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Terminator Salvation SUCKS. This isn’t the movie we were waiting for May 29, 2009

Posted by showmescifi in scifi.

We’ve been looking forward to Terminator 4 – aka – Terminator Salvation for a long time.

For the first time ever we will have an entire movie set in the future with Terminators everywhere and John Connor leading the fight…or so we had hoped.

Terminator Salvation is not the movie we hoped for. The plot is weak and easily could have just been called – the hunt for Kyle Reese..or the Salvation of Marcus Wright…

While those are both kinda/sorta interesting..it’s not what we wanted. We wanted full on Terminators everywhere…which isn’t what we got.

Sure there is the Schwarzenegger type Terminator battle which was neat, but what the frak was Markus then? If they already had full flesh?

Where were the great one-liners that made the Terminator franchise? Yeaah there was a cheesy – I’ll be back – but beyond that?

This was just a movie that felt like it was going through the motions. It wasn’t boring but it wasn’t all that exciting either.

The Terminator pre-quel book had a superior plot to this lame excuse for a movie.

Hopefully though MCG gets a second shot at this..the setup in this movie..for Connor to be the supreme leader was cool..and to see him really take leadership, send his dad back in time and destroy Skynet will be something that we sure would love to see.


1. JediVisconti - October 28, 2009

No please God no, not McG anymore, or Braccato brothers or Warner producers, Save us all please, the are instopoble, no remorse, no pain, please God no, McG do like Bill Murray said, kill yourself, What I want is the coming back of James Cameron, please God, have mercy of the nonsenses of McG.

2. Asher - February 25, 2013

I was extremely disappointed when I saw this movie. Not only is the plot hard to follow and the lighting terrible, but it didn’t tie up any of the loose ends from the other three. I don’t recall ever seeing the final destruction of Skynet, John Connor reprogramming the T-101 before sending him back in time, or even Kyle Reese going back in time to protect Sarah Connor and ensure John’s birth. The only memorable thing about this turkey was Christian Bale’s legendary on-set meltdown.

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