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Star Trek Typhon Pact : Seize the Fire -AKA – Everything you ever wanted to know about the Gorn, but were afraid to ask January 3, 2011

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Star Trek: Typhon Pact #2: Seize the Fire is technically speaking a Typhon Pact book – but really it’s mostly about our favorite starship – the Luna class – Titan – commanded by the mammal known as Captain Riker.

Seize the Fire benefits from the skilled hand of author Michael Martin who understands better than most how to craft true Star Trek tales.

From beginning to the end, this was one of the best Star Trek novels we’ve read all year with some twists, and a consistent sense of urgency and drama that made this book impossible to put down.

We’ve never really cared much for the Gorn, but this book will change that – we know have new insight into their cast system and their sense of honor and obligation to the ‘legal casters’.

The mystery of the Brama-Shiva artifact is also not yet done – and likely will re-emerge in another Titan tale, just like White-Blue – from the last Titan book – Star Trek Titan Synthesis – made a return in this book.

Not a whole lot of advancement in the Typhon Pact storyline though – at the end a Typhon Pact fleet is racing in … it’ll be interesting to see how this book ties into the great whole…

Star Trek Excelsior : Forged in Fire (Review) May 10, 2008

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Without a doubt Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels are two of the finest Star Trek authors on Earth.

Forged in Fire is a well written book that starts in the future then jumps back to the past and ends back in the future. It’s a nice lifecycle that works.

The story of how Sulu gets command of the Excelsior is great. The story of the great Curzon Dax…aaaaaaaah it’s ok…but considering how much Jadzia Dax in DS9 played up Curzon I actually expected more of Curzon.

That said, this was a solid page turning epic ‘klingon-hunt’ that captured my imagination the whole time I was reading it. Not so much that there are any incredible plot twists persay, it’s just a solid pursuit kind of story with our ‘heros’ in pursuit of the albino Klingon.

The only problem I have with this book – is  the ending…though it is ‘touching’…it’s not complete. For those that haven’t read it I don’t want to offer up a spoiler here. It’s tough to say the ending is disappointing since its such a solid book, but let’s just say the ending didn’t fullfill my own vicarious Klingon sense of honor.

But hey, let’s hope that these fine authors will continue the Excelsior series..and let’s hope that we’ll see more Curzon Dax stories too. It’s an interesting time in the Star Trek timeline and one that really has barely been explored in fiction.