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Star Wars: Legacy #31–Vector part 12 – VECTOR IS OVER. Krayt is Dead. January 6, 2009

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No – not Vector in general – but this issue in particular was hands down – INCREDIBLE. It really finished off the plot elements first laid out in part 11 last month.

After 12 issues spanning the entire Dark Horse Star Wars canon Vector comes to an end – but the Vector angle and the Muir Talisman is almost a side-show in this final issue of Vector isn’t it?

Cade is so powerful in the force that Muir lasts what? One frame? Then he’s toast. Does that make Cade the most powerful Jedi in 40,000 years??

Too bad for Celeste Morne though – I was kind of hoping that she would somehow survive – but what was that about her thinking that Zayne Carrick sent Cade for her? Nonsense!

And poor Azlyn Rae – will she be healed?

But the biggest plot dev by far – and the only one that makes Vector as a series worthwhile is the defeat of Darth Krayt.

I did not see that one coming – nor did I see Darth Wrylock’s deception either – then again that’s the Sith way isn’t it?

Will Krayt return – i’d say it’s 50/50 at this point..but at least Vector is now done so we can finally get on with the rest of the Star Wars universe!

Was Vector a success?

As a loyal Dark Horse reader – i would have read all the titles anyways. I’m not sure that it pulled in new readers – but it was neat to have some small link spanning all the Star Wars titles. In the end though, Vector fell apart and the AWESOMENESS of Legacy just blew it out of the water.

Star Wars Legacy #30 Vector part 11 : The End is Near November 30, 2008

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Last issue was solid but this issue was non stop cover to cover action.

What a great kriffing issue. The double cross (or maybe triple cross?) is in with the Muir Talisman and its human host vs Cade Skywalker vs. Darth Krayt vs. The Imperial Knights.

Will Karness Muir take hold of Cade? (maybe next issue) – but still seeing Krayt in this position is awesome – i doubt we’ll see the end of Krayt, but hey anything can happen.

and what about Darth Talon (aka the Sith Hottie?) SHE’S BAAACK and she still has the hots for Cade (where was Delilah Blue ?)

The artwork – always great in Legacy was ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT in this issue – the cell arrangement and powerful imagery is what great storytelling and great comic books are all about.

But of course this issue is just a stepping stone to the final issue of Vector!! Vector before it hit Legacy was kinda ok – in Legacy it got real good real fast.

I suspect that Karness Muir and/or the Talisman will be destroyed – but that somehow Celeste Morne survives (but maybe i’m wrong). In any event it will bring to a close a year of wondering where this would end – and it might be the end for Krayt too.

Star Wars Legacy #29 Vector part 10 Poor Delilah Blue November 5, 2008

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Let’s be frank here – Vector was just ok till it hit Legacy.

Legacy has made Vector great and this issue is proof of that fact. Celeste Morne is still the central figure but Cade’s new love interest makes things interesting as does Cade’s own relationship with the Force.

And what about Emperor Roan Fel? This is the first we’ve seen of him in months – and he’s just as evil as Krayt isn’t he?

Will the Muir Talisman take over Cade at some point? I think so. Will Cade kill Darth Krayt? That i don’t think so – but perhaps Krayt will end the Vector and the Muir Talisman forever

Star Wars: Legacy #28–Vector part 9 REVIEW September 30, 2008

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So Vector finally hits Star Wars Legacy…but it really seems like a stretch to me..so Celeste Morne just floats in space for over a hundred years…waiting??

And Celeste hasn’t aged a day?

I dunno..it’s a really really weak link from the last Vector issue in Rebellion.

But the weak link aside — this is what Celeste was born to do…an ancient Jedi with an ancient Sith to team up against Darth Krayt and destroy the Sith..

Frankly Vector has been less than spectacular overall..but Legacy of course is awesome which no doubt will rub off on Vector..but make no mistake about it..it’s not Vector that will make Legacy better but Legacy which will make Vector better.

