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The Firefly Battlestar Galactica Link March 31, 2008

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While Firefly and Battlestar Galactica seem to me to be two different — though both gritty Sci-Fi – shows, there actually is a more tangible link between the two.

Writer Jane Espenson actually wrote episodes for both shows (browncoats and toasters).  In a really interesting interview she spill the beans on the difference between the two shows and how much influence Firefly had on BSG.

What was it like being the only Firefly writer to come over to BSG? Did you get a sense that BSG was trying to imitate some of Firefly’s more revolutionary elements, like the grittier, less heroic tone?

I don’t think Firefly influenced BSG. BSG was being developed shortly after Firefly was, and I’m under the impression that Ron would’ve been too busy coming up with Battlestar to be watching Firefly.


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