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Stargate Universe (SGU) hurray for Rodney Mckay April 9, 2011

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finally McKay makes it to SGU…though considering that the show is almost done…he’s a bit late.
The whole thing with gin and Amanda perry now in quarantined memory should be interesting too we’ll see how long that lasts


1. Occam's Sharpener - April 11, 2011

Has anyone else noticed any parallels to another epic space fantasy of time gone by?
Dr. Rush/Dr. Smith
Eli/Will Robinson
Lt. Scott/Major West
T.J./Judy Robinson
Col. Young/Dr. Robinson
I could go on but Lost In Space and SGU are variations on a theme, although, when pressed, I vastly prefer SGU. May I suggest a non-profane protest of SyFy (since we all pay basic cable fees to watch their wrestling, cooking, comedy (Scare Tactics), et al. paranormal detritus that wouldn’t find a home on ANY OTHER NETWORK!
Farscape – Stargate Atlantis – Battlestar Galactica are but a few fatalities of a network that claims licensure is an expensive prospect. Why claim science fiction programming with the eye pollution that you air. If those examples do not provide us sci-fi fans with enough reason to rage against the “SyFy” channel, may I point out to all of the red blooded males in the cyberverse that Lt. James has the singlemost impressive rack on television and we are all deprived of her beauty shortly!

2. Chris - April 17, 2011

Gotta admit I loved seeing McKay come back. Too bad it was a one-shot deal.

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