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Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles Cromartie is Dead November 10, 2008

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That was idiotic.

Well let’s recap – the various stories (Sarah’s, John’s Cameron’s etc) in this episode were well crafted and a nice plot vehicle

The way Cromartie died was lame.

You mean to tell me that the FBI with more gunners couldn’t take him out but two people in a mexican Church crossfire could?

That’s just dumb. Sure you have to suspend belief for a show like this – but PAAALEASE have it someone logical.

Cromartie was the first Terminator of this series and now he’s gone. Does that mean there are no more terminators hunting the connors in the current era? Not likely. But it does take out the big threat.


1. Hector the injector - November 11, 2008

Over this entire episode rocked, Cameron pretty much told John he could do what ever he wanted to her to aid in his loneliness. We found that Derrick and Cameron both have a hidden agenda. Ellison finally meets Sarah face to face, and yes the unfortunate end of Cromartie which is necessary. The dude just trucks around looking for John, his role is a dead end and we needed some kind of closure. As for the shoot out, it was intense and well done. I imagine Cameron had some kind of heavy, anti-armor slugs and yes they do have them. I’ve shot triple ought buck and put it through 3 steel plates. No one ever said that small arms couldn’t eventually inflict enough damage to destroy a terminator; it’s just that the thing is shooting back and will over power its opponents before they can destroy it. I hope Riley is gone, she’s pretty annoying and lets face it Cameron is way hotter and she would ware you out nightly. Vertical hip thrusts in rapid succession go!

2. gerv - November 11, 2008

Id assume he will be back, if not when why didn’t they destroy the body?

3. Hector the Injector - November 12, 2008

I don’t see him coming back, his chip is smashed to hell (courtesy of Sarah) so I can’t imagine how he would be able to. On the other hand there was mention of a T-888 or triple 8 because it had 3 processors in it, but I don’t see it. They didn’t destroy the body I guess because they needed to get the hell out of dodge before the authorities showed up. The Connors are still fugitives. The *REAL* reason though is so we can have a story later on that somehow involves the body, like Ellison leading Catherine Weaver to it later on.

4. gerv - November 13, 2008

Well maybe if he leads her to it she can somehow reactivate it.

Would be weird to have the actor playing a full episode just laying on a table for all his scenes.

5. Chuck Cowan - November 17, 2008

Ha, told you so! I figured Ellison would give it to her. What bugs me is that an infiltrator weighs in at 500lbs, how could this dude lift it out. Ellison looks like he works out, probably benches in the 300+ range, but to lift 500 lbs out of a hole and load it into a trunk would require an engine hoist and I doubt he put on of those on his leather seats. I was happy to see Cameron giving John the love eyes again, man a hot terminator chick would be awesome. She could make you curl your toes and kill off all the people that piss you off.

6. Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles - Maybe Cromartie Isn’t Dead Yet « Show Me SciFi - November 18, 2008

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7. J - December 12, 2008

I thought Ccromartie was a special type of terminator which had a back up chip?. Surely if he wasnt going to reappear they would have destroyed the body?! Just to say, if Cromartie is dead (why they have started naming Terminators i will never know) it was a pretty crap way to die. A Terminator killed by a gun, mm very imaginative and unrealisitc in comparison to the original films. Still all the more reason why I dont think weve seen the last of him.

8. Average Dave - December 22, 2008

I rationalised this to myself by thinking that as Cameron is a terminator herself, she would know the exact location of Cromartie’s weak spot.

The FBI guys had a lot more firepower but none of the knowledge, they assumed they were fighting a human and did not have time to alter their standard tactics to fit the situation.

I’m guessing Cameron had some special ammo too!

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