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Flash Gordon Airs! – But Is Anyone Watching? August 13, 2007

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If anyone needs proof that SciFi Network hates Sci Fi fans all they need to do is watch Flash Gordon.

After much anticipation the show aired on Friday (only in the US)..personally i was on a flight from San Francisco so I Tivo’ed it….i’m surprised my Tivo didn’t heave after recording it.

Flash Gordon – the new series isn’t a re-imagining.

It’s an insult.

It’s a travesty.

It’s disgusting.

The acting is weak, special effects are out of the 1960’s and the story well it was totally non-entertaining. SciFi did an awesome job with Battlestar Galactica – why they suck so badly at Flash Gordon has to do with attention to detail.

Sci Fi fans want Flash. We want cool effects and we demand intricate well written stories.

Apparently there are 22 episodes that have already been ordered of this series. Here’s hoping that they get better real fast before they have to cancel the series well ahead of the 22 episode mark.

Flash Gordon Teaser Trailer July 12, 2007

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flashgordon.jpg SciFi Channel is finally starting to get a little serious about the new Flash Gordon show which is set to premiere in August.

They’ve now revealed the show’s logo (left), have FINALLY put up a page on their own site with some pics and..

wait for it..

Put up a teaser trailer too!

Yes it has the Queen music and Yes Ming is MERCILESS.

Star Wars Outlander TPB – review February 17, 2007

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My own personal hunt for Aurra Sing has led me to Star Wars Outsider.

Aurra Sing isn’t the major player in this trade paperback but she is still quite central – it’s more about another lost Jedi the ‘Outlander’ who unites the Tusken raiders of Tatooine.

A solid work with great art and a pretty decent story to boot.

Ki-Adi-Mundi’s first assignment after joining the Jedi Council will take him back to the fearsome desert wastelands of Tatooine. The Jedi Council has tracked a long wayward and powerful Jedi, Sharad Hett of the Sand People, to the backwater world, and it’s up to Ki to find him and convince him to return. Only two things stand in his way: the vicious krayt dragon of Tatooine and the Jedi-slaying bounty hunter Aurra Sing! Ki has little choice but to ask for help from the slimiest crime lord of them all, Jabba the Hutt — and Jabba’s aid always comes with a price! Outlander is full-throttle, white-knuckle Episode I-era adventure!