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Chad Vader Season 2 finale – Weird Jimmy is Dead November 30, 2009

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Final episode of Chad Vader Season Two – episode 10 is now out and it’s a fun ending to a decent season.

The story comes full circle – as it always does – with Chad now once again in line – as he always is – to become General Manager of Empire Market.

The bonus is we get our best lightsaber battle – for Chad – yet – as he faces off against his one time apprentice commander Jeremy Wickstrom.

Along the way Weird Jimmy gets in the way…

Congrats to the Blame Society guys, they’ve done another fantastic job! Season 3 of Chad Vader is set for sometime in 2010.



Stargate Universe Season 1 Episode 10 – Justice – a mid-season cliffhanger November 27, 2009

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No new Stargate Universe this week, but next week will be the last episode for a few months…
Yeah we hate mid-season finales too.

The basic story behind the mid-season finale is another character story – this time we’ve got a murder on the destiny.

Everyone is shocked when a member of the crew is found dead from a gunshot wound. While at first glance it appears to be suicide, the gun is nowhere to be found. The crew is confined to quarters while a search is performed and when the gun shows up in Col. Young’s (LOUIS FERREIRA) quarters, he becomes the number one suspect. Fearing a mob scene, Young agrees to a trial and cedes command to Camile Wray (MING-NA).

Dr. Rush (ROBERT CARLYLE) convinces Wray to give him control of the science team and carte blanche with the new Ancient interface, previously kept under guard. But before Rush can unlock its secret, or Young’s trial can conclude, both are needed to explore a planet hiding a secret that threatens the Destiny and her crew.

Flash Gordon scifi toys get real cheap for Black Friday November 26, 2009

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Alex Ross Flash Gordon (White T-Shirt) 7-Inch Action Figure Yeaaah SciFi frakked us all over with their Flash Gordon reboot, but the that doesn’t mean there aren’t any Flash Gordon fans out there? Or are there?

Apparently there is a glut of Flash Gordon toys, so this if you’re interested you can now get your very own Alex Ross Flash Gordon for only $5 Order Alex Ross Flash Gordon (White T-Shirt) 7-Inch Action Figure

Beyond Flash himself there are also a few other characters that you can pick up to create a semi-complete collection.

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Star Trek 2009 – only $9 on Black Friday November 26, 2009

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Sure it’s been out for a two week on DVD now but Black Friday pricing for Star Trek 2009 is really out of this world.

Over at Amazon –Star Trek (Single-Disc Edition) – is only $9 which is half price for a brand new copy.

We haven’t yet seen $9 copies anywhere else, though we’d expect that by January Blockbuster will have them in the previously viewed shelf.

But if you need one of these for an Xmas gift this might be a good time to pick it up.

Universal Solider: Regeneration Van Damme RETURNS!! November 25, 2009

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He’s baaaaack! Sure the first Universal Solider was trite scifi pulp, but it was still kinda/sorta fun right?

And hey enough people remember it, that apparently it’s good enough to have a sequel – albeit direct to DVD.

And if one 90’s action hero washout isn’t enough, it also include Dolf Lundgren (remember him from Rocky IV?) too.

V – Aliens have poisoned the Flu vaccine with R6 virus – and how about that bliss? November 24, 2009

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The Flu vaccine is all part of an Alien/Lizard/V/Visitor conspiracy.

I knew there was a good reason why we didn’t get the H1N1 vaccine.

BUT THE WHAT THE FRAK? Does ABC have no ethics? Plant a story about the flu vaccine being a route for alien control? rly? Aren’t people scared enough about the Flu vaccine already????

For a final episode – and oh yeah after 4 episode no more V till 2010 – if ever – this wasn’t a great episode – a little slow.

Sure we’ve got an Alien armada is space waiting to annihilate us all, and sure Joshua on the New York Mothership skinned one of his own Fifth column pals…(is Joshua really John May?)…but not really a mega cliffhanger.

Overall V is a great show, decent characters, decent plot and a clear reboot over the 1980’s franchise – but ABC moronic decision to cut the show short here is the real alien conspiracy – why cut the show off now? IDIOTS.

Big Bang Theory – Katee ‘Starbuck’ Sackhoff get into the bathtub with Howard November 24, 2009

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So Katee Sackhoff aka Battlestar Galactica’s Starbuck made a a guest appearance on The Big Bang Theory –

It was easily the best cameo yet for the show which has had Summer Glau and Wil Wheaton so far.

No Katee isn’t naked, but she is in the tub with Howard (isn’t that every male geek’s fantasy??)

Some of her best lines were in the trailer for this show and she had one other good line about Howard waiting for Princess Leia.

All in all Katee is a great sport, it’s just a frakkin shame that she’s an Angel since we all know she’s really a cylon.

