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What if Superman’s Family Came with him when Krypton Exploded? August 27, 2010

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We’ve long been big fans of alternate universes/history.

Now we’ve got (yet another) Superman alternate reality, this time it’s one in which Jor-El didn’t send his baby son Kal-El to Earth all alone.

This time the whole El family comes to Earth!

It’s a great twist to see how things develop and how the Kent’s still find a way to be involved in the storyline.

Instead of a Fortress of Solitude – there is the El Tower – and a ship with a 12th level intelligence..

and oh yeaaaah at the end of this first issue..Kal-El ends up with a pair of siblings too.

Brilliant storytelling and magnificent artwork makes this a must-read for all Superman fans.

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Star Wars Legacy #50 Disappoints August 24, 2010

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Star Wars Legacy #50 was supposed to be the final issue of Star Wars Legacy.


The sleemos at Dark Horse are only putting the series on hiatus and then coming back at us with a ‘mini-series’ in december.

Yeaah that’s low-ball Hutt scum territory. Instead of continuing the series for another 6 issues – they scare the bantha poodu out of us and tell us they’re canceling the series.

The final #50 – regular Legacy issue was good – but it wasn’t good enough to be the FINAL issue of the series regular run. Nothing is really resolved – except well that Darth Krayt is back..and oh yeah Cade is going to hunt him again – BIG KRIFFING DEAL – been there, done that and read that before.

With so many layers in Legacy, there are so many loose ends and none were wrapped up in this issue. It’s not a final issue and not deserving finale for the final issue of the greatest Star Wars comic ever written/drawn.

We don’t understand Dark Horse – or why they’d screw with us this way – it’s not cool. YES we’re very excited for the new Legacy mini-series, but we would have been EVEN HAPPIER if there would be an issue 51 coming out in September.
This post first appeared on our sister site: http://showmescificomics.com

Silent Empire Strikes Back – brilliant August 20, 2010

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Star Wars heralded a new era of special effects for movies … but what if Star Wars were done in the silent film er?

Stargate Universe Season 2 begins on Tues Sep 28th August 19, 2010

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Yeaah SyFy is once again trying to kill a solid scifi series with bad placement..no Tuesday isn’t the worst day for a show – but you better believe that we’ll be among the millions that DVR it.

Here’s the official blurb from Syfy:

STARGATE UNIVERSE — Season 2 Premieres Tuesday, September 28, at 9PM (NEW NIGHT) — Stargate Universe returns with 20 all-new episodes for season two. SGU follows a band of soldiers, scientists and civilians, who must fend for themselves as they are forced through a Stargate when their hidden base comes under attack. The desperate survivors emerge aboard an ancient ship, which is locked on an unknown course and unable to return to Earth. In the new season, the team fights to take back the ship from the Lucian Alliance, who transported themselves on board Destiny with plans to take control. The team also discovers their true mission. It’s not about going home, it’s about going further. Season two guest stars include Robert Knepper (Heroes, Prison Break) and Julie McNiven (Supernatural, Mad Men) for a multi-episode arc in which they portray members of the Lucian Alliance. Also, series star Robert Carlyle makes his directorial debut in episode 4, Pathogen. Robert Cooper and Brad Wright, of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, serve as executive producers and writers. SGU is produced and distributed by MGM Worldwide Television Distribution.

Star Wars Legacy Series ENDS TODAY! August 18, 2010

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The greatest Star Wars story (outside of the original movies) ever told is coming to an end..


Today the last issue of Star Wars Legacy ships – and yes we’re very sad.

Legacy is THE REASON why we got back into comics. Issue #0 (with that awesome pic of Darth Talon on the cover) jumped out at us and we’ve been hooked ever since.

This is the Star Wars universe turned upside down.

The Sith are many and the Empire and its own Imperial Jedi Knights.

The regular Jedi order is on the run.

And the last Skywalker – Cade – is a drug using bounty hunter that would make Bobba Fett cringe.

There has never been a Star Wars saga like Legacy – it excels on every level, characters, plot, dialogue and art.

Ending this series at #50 is the dumbest thing we’ve ever seen from a comic book publisher and there is no way that this story should end with this issue. There is also no way that this entire story will be over with this issue either.

Do we expect to see the Legacy era in Star Wars books? HELL YES.

Will we ever see Cade Skywalker again in a comic book? We sure hope so… He is the ultimate force user – not quite a Jedi, not a Sith and a type of bounty hunter scum that would always shoot first and then shoot up on drugs later.

We will miss Legacy dearly – and yes Dark Horse will not be getting our dollars in the same frequency they used too (dumb move Dark Horse!).

Chad Vader season 3 – Stormtroopers debut August 16, 2010

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finally – stormtroopers in Chad Vader!

Star Wars on Bluray coming in 2011 – with new scenes!! August 16, 2010

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Unbelievable! Lucas is going to release – yet another version of Star Wars – this time on bluray in 2011

No we don’t know if we Han will shoot first this time…but we will see a new scene in Return of the Jedi.

remember the scene where Vader meets Luke on Endor and Vader says  – ‘I see you’ve constructed a new lightsaber’ well now – 30 yrs later we’ll finally see Luke building that lightsaber.

There was a clip up on YouTube, but Lucas has gotten that pulled down.

Star Wars Fate of the Jedi Backlash – decent read but… August 4, 2010

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We’ve been fans of the Star Wars Fate of the Jedi series so far — sure we can’t afford to buy the hardcovers (so we get ’em from the public library–unlike paperbacks which we buy..), but it’s worth the wait in most cases.

This one is mostly about Dathomir and what happens on that planet..yeaah Luke fight the sith again..and sure Ben is starting to like the Sith Chik…all good fun.

Over on Coruscant, it’s the usual nonsense and this book does a poorer job than its predecessors at showing that environment.

But overall, an incremental step in building out the bigger fate of the jedi story as the new Sith order becomes btr known. The whole battle btwn Daala and the Jedi on Coruscant in nonsense that we mostly skipped over, but the Jedi/Sith part is fine reading…

We can hardly wait until it’s our turn on the wait list to pick up the next book in this fun series.