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Stargate The Ark of Truth – out March 11th March 7, 2008

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ark.jpgNot far now…..its seems like it was eons ago that the last episode of Stargate SG-1 Season 10 was on the air.

Leaving us wanting



Soon we will know the fate of the Orii and SG-1…i can hardly wait.

Stargate Atlantis 4×7 Missing November 11, 2007

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Dr. Keller is a wimp.

We’ve known this all along this episode just re-enforces that simple fact -Jewel Staite was a wimp as Kaylee in Firefly too..so nothing wrong with that..she’s been typecast that way.

That said..another great Stargate Atlantis episode..two huge revelations in this episode though which will make it pivotal for the rest of the season.

#1 Where are the Ethosians?

#2 Tayla is PREGNANT!

Pirated Stargate Atlantis Season 4 Episodes – Have No Special Effect Sounds October 5, 2007

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First off – piracy is bad. No one should pirate or illegally download or distribute pirate versions of TV shows and ShowMeSciFi certainly doesn’t support or encourage the practice.

That said – it happens, it’s out there now and that’s reality.

It has come to our attention through anonymous sources (privacy of the press and all that) that there are pirate version of Stargate Atlantis Season 4 available for download before they air.

So far it has just been 4×1 Adrift and 4×2 Lifeline. Apparently they’re pre-broadcast copies (not iTunes) and..get this…they’re missing all the sound effects for the special effects.

So no sounds for things like drone fire from a jumper, background theme and even stuff like announcements over the Atlantis comm system.

You know it’s only $1.99 an episode to buy from iTunes of Amazon Unbox but hey a buck is a buck. Personally speaking, I like sound effects.

Stargate Atlantis 4×1 : Adrift September 28, 2007

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In its fourth season …Stargate Atlantis has now got to be the finest SciFi show on TV.

The season 4 premiere titled ‘Adrift’ was really solid..with all the elements that make Atlantis great..namely continuous failures that the crew someone don’t quite get out off..and interesting twists that really make you go ..HUH.

For example..they finally clear the asteroids..but DANG one got through and took out the hyperdrive.

They finally fix the hyperdrive and..DANG..too late they don’t have enough ZPM power.

And the twist?

The whole point of why Atlantis left the Atlantis world was to escape the replicators…so what do these braniacs do? They come up with a plan to go to the replicator homeworld to steal their ZPMs.


Oh and great to see Jewel Staite really take over the Doctors role (which she’s had since 3×20) and AWESOME to see Col.Carter too.

Col. Samantha Carter Takes Over Command Of Stargate Atlantis In Season 4 June 23, 2007

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It’s official. Col. Samantha Carter (Amanda Tapping) takes over command of the Atlantis expedition in Season 4.

Dr. Weir will be removed after either quitting or being fired by the IOC. This isn’t the first time Weir will have been removed from a Stargate command. She was removed from command of the main of SGC too and replaced by none other than O’Neil. (Weir replaced General Hammond).

Finally the military will be in control of Stargate Atlantis and finally the smartest person will be command in stead of a diplomat that has no real scientific or military skills.

Congrats Col. Carter and Welcome to the Pegasus galaxy.

Stargate Atlantis 3×20 First Strike June 23, 2007

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stargateweir.jpg Jewel Staite finally takes over as doctor and Dr.Weir’s days are obviously numbered.

A pretty decent final episode for the season with an alright cliffhanger. Sure we’ve seen enemies of Earth use an Energy weapon through the gate before (think Annubis in Season 8 of SG-1).

Why they didn’t just fly an attack against the originating gate address is beyond me.

The fact that first they submerge and then they use the Stardrive was kinda nuts that must’ve sucked a load of power.

Anyways..great episode and I can hardly wait the X months until the show finally comes back!

Stargate SG-1 10×20 Unending. The Series Finale! (not really) June 22, 2007

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stargateunending.jpgWhat a sad sad episode.