Stargate Universe : It’s been the worst day since yesterday – and more Lesbians November 21, 2009

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Stargate Universe Episode 9 – titled –Life – wasn’t as good as the last episode but it was still kinda neat.

The background song -It’s been the worst day since yesterday – was so cool at the beginning and at the end it just fit so well.

We know Col Young’s wife was with Telfrod, and get that they had nice fight at the end.

The whole thing with Scott having a son,kinda interesting and just gives us more insight into his troubled nature.

Then there was the Lesbians (with Camille) –

Oh and we found out there is a ship’s slut, though it isn’t Lt. James.

And once again we see that Rush is a scumbag. What’s up with him lying about an icarus type planet a year away?

Overall a decent character development episode for the major SGU characters – though Eli got little screen time.

Life on the Destiny isn’t like other Stargate shows, there aren’t constant attacks by G’ould, wraith or Orii – it’s mostly a lonely existence.

And just in case you want to hear that great song again – it’s from a band called Flogging Molly – enjoy!

Fringe : An Observer in Love? RlY? November 20, 2009

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The observers are the whole key to the pattern, they’re everywhere in time

but last night’s episode  -..August – well …now we know there are many Observers – which is kinda neat.

But the whole think with the one observer watching the girl from when she was small and then being in ‘love’ with her? COME ON… at worst the dude is a stalker. At best, well he’s still a stalker.

But he did have a cool gun. And now the whole basis of who/what the Observers are is much more clear than it has ever been.

FlashForward – Bryce goes to Tokyo, Keiko comes to L.A November 19, 2009

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FlashForward really sucked tonight.

Mostly it sucked because it was just a character set-up episode.

Bryce chases his vision all the way to Tokyo and finds nothing while Keiko does the same but only in reverse. Sure that was interesting but it didn’t have to be the whole frakking episode.

Let’s hope the next episode (in two weeks) has a bit more action, otherwise this show won’t make it to 2010.

Battlestar Galactica : The Plan – two word review – IT SUCKS November 18, 2009

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Yeaah we were waiting for Battlestar Galactica The Plan for months. And yeaah we watched within a few days of its release.

It is so shockingly BAD that it has taken this long for us to have the stomach to write a review.

Battlestar Galactica deserves better than this kind of treatment. I don’t know if Ron Moore was smoking crack when he put this together or what was going on, but it’s totally wrong.

This isn’t a movie – it’s more like a disconnected collection of snippets that make little sense. Sure if watch the movie a few times and try and place each section in the Battlestar Galactica timeline it might start to make sense…eventually.

As a standalone movie this move does not stand at all and is not watchable. It’s that bad.

It could have been called “The Confession of the Ones” but overall it adds nothing to the BSG canon. I think this movie should be labeled by fandom as “The Mistake” and just forget about this frakking pile of bantha fodder.

BSG can do better. Razor was a decent standalone movie that added to the BSG universe in a really cool way. Perhaps after Ron Moore went nuts declaring Kara Thrace and Angel (wtf??!!) he’s no longer sane and isn’t capable of producing decent BSG stuff anymore.

V – John May Lives ! The Visitor fifth column! and Lisa is Anna’s daughter? November 17, 2009

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Who is John May? ABC’s V is really picking up steam now with the emergence of the V Fifth Column. We have no idea who John May is, but no doubt he’s well hidden.

The whole Fifth Column thing was the biggest revelation in this third episode of the new V (official episode title is:A Bright New Day

It’s neat that the Fifth Column have member on board the NYC mothership – that was cool and unexpected.

But how did they convince Mary Faulkner to like the V’s? They connected here to their matrix/hub didn’t they? It’s some kind of drug that makes everyone happy.

Last but not least – how about Lisa (played by Toronto actress Laura Vandervoort??

No not a naked scene (this is ABC after all), but still that was …’interesting’.. especially since we now know hooking up with Tyler is all about pleasing her own mom – the leader of the ‘V’ s herself Anna!

R2D2 Was in Star Trek 2009 !! November 16, 2009

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io9 has what it claims to be a confirmation from George Lucas’ ILM and a frame from the blu-ray version of Star Trek 2009

In real-time play, it’s not even a second long, but it’s clear that everyone’s favorite astromech was on Nero’s ship when the NCC-1701 blasted her to oblivion.

Here’s the thumbnail from io9:

Stargate Universe – Time – For a moment there, I thought we were in trouble.. BEST EPISODE YET OF SGU!! November 14, 2009

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sgu We’ve had our doubts about SGU over the first 7 episodes, and to borrow a line from this episode, ..for a few moments there I thought we were in trouble.

