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Star Trek New Frontier #5 August 10, 2008

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This is it  – the final issue!

It’s entirely predictable and really isn’t a solid ending to this story which overall showed hints of greatness but never really matured.

We learned in issue #4 that there was a parallel universe thing going on and all this issue did was take that revelation to its logical conclusion — back through the rift that they came from.

Sure they destroyed the Paradox..but who didn’t see that coming?

When we first picked up this series at Issue #1 we had our doubts but were still hopeful…unfortunately that hope in this series was a little misplaced.

In general ShowMeSciFi.com has not reviewed Star Trek comics (from IDW) and it would seem unlikely after this disappointing series that we ever will again..but hey you never know and the over-rated Peter David is no doubt to blame for this epic failure.

Star Trek New Frontier #4 July 15, 2008

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Now this is starting to get interesting….
we know see who is really behind the missing Paradox ship …it’s all a meta-verse plot!!

When push comes to shove in the Star Trek canon, reverting to the Mirror (mirror mirror anyone?) is a time honored tradition – sure it’s an easy way out but come on..who doesn’t like the mirror universe?

In our view this issue was superior to Issue #3 that we reviewed last month, in ooooh so many ways…but then again sometime you need to go on a journey to get a destination.

The only real outstanding stuff that still makes no sense is the whole Tholian angle which is poorly included in this issue – and series – overall.

Still with one issue to go, we’re not firmly on board the New Frontier express and frankly we’re excited to get the final issue – #5!

Star Trek New Frontier #3 June 10, 2008

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Yeaaah I know we wrote that the last issue didn’t make any sense (so why would we continue to buy this title right?)..bUT hey there is only so much SciFi on the comic book shelves these days and I want to support my local retailer.

That said Star Trek New Frontier #3 is a decent issue….the plot twists thicken as we learn that Admiral Jelico isn’t quite who he seems to be…we don’t see Shelby at all in this issue (a good thing)..but we do get some humor..from the Romulans of all places

The overall content per issue ..the bang for the buck..is still sorely lacking, but for now I’m hooked on Star Trek New Frontier and i’lll be reading till the end of the series to see where it goes.

Star Trek New Frontier #2 May 22, 2008

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Is it just me or is does this serious just make no sense?

Sure it’s early – we’re only at issue#2 but writer Peter David has already lost me. It doesn’t help much that this issue has so very few actual story pages in either.

I’d guess that nearly 1/3rd of this comic book is ads !!

Considering that IDW charges $3.99 an issue ..i’m not sure that it actually makes sense to buy this series by the issue – if you haven’t gotten into – DON’T.

Star Trek New Frontier #1 April 10, 2008

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First off, I have to admit that I have not read Star Trek New Frontier in the regular book formats…so getting it in IDW’s Comic is a first.

It’s written by Peter David the same guy that created New Frontier and coincidentally is the author of Marvel’s Stephen King Dark Tower series too — David is one busy dude.

Star Trek New Frontier is an interesting read though this first issue is entirely predictable…kinda.

There is a new type of Warp drive…ok we’ve heard that before..

It gets stolen …ok..

Now we need to see who stole it and why.

Basic enough plot, decent — though not superb art.  This series looks like one to watch as it moves forward, it has the potential to break some new ground and it will be interesting to see if it actually does that.