Sad in that it wasn’t a particularly good final episode for a series that has been on the air for 10 years.

So they do the aging thing to see what a future might be..Vala and Daniel hookup – marvelous.

It stretched way too long and was just too slow. For such a great show to go out on such whimper is just plane lame.

The greatest final episode of a SciFi show remains Star Trek TNG’s ‘ All Good Things Must Come To An End.’ Why? Not cause it’s trek, and not cause it was an ending but because it wove the past with the future into an omnibus of 7 years of TNG.

If the series finale of Stargate SG-1 could only have been so good…where was Jack O’Neil, the G’ould? An actual Orii prior??

Luckily we know that it’s not really the end. There are at least 2 straight to DVD movies….and the hope that NBC Universal will get off their frakking tails and bring the show back.

Good bye for now Stargate SG-1 …it’s been a great run and we hope to see you again soon.

Stargate SG-1 – Does Teyla’s Baby Belong to John Shephard? June 19, 2007

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Teyla is having a baby! Well, actress Rachel Luttrell, who plays Teyla on Stargate Atlantis is and for season 4 the writers are writing it into the storyline.

Apparently the baby belongs to someone we haven’t met yet….but i think it would be FRAKKIN AWESOME if it was John Shephard’s . That sure would complicate things.

Then again maybe she was impregnated by a wraith like entity so her baby will be the promised child the bridges human and wraith culture.

Stargate SG-1 10×19 Dominion (second last episode) June 16, 2007

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Adria has ascended. WOOHOO.

Neat episode that gives the Orisii even more power than she had before..will she fight the ancients directly now?? who knows..

And B’aal? Is he dead? (I don’t think so).

I can hardly contain myself to see the final episode..but hey we all know there is a straight for DVD movie to come in another two months that will actually END this story line..so the Series Finale won’t quite be a real Finale will it?

Stargate Atlantis 3×18 Submersion June 11, 2007

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Ok so the wraith come back after being absent for  a few episodes…

overall a weak episode with a Wraith queen that could’ve been alot more than just another…oh the Wraith are here and are gonna blow us up.

Stargate SG-1 Family Ties 10×18 June 8, 2007

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With only a pair of episodes to go..this is the kind of crap they throw at us.

Ah well I guess with Mitchell’s Kansas homecoming they had to do a Vala personal issues episode too. Kinda cutesy at times – and hey Vala rocks so i’d be a moron to complain too much.

Stargate The Alliance video game cancelled but is it truly dead? June 4, 2007

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Two years ago there was alot of hype around a new Stargate video game called Stargate The Alliance.

It never saw the light of day because MGM saw to it that it  never would.

But fans being fans – there is a petition online calling for its return..but in a new twist in this conspiracy the petition itself is now closed, even though there are over 26,000 people that ‘signed’ the petition.

With Stargate Worlds apparently still in production..who is to say that MGM won’t find a way to kill that game too..

That being the case..the code for Stargate The Alliance is out there and just like the fans that are working on restoring the KOTOR the Sith Lords..hey you never know the game might well yet emerge..

Stargate Atlantis Dr Carson Beckett Didn’t Have To Die June 3, 2007

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OK. Sunday (Stargate Atlantis 3×17) has finally aired in the US (though ShowMeSciFi blogged about it back in February originally).

Dr. Carson Beckett didn’t have to die.

For those that don’t read this blog or look for spoilers online, they had no idea what was coming. I got  calls from a few friends after the episode aired asking me what the FRAK happened – AFTER scolding them for not reading this blog we had some great discussions.

The SciFi website gives no indication in its episode synopsis that Sunday has anything to do with Beckett. In fact they make it seem like Dr. Weir going on a date is the BIG plot.

Becket was just going about his dangerous business as he does in every episode, disposing of the exploding tumor was no more or less dangerous than anything else we’ve seen him or anyone else on Stargate Atlantis do. Yet somehow this time Beckett dies. There is an explosion and then we see his flag draped coffin.

