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Flash Gordon Airs! – But Is Anyone Watching? August 13, 2007

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If anyone needs proof that SciFi Network hates Sci Fi fans all they need to do is watch Flash Gordon.

After much anticipation the show aired on Friday (only in the US)..personally i was on a flight from San Francisco so I Tivo’ed it….i’m surprised my Tivo didn’t heave after recording it.

Flash Gordon – the new series isn’t a re-imagining.

It’s an insult.

It’s a travesty.

It’s disgusting.

The acting is weak, special effects are out of the 1960’s and the story well it was totally non-entertaining. SciFi did an awesome job with Battlestar Galactica – why they suck so badly at Flash Gordon has to do with attention to detail.

Sci Fi fans want Flash. We want cool effects and we demand intricate well written stories.

Apparently there are 22 episodes that have already been ordered of this series. Here’s hoping that they get better real fast before they have to cancel the series well ahead of the 22 episode mark.


1. John Campbell Rees - August 15, 2007
2. showmescifi - August 15, 2007

You got a point..but BSG was also week in its first incarnation. SciFi made it better and that was the promise of the network.

The promise that after 80 years something better would emerge.

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4. kes sper - March 4, 2008

its rubbish and sarahterminator, makes blade thought out and actually written. Who evers behind it have shot them selves in the foot!remember this guz back my Grandad loved it my Dad&Mom loved it in th 40’s its a cult it is soooo weak.Candacancell it!and Cardifu@k Torchwood Failed

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