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Star Trek Captains Log Sulu leads a great week Jan 13th for comics January 13, 2010

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Every Wednesday new comic books ship to stores across North America.

While there are a lot of interesting books for Scifi fans, our sister site – ShowMeSciFiComics.com – has a weekly list looking at the ones that fans are likely to graviate towards.

This week there is a new Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic trade paperback, a Farscape comic, new Doctor Who, new Battlestar Galactica 1980 and oh yeah the debut of STAR TREK CAPTAINS LOG SULU #1 – which gives us a Captain Sulu of the USS Excelsior tale.

Check out the full week in SciFi comics preview here.

Star Trek: The Next Generation The Last Generation #5. WOW. April 2, 2009

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The final issue of Star Trek The Next Generation The Last generation was one for the ages.

The cover art – wow – straight from Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country – which of course makes sense since this whole series was a what if the Klingons hadn’t made peace with the Federation.

Ultimately it was a time cop gone bad who fingered the Federation for everything that was wrong in the universe – so it had to be destroyed.

This series had a marvelous set of character – evil Regent Worf – Troi the spy, Sulu the Grey Wolf, Wesley the jerk and of course Picard the rebel.

If you missed this at  your local comic book retailer – don’t worry the trade paperback is out in July (Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Last Generation (Star Trek the Next Generation))

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Last Generation #4 The end of Deanna Troi March 4, 2009

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What a magnificently awesome issue!!! The first three were great but this one just adds a new layer…

Evil Worf has Deanna as his mistress who is in fact a spy for the rebellion – then she gets kills by Worf…wow

Sulu dies taking out Worf..then Picard takes command of Excelsior …what drama!!!

IF ANY STAR TREK MOVIE WAS AS GOOD AS THIS COMIC BOOK SERIES…we’d have best SciFi movie ever…instead of the garbage Star Trek that J J Abrams is about to pollute us with…

Star Trek The Last Generation issue#3 Wesley Crusher is a Jerk! January 23, 2009

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Yeaah! We all know that Wesley Crusher was a weenie in The Next Generation and he is one in the alternate reality too.

In this issue he gets a Mohawk and thinks he’s smarter than Picard – dumb a$$!!

That aside, we really enjoyed the first two issues of this series , but this issue start a path that I’m not sure we like.

In order to rid the Earth of the Klingons, Picard wants to travel pack in time to prevent the assassination of the Federation president. Sounds fair enough – the only problem is that the going back in time thing is so overdone in Star Trek. Is that the only way to fix things?

Seems a little lame. Wouldn’t it be great if they could actually just beat the Klingons?

Star Trek: The Last Generation January 7, 2009

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To be honest – we’re not usually big fans of IDW’s Star Trek comics – that changes with Star Trek : The Last Generation.

We’ve now read the first two issues and the one word review is :


It’s a Myriad Universe tale – a What If Kirk had been unsuccessful in Star Trek IV from preventing the assassination of the Federation president – basically it means the Klingons take over Earth.

The Next Gen crew are the rebellion – Worf is the gov of Earth and Sulu and the starship Excelsior is the last Federation ship left.

It’s sort of like the ‘Yesterday’s Enterprise’ episode of Next Generation – only better in some ways. Guinan again knows that something is wrong with the timeline but this time around she’s romantically involved with Picard!

The art is solid – the characters are true and the plot is fantastic overall.

Shatner Lashes Out at His Helmsman George Takei October 23, 2008

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J J Abrams isn’t the only one snubbing Bill Shatner. George “Sulu” Takei also recently snubbed Takei by apparently not inviting him to his recent wedding.

Star Trek Excelsior : Forged in Fire (Review) May 10, 2008

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Without a doubt Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels are two of the finest Star Trek authors on Earth.

Forged in Fire is a well written book that starts in the future then jumps back to the past and ends back in the future. It’s a nice lifecycle that works.

The story of how Sulu gets command of the Excelsior is great. The story of the great Curzon Dax…aaaaaaaah it’s ok…but considering how much Jadzia Dax in DS9 played up Curzon I actually expected more of Curzon.

That said, this was a solid page turning epic ‘klingon-hunt’ that captured my imagination the whole time I was reading it. Not so much that there are any incredible plot twists persay, it’s just a solid pursuit kind of story with our ‘heros’ in pursuit of the albino Klingon.

The only problem I have with this book – is  the ending…though it is ‘touching’…it’s not complete. For those that haven’t read it I don’t want to offer up a spoiler here. It’s tough to say the ending is disappointing since its such a solid book, but let’s just say the ending didn’t fullfill my own vicarious Klingon sense of honor.

But hey, let’s hope that these fine authors will continue the Excelsior series..and let’s hope that we’ll see more Curzon Dax stories too. It’s an interesting time in the Star Trek timeline and one that really has barely been explored in fiction.

Ahead Warp Factor 10 in Captain Sulu’s Excelsior November 2, 2007

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One of the rarest ships in the Star Trek Playmates fleet is the USS Excelsior…one of these rare beauties is not up for auction on ebay.
Check out the Excelsior yourself

Star Trek XI Sulu Goes To White Castle October 12, 2007

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Mr. Sulu engage Warp factor 5 – we’re going to White Castle!

John Cho, star of cult movie favorite “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle has now been signed up to play Sulu in Star Trek XI.

 I think this is great news – George Takei is no comedian but getting a bit of a comic edge in the younger Sulu is a great thing….you never know where a wayward NCC-1701 could end up…