If Dark Horse is ever to attemp such a multi-timeline story again i hope they just do a time travel – force flow walking thing. The linear timeline here just sucks.

Star Wars Legacy #27 Darth Wyyrlok Rocks! September 3, 2008

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Darth Wyyrlok is one mean Sith dude.

We haven’t seen much of him to date but this issue changes that with an entire issue dedicated to him and what an issue it is!

Darth Wyyrlok proves he is more powerful than an Ancient Sith using the Force alone – awesome!!

We also learn of his unwavering loyalty towards Darth Krayt which no doubt will also play a role as the story progresses…Oh and hey Darth Talon (aka The Sith HOttie) isn’t dead and is coming back!!

All this and next issue Vector finally hits its stretch run finding it’s finale in the best Star Wars series ever created…should be a real rush.

Star Wars Rebellion #16 Vector part 8 September 2, 2008

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So Celeste Morne finally gets rid of the Talisman and then…

She fights to get it back?

Then she just flies off ..into the galaxy? To be found again in 137 years when next we see her in Legacy??


Vector has been decent thus far but this recent issue just doesn’t make sense.

It’s just – ok lets throw Luke Skywalker in there for an issue and then move on. It’s really kinda lame and frankly we the readers deserve more.

Let’s hope that somehow the Star Wars Legacy writers can set things straight and really provide us with a real BANG for the finale of Vector.

Star Wars Rebellion #14 Small Victories #4 July 4, 2008

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What a great ending to this story arc… i frankly didn’t expect Deena Shan to survive but i’m glad that she did.

She really showed her strength in the last issue and this issue it all really comes together – the Rebellion wins a small victory indeed.

Amazing really how this story came together with the rebels getting stuck at the fuelling station, getting stuck and then ending up blowing the whole thing up – without everyone dying in the process.

Next issue Vector comes to Rebellion – i wonder who will face off against Celeste Morne and the Muir Talisman..

Star Wars Dark Times #10 Bomo Goes Ballistic May 28, 2008

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The Parallels story arc has been a really neat one – showing the contrasting parallel storylines of Bomo Greenbark and Jedi Master K’Kruhk.

In the end they both end up much the same don’t they?

They both go nuts killing the bad guys.

The way that the panels were set up in this issue – showing the parallel lines of action – is nothing short of amazing.

Sure this was an issue with more action than chatter but it was an enjoyable and thoroughly satisfying end to a solid story arc.

Star Wars Legacy #24 – Uncle Nate Skywalker May 27, 2008

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Just when you thought Star Wars Legacy couldn’t get any better – or more complex – it does.

Uncle Nate Skywalker just added a whole new dimension.

Cade kinda/sort looks like Uncle Nate and it’s kinda cool to see that Cade isn’t the only Skywalker of the Legacy era to have gone the rough and tumble route. There was no indication whatsoever at the end of Legacy #23 that Nate was a Skywalker or Cade’s real uncle.

We finally find out a little more about why Cade didn’t know about his mother…and we get a little bit of insight into Cade’s upbringing…

Oh and a nifty new former ‘beau?’ from the Jedi Academy who is really an Imperial Knight. Wicked cool stuff.

It looks like we finally might see Cade come face to face with the Princess and (maybe Roan Fel too) after what seems like a 14 issues hiatus.

Star Wars Rebellion #13 Deena Shan Takes Charge May 15, 2008

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This Small Victories storyline is really quite entertaining.

In this issue we’ve got tonnes of action and we really don’t know yet how this will end up.

Deena Shan is a great heroine and I really hope she survives though that’s up in the air.

Will the Rebels make it back to save their friends? Of course they will, but someone won’t make it…

On an Imperial station, Luke and Leia do their best to distract their cruel captor from the rest of Rebels still loose in the facility. Unfortunately, Imperials have found Deena Shan, the Rebel team’s last hope for success. Deena is cornered into a decision of disastrous proportions for herself and everyone around her. By the time Ackbar deems a rescue mission worth the risk, there may be no one left to save.

