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Battlestar Galactica Season 5 episode 3 – The Oath January 31, 2009

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Third episode of what we think should be Season 5 (SciFi calls it Season 4 episode 13) was one awesome episode.

Called the Oath – clearly both sides think they’re upholding their Oath to the Colonial Fleet. The dept of Felix Gaeta’s mutiny is astounding he’s got the majority of Galactica (but not his boyfriend?!) on board.

Sure he didn’t shoot Adama, but Gaeta is a nice guy — or at least he was until he ordered the outgoing Raptor destroyed.

The Oath
Someone is gonna die there, will it be the Raptor team? or will it Be Tight? Or will Admiral Adama be toasted???

My bet is the raptor with all hands lost.

It’s sad that after everything that’s happened humans are turning against humans again. Innocent people are getting killed and all for what? Just because they don’t trust the Cylons?? That is a big issue and hey if i was on Galactica, personally I’d probably side with Gaeta too.

After the setup of the last episode – this episode is only part of the payoff.. i suspect that this mutiny will carry us forward right till the final episode.

Watch The Oath

Fringe – The Comic Book? January 29, 2009

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Regular ShowMeSciFi.com readers know we’re big fans of Fringe here – apparently there is now a comic book out too!

It’s a prequel of sorts digging into the early work that Walter did prior to him going nuts. Apparently it’s a licensed tie-in and will reveal some secrets that also tie-in with the founding of massive dynamics by William Bell.

In an interview with CBR writer Mike Johnson said:

Walter is an interesting character to write because in the “Fringe” comic stories, he’s a “different guy” than the one we see on the show. “He’s young, he’s just starting his career, and most importantly he’s not crazy,” offered Johnson. “At least not in the conventional way, but we put hints in there that all will not end up well in his world.

Sounds neat, but wouldn’t this also be great as a direct to DVD or made for TV prequel?

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #37–Prophet Motive part 2 (of 2) January 28, 2009

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The double double cross is in!!

Great issue seeing Gryph doing what he does best – namely swindle others – including swindlers!!

The only problem we had with this issue is how the heck did Jarael escape the negotiation room?

Is she Force-sensitive somehow?

When did that happen?

Oh what’s the deal with Zayne is he still a ‘Jedi’ or not? Guess we’ll find out….

Fringe – No Brainer January 27, 2009

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Can a computer program liquify your brain?

On Fringe it can!

Neat concept and another solid episode…not sure how that first into the pattern…other than perhaps Mr. Dempsey has sold the program to someone connected to the pattern.

The parallel plot with Walter meeting the mother of his dead lab assistant was a nice touch too.

And what’s going on between Olivia’s sister and Peter? Looked like some sexual tension to me…only a matter of time till the two of them hook up.

V Remake Gets Green Light January 27, 2009

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As we reported back in October – a remake is in the works for the 80’s scifi classic – V (V is for victory!!).

Variety is now reporting that ABC has picked up the pilot – which is not being written by Original V writer-producer-director Kenneth Johnson.

Still makes no sense to me. Why not just use Johnson and his
V: The Second Generation
take…but hey guess that’s why the pay the studio guyz the big bucks

Star Wars: Coruscant Nights III Patterns of Force out Today! January 27, 2009

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patternsoftheforceThe final book in the Coruscant Nights trilogy is out today (no don’t have a copy yet but should get mine at lunch). We really enjoyed the first book in this series – Jedi Twilight and the second book – Street of Shadows – was solid too.

Now with book three it should all come full circle and we’ll find out the fate of Jax and his crew. Jax is really the true hero and chief protagonist of this series and he’s a likeable character – let’s hope he doesn’t get killed off.

Wild Space : Star Wars Clone Wars- REVIEW January 26, 2009

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wildspace Star Wars Clone Wars Wild Space by Karen Miller is a great book.

It fits into the new Star Wars Clone Wars canon with the animated series (complete with Ashoka). It fits in between Clone Wars Episode 6 and 7 where R2 is lost.

This book isn’t about R2, it’s not about Anakin and though the cover has Clones on it – is not about clones either.

This book is about the Dark Side.

It’s about Obi-Wan Kenobi in one of the personal tales I’ve ever read of his on a trip to a dark Sith world with Senator Bail Organa tagging along.

What makes this book even more interesting is the view into Palpatine as well. There are a few fantastic sections in this book where Palpatine is talking with Yoda but the narrator/author show us his true internal thoughts — and no he doesn’t like Yoda much (Palpatine that is).

There are also great sections with Padme Amidala too and her own internalization during conversations with Obi-Wan and Yoda. In fact this story (at the beginning) does fit in nicely in between the battle of Geonosis and Padmes wedding to Anakin at the end of Episode II.

