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StarBlazer – Space Battleship Yamato Live action coming to the big screen in Dec 2010 June 29, 2010

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We’re off to outer space.
We’re leaving Mother Earth.
To save the human race.
Our Star Blazers.

Remember that show? we sure do, it was one of our fav cartoons growing up.

Now after years of waiting its finally coming to the big screen, but only in Japan – and no this isn’t the Disney version that we were promised years ago.

Still the trailers and footage now avail (in Japanese) look AWESOME. No great footage on the wave motion gun yet, and no we don’t see the gamelons…but it’s StarBlazers people!

oohh and just in case you’ve forgotten what the original show looked like:

and oh yeah the WAVE MOTION GUN – sort of like the Death Star’s main weapon but ship based.

Matt Smith Plays the Doctor Who Theme June 28, 2010

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So not only is Matt Smith a decent actor…apparently he can also play the keyboard too.

David Beckham and Snoop Dog in Star Wars Cantina – HILARIOUS June 24, 2010

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Have you seen the new Adidas commercial where Snoop Dog and David Beckham are placed inside of the Mos Eisley Cantina?

It’s amazingly well done – totally seamless with the original footage. And amazing to see Walrus-man taken out – by someone other than Kenobi.

Futurama Season 6 – Starts Now! June 24, 2010

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FINALLY!! After a few decent direct to DVD movies and a hiatus away from TV..FUTURAMA IS BACK!! (thursday night at 10 ET on Comedy Central)

you can kiss Bender’s shiny behind if you want, he’s back!!

These shows will first air on Comedy Central but we expect that this will end up syndicated in other spots mighty quick…

Stargate’s Ronon Dex is CONAN The Barbarian. June 22, 2010

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Stargate Atlantis maybe gone, but we’re going to get to see Fan favorite Ronon Dex (played by actor Jason Momoa) back on screen soon.

Momoa has been cast as Conan in an upcoming remake of the movie that made Arnold Schwartzenegger famous.

What is best in Life Conan?

For Momoa, we’d venture that would be hunting down Wraith and living in Atlantis.

But as Conan, he’ll have Valeria and be fighting for the glory of Crom.

Iain M. Banks – The Player of Games – Azad falls to Culture June 21, 2010

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We’re relatively new fans of Iain M. Banks and his awesome Culture series (previously we’ve reviewed Consider Phlebas, , Use of Weapons,and Look to Windward).

Plainly put, The Player of Games is one of the best of the bunch, second only to Consider Phlebas.

This is such an extraordinary story, a clash of civilization, yes — but told through the lens of gameplay. The Culture’s greatest game player goes to the Empire of Azad to play Azad – the game that helps to run the Empire.

Beyond the great characters, the interesting Science (male, females and Apices — the Third Sex), Banks never ceases to disappoint with twist and turns and a final suprise that there is no way anyone could see coming.


The whole thing is a game within a game, within a game where everyone is really playing everyone else..but most of all the Culture’s Special Circumstances are running the show from all angles.

No we didn’t even think about the other drone till the end, so yes it was a surprise to us and an enjoyable one.

The many new and interesting ideas, behind gameplay itself and what it symbolizes in the book works on so many levels, but above all — this is a fun, entertaining and easily flowing read. No long drawn out overwritten sequences, just one amazing scene flowing into the next.

Star Wars Force Unleashed 2 – Secret Apprentice returns as a clone? June 17, 2010

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WTF? At the end of the The Force Unleashed – well it’s the end. There shouldn’t be a continuation right?

Apparently not…Is the ‘secret apprentice’ now a clone? ??

Tron Legacy – First Game Trailer – Tron Evolution June 17, 2010

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Remember the great Intellivision games that came out when Tron debuted?

They were specifically for the Intellivoice Module and they were awesome. This time around, we’re still months away from the movie and the games but we’ve got our first trailer…

Dynamite Kills Buck Rogers at issue #12 – Stalls shipping final issue June 17, 2010

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We’ve been a fan of Dynamite Entertainment’s Buck Roger revival since the very first issue….actually no we weren’t.

