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Star Wars Legacy #27 Darth Wyyrlok Rocks! September 3, 2008

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Darth Wyyrlok is one mean Sith dude.

We haven’t seen much of him to date but this issue changes that with an entire issue dedicated to him and what an issue it is!

Darth Wyyrlok proves he is more powerful than an Ancient Sith using the Force alone – awesome!!

We also learn of his unwavering loyalty towards Darth Krayt which no doubt will also play a role as the story progresses…Oh and hey Darth Talon (aka The Sith HOttie) isn’t dead and is coming back!!

All this and next issue Vector finally hits its stretch run finding it’s finale in the best Star Wars series ever created…should be a real rush.

Star Wars Legacy #18 – Cade Skywalker Kills the Sith Hottie January 7, 2008

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The last 17 issues of Legacy have been awesome and issue number 18 continues that tradition.

We finally learn of the link between Darth Krayt and Darth Caedus – the critical link that connects Star Wars Legacy with the New Jedi Order and Legacy of the Force books.

It’s a fine link – essentially Vergere – the same Jedi creation that changed Jacen Solo did the same kind of thing to Hett/Darth Krayt while onboard a Vong Cruiser.

The Sith that are hiding out on Korriban in the time of Legacy of the Force (that Lumiya and Alema Rar knew) are the same as Krayt’s Sith…hurray! Anything else likely would not have made sense and would have messed up continuity and canon.

Beyond the end of Darth Krayt explaining how he came into being..we see the Vong’s Embrace of Pain (yup that sucker) but as opposed to Jacen Solo (and maybe Ben Skywalker too?) it doesn’t mess up Cade…too much (yet).

Perhaps most importantly though…Cade sees a vision of his Dad – Kol Skywalker – and rejects the Sith – fighting his way out and killing (or so we think) the Sith hottie herself..Darth Talon (yeah her…the awesome Twi’lek that Cade hooks up with and the same that is on the cover of issue zero of Legacy.

Again the artwork is sheer brilliance and is the best of any current ongoing Star Wars series.

It will be VERY interesting to see what happens next as Cade’s MAMA and Cade’s ole bounty hunting pals help him out to escape the clutches of Krayt…

Oh and what about Roan Fel and his daughter?

Lots of stuff for us to get caught up on…and then of course there is Vector….man oh man…if Legacy was a weekly series i don’t think it would be enough!!

Is Darth Talon really dead? We’ll see…one thing is for sure, i don’t think she’ll easily be forgotten.