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Star Trek Typhon Pact : Seize the Fire -AKA – Everything you ever wanted to know about the Gorn, but were afraid to ask January 3, 2011

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Star Trek: Typhon Pact #2: Seize the Fire is technically speaking a Typhon Pact book – but really it’s mostly about our favorite starship – the Luna class – Titan – commanded by the mammal known as Captain Riker.

Seize the Fire benefits from the skilled hand of author Michael Martin who understands better than most how to craft true Star Trek tales.

From beginning to the end, this was one of the best Star Trek novels we’ve read all year with some twists, and a consistent sense of urgency and drama that made this book impossible to put down.

We’ve never really cared much for the Gorn, but this book will change that – we know have new insight into their cast system and their sense of honor and obligation to the ‘legal casters’.

The mystery of the Brama-Shiva artifact is also not yet done – and likely will re-emerge in another Titan tale, just like White-Blue – from the last Titan book – Star Trek Titan Synthesis – made a return in this book.

Not a whole lot of advancement in the Typhon Pact storyline though – at the end a Typhon Pact fleet is racing in … it’ll be interesting to see how this book ties into the great whole…

Star Trek Titan: Synthesis – The ship is alive! Minouet is Back! December 7, 2009

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The easy review first. Star Trek: Titan: Synthesis is the best Star Trek Titan book yet.

The basic premise is that the ship itself, becomes sentient and takes the holo-avatar form of Minuet (the girl from on ST;TNG episode).

But beyond the ship’s sentience which was cool – was the whole new machine species – the sentries – which form the core plotline of the book.

We’ve seen machine cultures before, that’s not new. But the evolution of first and second gen – is quite interesting and Titan as a third gen ..nice.

The overall flow, characters and plot of this book are near flawless making this a fantastic page-turning read.

The only part that we didn’t particularly care for was how Titan – as a data stream – somehow magically closed the rift and kills the Null – it kinda/sorta makes sense– we want it to make sense, but COME ON it’s a bit of a stretch…

But considering how well written and enjoyable this book is overall, it’s a small thing..

Star Trek Titan Over a Torrent Sea : Welcome Tasha Riker-Troi April 4, 2009

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51b4vf1ybjl_sl110_ Star Trek Titan Over a Torrent Sea continues the story of Captain Riker’s ship in the post Borg/Destiny era.

Long story short is they find a water world and make a first contact. It’s a well written story but it sure does drag on in the middle section for a long period of time.

There are some interesting sections for sure — notably the birth of Riker and Troi’s child – named Tasha – after Tasha Yaar –

and yes the sexual tension between Riker and the nympho from Pacifica was also kinda neat and something that had been building in the previous Titan books too.

This book was head and shoulders better than the last Titan book which was barely readable but still not as good as any of the first three Titan books (Taking Wing, The Red King and Orion’s Hounds )

Star Trek : Lt. Crusher of the Starship Titan? January 14, 2008

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Yup. Wil Wheaton (yeah the little twerp who grew up on the Enterprise in Star Trek:TNG) is coming back to the Star Trek universe.

Wheaton has confirmed that he has shot a four minute segment where he is the Assistant Chief Engineer of the USS Titan.  Apparently the 4 minute spot is just for the Star Trek Tour event but hey you never know.

Star Trek Titan started out as a masterful series – thought the last book was awful. Perhaps with Crusher on board as well as Riker and Troi – Titan will again be an interesting Star Trek spinoff.

Star Trek Titan : The Sword of Damocles (review) December 26, 2007

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If you think it’s been awhile since you’ve since a Star Trek Titan book review on ShowMeSciFi.com you’d be right. The last time a new Star Trek Titan book came out was late 2005. We reviewed the three previous Star Trek Titan books (Taking Wing, The Red King and Orion’s Hounds ) in 2006.

This latest book, the fourth in the series was one we had been waiting for,  for some time…Titan is the series that chronicles the continuing adventures of Captain Wil Riker and his Luna class star ship Titan on deep space exploration missions. The crew is mostly non-human which makes for a real interesting mix.

Unfortunately The Sword of Damocles isn’t a good book at all as it doesn’t take advantage of the Titan or her diverse crew (including Riker) well at all. Much of the book is focussed on one character a Bajoran and an poorly constructed time paradox plot.

While time related stories are often difficult to navigate, the publisher has made this one infinately more difficult to navigate by not properly indicating scene changes/time changes as chapter or section headings. It’s a publishing 101 issue and it significantly detracts from this work.

The author – Geoffrey Thorne is likely the worst Star Trek author we have ever read as he makes little sense and does little to connect with the Titan canon that has been developing over the course of the previous four books.

Of the four books thus far, this one was by far and away the worst of the bunch and one of the least readable Star Trek books we’ve seen in years.

Titan is a valuable and excellent concept. We can only hope that the power that be get their act together and publish this title more often and with better authors.