is there a better SciFi show on TV today?

Stargate Universe SGU Deliverance Delivers – March 10, 2011

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Deliverance marks the midseason 2 debut of SGU and one of the final ten episode for this series that SyFy has so maliciously maligned by cancelling it pre-maturely.

This episode was nothing but end to end action…as the evil drone ships are outsmarted and then finally outrun…


What happened to Chloe? Why did the aliens ‘cure’ her?

makes no sense at all. sure we don’t like the Chloe character at all, but the plot here is just nonsense.

Rush’s transformation to being kindler and gentler is also odd, but an interesting development for sure.

Where does the Destiny go from here? What can be done in only 9 more episodes?