But the series did grow on us and we have looked forward to each new issue to see which way the plot would go.

The last issue we reviewed — #11 – Buck takes on the man on the moon. In issue #10 Buck fights a dude that looks like Hawkman. In #9 he fights the airlords of Han.

In issue #8, Buck loses his ship — again but this time to a nuclear blast underneath the Earth.

Now we find out that issue #12 is the last issue.


This comic has more room, more potential and it’s just now hitting its stride. We still don’t know so much about Buck’s past and there is more to see in his future.

But the geniuses that run Dynamite Entertainment apparently think this comic has no legs..so they cut Buck off at the knees.

It was a fun run while it lasted…

But where is this final issue?


It was supposed to be out on May 26th but never actually shipped. So to add insult to injury, Buck Rogers is canceled by Dynamite and then they shaft the fans by not shipping the final issue (yet? or ever???)

Superman of the Batman Beyond Future Driven from Metropolis in Superman Batman Annual #4 June 15, 2010

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Surprisingly SUPERMAN/BATMAN ANNUAL #4 is a very good comic.

We get a glimpse of a future Metropolis and Superman, that we rarely see…one that has been beaten by both time and Luthor.

Luthor is the mayor-for-life of Metropolis and he’s feeding the people of the city with trace amounts of kyrptonite so Kal-El can barely even set foot in his own adopted city.

On the other side is the future Batman Beyond – Terry McGinnis – still a bit unsure of himself and in need of Bruce Wayne’s help.

Yeaaah it’s a little odd in a few parts where McGinnis goes under-cover, and Luthor spots him..and then McGinnis somehow quickly ‘transforms’ into Batman…that slight mis-queue notwithstanding…this was a fun and entertaining standalone story.

It’s always great to see the FUTURE of Superman and this is one future where the man of steel is more like rusted steel, but hey still workin on saving the day…

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Star Wars The Old Republic – The Battle of Alderaan June 14, 2010

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Grand Moff Tarkin wasn’t the first Sith lackey to take aim at Alderaan, though he was the last.

Apparently the Sith fought the Republic for a Battle of Alderaan in the Old Republic era too and now there is an INCREDIBLY AWESOME cinematic trailer out – for the Old Republic MMO – highlighting the Hope of that battle.

In it there is a Jedi – that somehow is able to stop a Sith lightsaber with her bare hands — how I don’t know, but it’s wickedly cool.

Battlestar Galactica MMO will be browser based June 14, 2010

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Massively Multiplayer online games all require some kind of PC based installation media right?

NOT ANYMORE – the upcoming Battlestar Galactica MMO will be browser based leveraging the Unity engine which uses the open source Mono project for some online .NET goodness.

A browser based game is an amazing feat – it means that it will be more accessible than any other comparable MMO – AND might well be able to bridge the Linux/Windows/Mac gap and run everywhere.

“We are very excited to demonstrate to our friends in the media attending E3 Expo that Bigpoint and our partners at NBCU and Syfy are intent on creating a compelling gameplay experience that is available to anyone with a browser worldwide without a huge download,” explains Heiko Hubertz, CEO and founder of Bigpoint in a statement. “Battlestar Galactica Online will be an accessible, story-driven experience that will be executed to the highest level of quality for the browser-based platform. It’s our most ambitious project ever and we want fans of the show to know that we are committed to delivering.

As for the game itself – trailers always look awesome – so whether this game is any good remains to be seen.

Serenity – Float Out – Isn’t the send-off Wash deserves June 14, 2010

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We love Serenity/Firefly here as much as anyone — and sure Wash has always been one of our favs too.

Which is why we thought that Serentiy Float Out – mostly sucked.

Previous Dark Horse Serenity comics have been awesome – but not this one.

Context is lacking from the very beginning so we don’t really know what’s going on, the artwork is weak and oh yeah….

There isn’t a whole lot of Wash is there?

The only redeeming quality is the final page…

Apparently Wash will be a Daddy (posthumously.)