Star Wars Legacy #21 – Return of the GA? March 23, 2008

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I like this Admiral Stazi and its too bad this is only a two issue story arc.

SOLID STUFF..good characters, good dialogue, good action.
The fact that Stazi has no Jedi with him is surprising..not sure why the Jedi and the GA wouldn’t be more closely aligned.

Then again perhaps we’ll see that in a future arc..when Cade joins the GA..wouldn’t that be sweet?

Anyways a solid mini-story within the awesome Legacy universe, it’s now time to see what else is going on…like where is Roan Fel???

Star Wars Rebellion #12 Small Victories – Fun Reading March 22, 2008

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Star Wars Rebellion is not brilliant comic book writing — but it sure is decent fun.

Sure you can predict/guess what the next page will bring but it’s still fun getting there. Rebellion #12 is a case in point. We know that the rebels will get caught ..but it’s still neat to see how and where…(and then eventually how they’ll escape).

Will Deena escape?? That we don’t know for sure do we? She’s a minor character so Dark Horse could easily kill her off..or…?

Will Rebel One come back for their pals? I dunno..but i bet they will. Overall an interesting (though predictable) issue in a series that we’re really starting to like (even though it’s pulp!)

Star Wars Legacy #20 The end of the Galactic Alliance March 10, 2008

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After 6 plus issues of nothing by Cade Skywalker it’s great to see ‘the other side’ (or at least of them) in the massive universe that is Star Wars Legacy.

The Galactic Alliance (GA) or rather what’s left of it is still on the run … remember this isn’t just about Sith and Jedi

It’s not even about GA vs Empire..its wider…remember that we’ve got GA, Roan Fel’s Empire and then the Sith Empire ..and then the Jedi in between in various sections.

I don’t think i’ve ever seen the docking ring above the Mon Calamari homeworld which was awesome to see and the plot (as always) was fantastic.

Of course the Sith would want to finish off the GA, and what better way than a trap!

Star Wars Rebellion #11 Small Victories (lame comics) February 27, 2008

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Star Wars Rebellion is a misplaced comic book series in the new Dark Horse Star Wars lineup.

It lacks the drama and direction of Knights of the Old Republic, the awesomeness of Legacy and the darkness of Dark Times.

It’s just basic PULP comic stuff.

The ridiculous amount of time between issues also makes this a stoopid series to even try and follow (but we do, not sure what that says about us).

Basic story in this issue, transparent 2D cardboard cutout characters and pedestrian art.

If you’re looking for pulp Star Wars ..here ya go!

Star Wars: 30th Anniversary Collection Volume 11–Union January 6, 2008

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Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade.

When it actually first happened I remember my shock..now years later when this special edition hardcover including that most memorable storyline of the marriage of Luke and Mara..my feelings are somewhat mixed.

Mara in the ‘regular’ timeline of the Expanded Universe is now dead (and don’t forget to sign the ShowMeSciFi.com petition to bring Mara back!). But to revisit this happiest of times in this incredible hardcover edition is a wonderful thing.

The story isn’t terribly innovative — it’s a wedding story after all — but it’s solid. The art is great and it holds your attention from cover to cover.

The format – the hardcover with the extra special paper stock is incredible and makes everything look/feel (and almost read) better than any other comic format ever produced by Dark Horse. Bottom line is it’s a great read and a must have addition to every Star Wars Expanded Universe fans collection — even more so now that Mara has left us.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic # 24 December 31, 2007

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  We’ve had a bit of a love/hate relationship with Knights of the Old Republic. It started off well then got pretty aweful about a year ago but the last 5 issues have been really solid.

Issue #24 is another great issue and marks the solid return of this title to its initial glory. Finally Zayne comes back to the Jedi Tower on Taris..yet another Jedi admits that Zayne didn’t kill the padawans and we hear more about the prophesy that set this whole series in motion.