Overall The writing is smooth and makes for an easy and very enjoyable read. This is easily the best Star Wars book we’ve read so far in 2009 (year is young though) but Miller has done an excellent job here of bringing us even closer to characters we already know in a new and unique way.

Battlestar Galactica Season 5 Episode 2 – Gaeta’s Mutiny January 24, 2009

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Second episode of what we’re calling Season 5 (scifi channel is calling it season 4 episode 11) – and we’ve got the making of (yet another) full scale human mutiny.

We’ve had human mutiny before in this show – but this time will be a little different.

Now we’ve got Cylon’s fighting Cylons, Humans fighting humans and you need a score card to figure who is one what side.

And what’s the deal with Calli and Tyrol’s baby?!!! woops sorry Chief you’re not the dad! Hot Dog is the dad and calli was a slut – too bad for you.

What happened to Baltar!!! For the first few seasons he was one of our favorite characters – now he just plain sucks. He doesn’t have visions of Six anymore (and she doesn’t have visions of him) he doesn’t even talk to six. That’s just stoopid and negates three plus years of plot development.

One thing is for sure though – with the (yet another) mutiny on tap we’re in for a whole lot more action in the final 8 episodes of Battlestar Galactica. No doubt Ellen Tigh will be pissed too when she comes back to find Saul with Six and a new cylon baby.

*If you missed the episode live Amazon has it up now on demand –  A Disquiet Follows My Soul

Star Trek XI Toys Coming April 19th January 23, 2009

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startrekxienterprise The new lineup of Playmates Star Trek XI toys are set to be out on April 19, 2008 – just in time for the movie.

There will be a new ship, bridge playset and transporter playset as well as the usual gambit of action figures.

Entertainment Earth has pre-order out for this stuff already including:
Star Trek Movie Enterprise Vehicle for $30

Star Trek The Last Generation issue#3 Wesley Crusher is a Jerk! January 23, 2009

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Yeaah! We all know that Wesley Crusher was a weenie in The Next Generation and he is one in the alternate reality too.

In this issue he gets a Mohawk and thinks he’s smarter than Picard – dumb a$$!!

That aside, we really enjoyed the first two issues of this series , but this issue start a path that I’m not sure we like.

In order to rid the Earth of the Klingons, Picard wants to travel pack in time to prevent the assassination of the Federation president. Sounds fair enough – the only problem is that the going back in time thing is so overdone in Star Trek. Is that the only way to fix things?

Seems a little lame. Wouldn’t it be great if they could actually just beat the Klingons?

Battlestar Galactica Check Scam January 22, 2009

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Apparently scammers don’t know Battlestar Galactica…

Awesomely funny post over on SciFi.com detailing how a dude (a BSG fan) posted an ad on Craigslist for an item he was selling. He was asking for a certain amount, but got responses from a few scammers who ended up sending a lot more. The scam being that the dude would cash the check and send the difference back to the scammers (before the check is invalidated).

Trick is the dude asked for the payments to be made in the name of Battlestar Galactica characters – too much!!

Read the full post over on SciFi

New Krypton #10 Action Comics #873 – What now? January 22, 2009

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So here we are after 10 issue, the end of New Krypton.

But it’s not really the end is it? Though officially this is the end of the New Krypton story arc – New Krypton itself has only just been born.

Now instead of being in a bottle or stuck up in the arctic Kandor is it’s own world.

We never do find out what General Lane had in mind or what Lex Luthor was doing or even what’s going with Braniac.

So many unanswered questions – that could have been answered in the 10 issues of this series. This was the first time we’ve bought Superman titles in 20 years or more – it brought us in but now we’re disappointed.

If this had been a cleaner arc with a cleaner ending – sure there could be strings – but that would have been much more satisfying. As it is, sure this was a fun series, but we still feel somehow cheated.

Will we keep buying Superman titles? Probably not. Then again, we do want to find out what happens next and no doubt there is a lot more that will happen next.

Ghostbusters The Other Side #4 – So that’s how it ends?! January 21, 2009

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The final issue of the Ghostbusters : The Other Side series is out ..and we don’t like it (much).

The first couple of issues were ok but the big question we had was how are the Ghostbusters going to make it back to the land of the living?

This issue answers that in the lamest possible way – and in a way that makes the rest of this series a waste of time.

They find a rift and walk through – woohoo. How does that work? Doesn’t make sense.

Fringe – Bound. This is one great show January 20, 2009

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Tonight’s episode was awesome wasn’t it?

Olivia escapes her captors with nothing more than a glass of water, kill a fellow agent’s wife and somehow figures how everything fits together.