This post first appeared on our sister site: showmescificomics.com

Stargate Universe – Is TJ Dead? Season 1 cliffhanger June 12, 2010

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Incursion Part 2 the Season 1 cliffhanger for Stargate Universe was a DUMB episode wasn’t it?

Why didn’t Young storm the gateroom? WTF?

Why would he surrender control? so Rush could MAYBE get it back? Just seems dumb.

And TJ dead? What’s up with that? Most likely she’s lost the baby – but hopefully she’ll be back for season 2.

No this isn’t as good a cliffhanger in some respects as the mid-season one when Rush was left behind — but he got back pretty easily didn’t he?

In this case — someone will die. that we know. What will also likely happen is the Lutians will stay on board the ship too, creating another dynamic.

But let’s all keep our fingers crossed that the Lutians find their way to putting poor Chloe out of her misery….for Eli’s sake.

Doctor Who – Amy’s Choice was Really the Doctor’s Choice Wasn’t it? June 9, 2010

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Amy’s Choice was yet another solid episode in an unbroken stream of brilliant episodes so far with Matt Smith as the new Doctor.

What’s real and what’s not?

Obviously the Tardis had to be real right? How could the future – with Amy preggers living in a quiet town – be real?

The bad guy had to be the Master right?

Man were we wrong – and what an interesting twist. Both scenarios were the dream!! We didn’t see that coming at all. Amy didn’t really make the choice, the psychic beads made the choice for them all.

No companion ever really ends up with the Doctor — that’s just not the way the dude from Galyfrey rolls…

Star Wars Legacy #48 – Darth Krayt Returns from the Dead!!! June 8, 2010

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So much action and plot in this issue, it’s nearly impossible to think of anything to say other than..


Cade is one serious Sith hunting machine now – he is the ultimate sith/jedi hybrid and we doubt there is any force in the universe that can stop him now.

The princess FINALLY makes her return appearance (she has been so underutilized in this series..)

And the biggest surprise on the last page of this issue…the man that created the new Sith isn’t dead after all…then again did anyone of us really think he wouldn’t return??

Star Wars Invasion Rescues #1 – taking the fight to the Vong June 8, 2010

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We didn’t care all that much for Star Wars Invasion when it first came out.

So now Dark Horse has come  back with this series – renumbering it to #1 – should be #5…but it’s actually…


We’ve got some kick but females in command of a Vong cruiser causing havok.

We’ve got a traitor waiting to be discovered..and we’ve got a Jedi in training that doesn’t listen to Luke and Luke doesn’t mind that much.

It all makes for good fun, a decent read and solid artwork to match.

Doctor Who Vampires of Venice are Fish Aliens June 8, 2010

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The Vampires of Venice was an interesting ‘concept’ episode.

First off we’ve got the Doctor bringing Ms. Pond’s future husband back from his own time for a special date — wearing the shirt from his own stag party – nice.

But then they end up investigating Vampires that aren’t really vampires but really — YET AGAIN — displaced Aliens that have sought refuge on Earth.

Only a few surprises here – somehow we thought that the Doctor would save Isabella (the shipmakers daughter) – it was SHOCKING that he didn’t. It was SHOCKING that she died..really!? Isn’t the Doctor supposed to save everyone? since when do good people die in Doctor Who?

Doctor Who City of the Daleks – Adventure Game – for Free! June 4, 2010

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Gotta hand it to the BBC – they’ve got a real winner with Matt Smith and the new Doctor Who.

They’re now taking the great new Doctor and the lovely Ms. Pond to the next level though with a series of free downloadable adventure games.

The first one looks like great fun  too..

Sir Patrick Stewart Knighted – Make It So Queen Elizabeth! June 4, 2010

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Jean-Luc Picard,

Prof X – or just plain Patrick Stewart, the man is a living legend and now he’s been Knighted by the Queen of the England.

Congrats Sir Patrick!

How many other great SciFi actors have been knighted?

Well we know of Sir Alec Guiness (Ben Kenobi) of course…but beyond that the list gets a little sparse…Doctor Who’s Tom Baker hasn’t been knighted yet has he?