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Stargate Universe – Time – For a moment there, I thought we were in trouble.. BEST EPISODE YET OF SGU!! November 14, 2009

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sgu We’ve had our doubts about SGU over the first 7 episodes, and to borrow a line from this episode, ..for a few moments there I thought we were in trouble.

Episode 8, titled Time blew us away. Easily the best episode yet and one of the best Stargate episodes of any stargate series yet.

We’ve got a time loop within a timeloop within a timeloop.

Everyone dies, twice.

How frakking cool is that?

Sure Lt. Scott is the mega hero making sure the Keno gets back in all timelines, but it’s still cool.

The layer upon layer of complexity in this episode is what great science fiction is all about. Decent characters (though a little cheese with Eli and Chloe), aliens ripping out human guts and oh yeah some SCIENCE  FICTION(with the multiple time loops) as opposed to bogus pulp.


1. heather - November 15, 2009

omg, i loved this episode. i’ve been looking forward to it since its summery first came up five weeks ago- and it did not disappoint at all. Fanatically good character development, amazing plot, great graphics… this episode had it all.

2. Marek - November 15, 2009

Definately the best episode of SGU! Time travel with the use of solar flares reminds me of one good old SG1 episode when the team became hippies. It would be even better if only Scott didn’t save everybody TWICE and let someone else do it for the second time.

3. brian - November 17, 2009

“It would be even better if only Scott didn’t save everybody TWICE and let someone else do it for the second time”

That wouldn’t support the sanctity of timelines to attempt to maintain the same outcome. Kinda like the butterfly effect in reverse.

4. ScottSF - September 13, 2010

I found it one of the more formulaic episodes usually SGU is a very different (and better in my opinion) type of show but Time felt like an episode I’d seen before. But kudos on the solution and not spelling everything out. But then I was a fan of the show by episode 4. Still think Darkness was one of the best episodes.

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