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Star Trek Titan Over a Torrent Sea : Welcome Tasha Riker-Troi April 4, 2009

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51b4vf1ybjl_sl110_ Star Trek Titan Over a Torrent Sea continues the story of Captain Riker’s ship in the post Borg/Destiny era.

Long story short is they find a water world and make a first contact. It’s a well written story but it sure does drag on in the middle section for a long period of time.

There are some interesting sections for sure — notably the birth of Riker and Troi’s child – named Tasha – after Tasha Yaar –

and yes the sexual tension between Riker and the nympho from Pacifica was also kinda neat and something that had been building in the previous Titan books too.

This book was head and shoulders better than the last Titan book which was barely readable but still not as good as any of the first three Titan books (Taking Wing, The Red King and Orion’s Hounds )


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