Episode 8, titled Time blew us away. Easily the best episode yet and one of the best Stargate episodes of any stargate series yet.

We’ve got a time loop within a timeloop within a timeloop.

Everyone dies, twice.

How frakking cool is that?

Sure Lt. Scott is the mega hero making sure the Keno gets back in all timelines, but it’s still cool.

The layer upon layer of complexity in this episode is what great science fiction is all about. Decent characters (though a little cheese with Eli and Chloe), aliens ripping out human guts and oh yeah some SCIENCE  FICTION(with the multiple time loops) as opposed to bogus pulp.

Fringe – The Tyler mind control experiment November 13, 2009

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Until the very end of this episode i had no idea that Massive Dynamic was the real bad guy…though i suppose it really shouldn’t be a surprise.

Massive Dynamic is the bad guy for the show PERIOD.

Interesting idea though on the multiple tyler clones though…

And it was neat that Walter finally visited Massive Dynamic too.

FlashForward – Who is Jericho? What’s up with the rings? November 12, 2009

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Our choices matter now more than ever…

Ok after last week’s big episode Tracy is back and we find out that she was chased by Jericho – sorta like blackwater i guess.

But how did she get out of Afghanistan? And

Who is Jericho? and how are they related to the black outs?

And what’s up with the rings? Do they offer the wearers immunity from whatever it is that triggers the black outs?

Clash of the Titans 2010 looks like 300 November 11, 2009

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The first trailer for the remake of the 1981 cult classic Clash of the Titans is now available …and it sure seems to borrow alot of its tone from 300.

Yeaah Medussa is in there and oh yeah the Cracken too

I don’t see Pegasus, but Perseus, Zeus and Cassiopeia are all present and rocking out to a heavy metal sound track too.

Dollhouse Cancelled. FOX Fraks SciFi Fans AGAIN. November 11, 2009

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dollhouseIt’s official. FOX is cancelling Dollhouse.

Is anyone surprised?

This is FOX after all, they canceled Firefly and from the very first episode (which was awesome), we knew the FRAKKERS at FOX had their fingers on the button to kill this show.

It’s bad enough the show is on hiatus for the whole month of November too, but the plan is have the full 13 episode second season.

Yeaah we’re pissed.

Then again, Joss Whedon kinda screwed us all over with Season Two so far hasn’t he?

Where is Alpha??? what the frak happened btwn the last episode of Season One and the Season Two episodes. Sure as standalone episode a few of them have been great, but continuity is a problem.

Maybe we’re wrong for blaming FOX, maybe we should blame Joss for not executing on the full vision and giving us the show his fans deserve.


V – Will Erica Lead the Resistance? November 10, 2009

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erica.vThe second episode of ABC’s V was another really great episode.

The key character is really shaping up to be FBI Agent Erica Evans played by actress Elizabeth Mitchell.

She’s strong, tough and saavy. And how about that shower scene? No nudity. And that’s a good thing. It means she’s serious and the shows producers are not treating her as some kind of sex object. She’s a hero.

We think that Agent Erica will end up leading the human resistance overall, she’s got what it takes. In many respects, we think she’ll take on the role that Michael Ironside had in the original V series as the tough no-nonsense military leader of the Resistance.

Overall, the sophistication of the series so far is superb. There are so many layers to the plot that it’s clear this show has legs — so long as ABC doesn’t cut this show off at the knees.

Iain M Banks : Look to Windward : Review : Culture Special Circumstances are everywhere November 9, 2009

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looktowindward Look to Windward is another of Iain M. Banks Culture novels…for us it’s the third one we’ve read behind Consider Phelbas and Use of Weapons, both which were superior books to this one.

Yes the basic premise of this book was interesting – the light from one of the last great battles of the Idiran war from Consider Phelbas is just reaching the Masaq Orbital some 800 years after the fact – that’s kinda neat

the core story though is about the Chel (another alien race), the composer that lives among the culture and the Chel agent come to get him and destroy the orbital.

The story is waaaay to drawn out and at multiple points I was ready to give up. But we know that Banks finishes strongly so we struggled on.

And a struggle it is. Whole chapters make no sense and add little to the plot development.

But the end is a surprise, much like Use of Weapons, it’s an ending that we didn’t see coming at all and changes the way the whole book feels.

I didn’t expect Huyler to be Special Circumstances that was a shocker and the sub-plot with the Culture citizen on the Yolaeus not making it back to warn the Mind was also interesting in its connection.

So no, we didn’t enjoy most of this book while reading it first time through, but with another brilliant conclusion, Banks redeems this book.

Yeaaah we’ll keep reading Banks, the Culture is interesting enough that we want more, but Banks just doesn’t have a consistent quality of writing so hopefully the next book we get will more of a hit than a miss.