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Star Wars Legacy #50 Disappoints August 24, 2010

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Star Wars Legacy #50 was supposed to be the final issue of Star Wars Legacy.


The sleemos at Dark Horse are only putting the series on hiatus and then coming back at us with a ‘mini-series’ in december.

Yeaah that’s low-ball Hutt scum territory. Instead of continuing the series for another 6 issues – they scare the bantha poodu out of us and tell us they’re canceling the series.

The final #50 – regular Legacy issue was good – but it wasn’t good enough to be the FINAL issue of the series regular run. Nothing is really resolved – except well that Darth Krayt is back..and oh yeah Cade is going to hunt him again – BIG KRIFFING DEAL – been there, done that and read that before.

With so many layers in Legacy, there are so many loose ends and none were wrapped up in this issue. It’s not a final issue and not deserving finale for the final issue of the greatest Star Wars comic ever written/drawn.

We don’t understand Dark Horse – or why they’d screw with us this way – it’s not cool. YES we’re very excited for the new Legacy mini-series, but we would have been EVEN HAPPIER if there would be an issue 51 coming out in September.
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