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Star Trek New Frontier #4 July 15, 2008

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Now this is starting to get interesting….
we know see who is really behind the missing Paradox ship …it’s all a meta-verse plot!!

When push comes to shove in the Star Trek canon, reverting to the Mirror (mirror mirror anyone?) is a time honored tradition – sure it’s an easy way out but come on..who doesn’t like the mirror universe?

In our view this issue was superior to Issue #3 that we reviewed last month, in ooooh so many ways…but then again sometime you need to go on a journey to get a destination.

The only real outstanding stuff that still makes no sense is the whole Tholian angle which is poorly included in this issue – and series – overall.

Still with one issue to go, we’re not firmly on board the New Frontier express and frankly we’re excited to get the final issue – #5!


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