Sure this show can be a little weird – but it does make sense in the end. Without a doubt Agent Dunham is the key character in this show and she’s one tough cookie.

Batman Year 100 – Is Batman Immortal? January 20, 2009

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batmany100 The year is 2039 and Batman is a fugitive from the law in a time when the law is corrupt.

Batman Year 100 has art that isn’t quite what we normally like – it’s twisted and maformed in a very unapealing way but once we got into the story, the art really started to work.

Is Batman 100+ years old? hard to tell if its the exact same guy, that issue is never really addressed. The suit and the moral compass is the same though. The Gotham of 2039 is a different place, one where technology rules supreme and there is not privacy but somehow Batman is private and an enigma.

This is a classic Batman tale and one that now ranks among our favorite ever. No there is no super-villian – this is just a story about a world in which super-heroes should not exist and yet…there he is.

Michelle Ryan (Bionic Woman) – the Next Doctor Who companion? January 19, 2009

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Michelle Ryan – most famous in America as the lead in the disastrous Bionic Woman series is set to become the next Doctor Who companion.

Ryan, 24, will star with previously little-known actor Matt Smith, 26, who was announced as the 11th and youngest Time Lord earlier this month.

A great move by the BBC – certainly something that will generate some excitement in the show. And without a doubt this will be the youngest Doctor Who combo ever.

Battlestar Galactica Dee (Dualla) Not Happy She’s Dead January 19, 2009

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Anastasia “Dee” Dualla (Kandyse McClure) is not happy that she got carted off Battlestar Galactica in a body bag.

She didn’t get an invite to the wrap party for the show either and the producers weren’t exactly as up front with her as they could have been when they told her that she was toast.

McClure (Dee) has a great answer that she gave to SciFi wire:

How and when did you know what was in store for Dee?

McClure: Ummmm, how do I be politically correct about this? They didn’t quite … I got a first inkling when there were contract renegotiations, and there were only 13 [episodes] on the table. So I got kind of a clue then, because I was sure there’d be more than 13 episodes in the last season. And even then it was a bit vague. [Later,] I read the script in the hair and makeup trailer, and then very soon afterward I got a call from [executive producer] Ron Moore. He said lovely things. “This is the final season, and we’re bringing a lot of storylines to their close,” and this was part of a bigger plan they had for where the storyline was going. They said they’d enjoyed my work and it had nothing to do with that.

Night Train to Rigel – By Timothy Zahn – What a ride! January 19, 2009

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rigel We’ve been fans of Timothy Zahn – mostly due to his extraordinary Star Wars books. So why not take a look at some of his other (non-Star Wars work).

Night Train to Rigel is an intricately woven tale of conspiracy within conspiracy within yet another conspiracy. You think you’ve got it figured out – but then Zahn throws out another twist.


The basic story is that there is a network of trains called the Quadrail that spans the Galaxy. The Quadrail is run by the Spiders who keep to themselves and no one knows who they really are or how the Quadrail works – Compton figures it all out.

The story is written as a first person narrative, but our narrator (Frank Compton) doesn’t clue us in on everything right away. At first it was  a little annoying that Compton is holding out on us, and we went back several times to re-read sections to see if we missed something. But the final paragraph of this book makes up for it all – just a brilliant conclusion.

Highly enjoyable overall.

Star Wars Clone Wars S01E13 – Jedi Crash January 18, 2009

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This was an ok episode – The big thing is the first speaking role for Aayla Secura ever in a live action Star Wars show/movie.

Aayla Secura was first made famous in Dark Horse Comics as the padawan of Quinlan Vos – (btw HOPE we see Master Vos in this series)!

Everyone apparently needs an accent in this show – so Secura had a – what was that a French accent?

Anyways great to see her finally have a voice.

As for the episode itself – harmless enough and basic enough. The Jedi crash land on a planet and need help. Nothing too exciting but a nice coming out party for Secura.

Battlestar Galactica Season 5 Episode 1 – Dee is Dead. Ellen Tigh is the Fifth January 17, 2009

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First new episode since June of 2008 and it was FRAKIN awesome –

Technically season 4 episode 11 (but after six months off gimme a break it’s Season  5 episode 1).

We did not see Dee’s death – that was soo sudden.

We’ve been saying for the past two years that Starbuck is a Cylon. So now we’ll say it again – Starbuck is a Cylon – isn’t she?

But what’s the deal with the rest of Earth?

Were they all really Cylons? Is Ellen Tigh really the fifth? It makes no sense.

The Cylons claimed they tested all the recovered bones on Earth and they all came up Cylon – does that mean that Earth was itself a planet full of cylons and there are actually Billions of Cylon models?