The art which had been lopsided for a while is and has been solid for the last 5 issues as well and this issue overall was great and enjoyable read.

This series now is set to move to its next phase…as the birthplace of the first Star Wars comics crossover event ever with Vector.

My guess is that Vector will somehow relate to that initial prophesy that set KOTOR in motion in the first place. The great Jedi seer somehow saw deep into the future with both the events of her time, that of the End of the Republic and further out into the Legacy era itself. It’s a massive vision that Dark Horse will try and weave with Vector. I’m glad that it’s beginning in KOTOR.

Knights of the Old Republic #22 Zayne Returns To Taris November 14, 2007

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A new story arc begins..and so far..so VERY VERY good.

After 21 issues and almost two year Zayne finally comes back to Taris which is now under the control of the Mandalorians…why it has taken this long..don’t know but it’s neat to see it now.

A nice balance of resistance fighters, Mandalorians and past intrigues in this issue that set the tone for this new arc.

Artwork in this issues is consistent – which is good – since past issues have been week in the art department.

If you’ve been avoiding KOTOR..this might be a great spot to jump in and ENJOY.

Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic #21 – Zayne who? October 29, 2007

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Alright we’ve got the Mandies, Republic and dueling Jedi factions all in one room and issue where they’ve been since last issue.

Problem is the art in this book is so RIDICULOUSLY DREADFUL that Zane Carrick doesn’t look like he should and is drawn in yet another different way in this issue.

There is nothing else to say about this issue – if you can’t have a consistency or a style for the main character in a series – it’s just sad and makes the rest of this otherwise excellent issue a wasted effort.

Star Wars Omnibus : Tales Of The Jedi Volume 1 October 26, 2007

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For years, I’ve struggled to collect a complete set of the early stories of the Jedi – I’ve got Golden Age of the Sith, Fall of the Sith, Freedon Naad Uprising…but was still missing issues in between.

Now Dark Horse has made it easy and put it all together in one massive ominbus – i just got it and it’s AWESOME.

There has never been such a compilation that captures all of the early Jedi Tales – now we’ve got it – and it’s a must have addition to any collector’s collection – and/or a great complete starter for someone that wants to jump into Star Wars comics feet first.

Five thousand years before Luke Skywalker’s successful assault on the Death Star, the Sith Lord Marka Ragnos ruled the galaxy. That is, until his death ignited a battle for ascension that would spell the end for his empire–and nearly the entire galaxy! It would be another thousand years before two young Jedi novices Ulic Qel-Droma and Nomi Sunrider would rise for the cause of justice, first in the case of a Jedi-killing Hutt, and then against a dark Jedi spirit threatening to engulf an entire planet!

Star Wars Vector – A year long Star Wars version of 52? September 25, 2007

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Dark Horse Comics has announced a massive year long event that will encompass all their Star Wars titles in one MASSIVE storyline.

Star Wars Vector begins in January 2008 with the Knights of the Old Republic title, and will include all four Dark Horse Star Wars titles throughout the year, introducing new characters and tying the entire line together.

When a terrible vision reaching more than 4,000 years into the future alerts the secret Jedi Covenant to the importance of Taris, they activate an operative already on this planet overrun by Mandalorians. There, in the deadly Undercity, a monstrous, ancient threat is unleashed that plunges Zayne Carrick, the Padawan accused of killing his fellow students, into an adventure which will eventually span four thousand years and involve Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and the principles of the Legacy series!

“After our relaunch in 2006 and the thirtieth anniversary this year, we were looking for something special to kick-off 2008,” said editor Randy Stradley in a statement. “At first, a line-wide Star Wars crossover seemed like it might be beyond our reach, but after nearly a year’s worth of back-and-forth discussions among our writers and artists, we came up with something really solid. Not only is it a big story that can span all of the eras we’re dealing with, but the events which take place within each era will be important to that era.”

The “Vector” storyline begins in Knights of the Old Republic #25,  coming in January of 2008.