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Dark Knight Rises -is this the movie version of Dark Knight Returns? July 18, 2011

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Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns is our fav caped crusader tale of all time (with Killing Joke a close second). It’s a future era of Batman (not quite the ultra futuristic Batman Beyond) but a cool Batman that is old and (dead) tired.

The first real trailer for Batman Rises looks like it is borrowing from that epic tail as Batman in the future faces his final test and the Dark Knight Returns for one last (mega million dollar) movie.

Superman of the Batman Beyond Future Driven from Metropolis in Superman Batman Annual #4 June 15, 2010

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Surprisingly SUPERMAN/BATMAN ANNUAL #4 is a very good comic.

We get a glimpse of a future Metropolis and Superman, that we rarely see…one that has been beaten by both time and Luthor.

Luthor is the mayor-for-life of Metropolis and he’s feeding the people of the city with trace amounts of kyrptonite so Kal-El can barely even set foot in his own adopted city.

On the other side is the future Batman Beyond – Terry McGinnis – still a bit unsure of himself and in need of Bruce Wayne’s help.

Yeaaah it’s a little odd in a few parts where McGinnis goes under-cover, and Luthor spots him..and then McGinnis somehow quickly ‘transforms’ into Batman…that slight mis-queue notwithstanding…this was a fun and entertaining standalone story.

It’s always great to see the FUTURE of Superman and this is one future where the man of steel is more like rusted steel, but hey still workin on saving the day…

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Batman Year 100 – Is Batman Immortal? January 20, 2009

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batmany100 The year is 2039 and Batman is a fugitive from the law in a time when the law is corrupt.

Batman Year 100 has art that isn’t quite what we normally like – it’s twisted and maformed in a very unapealing way but once we got into the story, the art really started to work.

Is Batman 100+ years old? hard to tell if its the exact same guy, that issue is never really addressed. The suit and the moral compass is the same though. The Gotham of 2039 is a different place, one where technology rules supreme and there is not privacy but somehow Batman is private and an enigma.

This is a classic Batman tale and one that now ranks among our favorite ever. No there is no super-villian – this is just a story about a world in which super-heroes should not exist and yet…there he is.