It didn’t have to be this way.

It was an empty death for a noble character – he deserved much better. Sure the multiple flashback approach for the plot in this episode was great but none of it justified the death of Beckett.

Word is that Becket will now return in Season 4. Seeing as he was – plain and simple – blown up real good – i don’t see how he can come back. It’s not like he ascended or anything.

Maybe it will be a clone or replicator version of Becket but the original Scotsman is dead. The piper has already played the pipes for him.

Beckett’s death was an empty one – even more empty than Tasha Y’aar in Star Trek. The way Trek brought Tasha back was kinda neat though..here’s hoping Stargate Atlantis’ writing crew comes with something as inventive.

Otherwise I suppose they could always just have a shower scene..and this one Sunday episode could just be bad dream

Stargate SG-1 10X17 Talion June 2, 2007

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stargate1016.jpgOnly 3 episodes left and Stargate SG-1’s story is really quite far from completion – guess that’s why they’ve got the direct to DVD movies coming in early summer.

Basic enough episode with Teal’c going after a rogue Jaffa that has aligned with Orii. Nothing great, nothing really bad -it’s just kinda there.

Hope that the next three episode ratchet this show up a bit..at this rate it’s going out with whimper rather than a bang.

Stargate Atlantis 3×16 The Ark May 21, 2007

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stargateatlantisark.jpgHow many episodes have their been of Stargate that are similiar to this one?

The basic premise of coming across a ship/location with frozen/stored persons is tired in the stargate universe and overused.

The ARk offers nothing new in this respect and is similiar to the umpteen other Stargate’s that were the same.

Stargate SG-1 10×16 Bad Guys May 21, 2007

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Not a bad episode at all. There have been a few episodes over the years where SG-1 is mistaken for bad guys in a first contact situation but this is one of the better attempts.

What was clearly missing though was whether or not this planet had been visited or ruled by the Gould at one point…i wonder…

but i guess the Orii are on the way…

Stargate SG-1 10×12 Bounty May 11, 2007

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This was a neat but kind of strange episode…who cares about the ‘lucian’ (?) alliance anyways right?
The real fight is Orii…or maybe I’ve got it wrong..and the alliance is helping the Orii??

IN any event a neat on Earth episode where we see Col Mitchell’s Kansas hometown..and for plot dev purposes…also shows us his future love interest and the future of the lucian alliance.

I wonder why these strong Stargate Military types always have to be from Rural areas…doesn’t anyone live in New York?

Stargate Atlantis 3×14 The Tao of Rodney May 4, 2007

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rodney.jpg Stargate Atlantis Season 3 episode 14 The Tao of Rodney – is another one of those where a Stargate character gets super-human powers and must get rid of them or will die.

In this episode the ‘victim’ is Rodney and the ‘twist’ is that the super-powers come from an ancient ascension machine…problem is Rodney is neither willing (or apparently able) to ascend.

Sure this kind of thing happens all the time on Stargate (SG-1 or Atlantis), but it’s still decent fun, though not an episode that I’ll likely care to see more than once.

Stargate SG-1 10 x17 The Shroud May 4, 2007

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Wow solid episode.

The whole time it has you hanging and second guessing – Is Daniel an Orii lackey or is he telling the truth?

Is disablling the wormhole blocking the supergate a good thing or not?

Is Daniel ‘involved’ with the Orisii Adria?

Much much better than the last bunch of Stargate SG-1 Episodes and one that definately engaged me from beginning till the end…

 Not much farther to go…

Stargate Atlantis Season 3 x 13 Irresponsible April 23, 2007

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Jenai strongman Kolya and Sheppard have had a serious hate on since the first time they met.

FINALLY – in this episode they settle their score (or so we hope).

When the Atlantis team finds Lucius Luvin up to his old tricks again, they try to blow the whistle on his scamming ways — but their well-intentioned intervention leads to a showdown with their old adversary Acustus Kolya

The Lucius angle in this episode is terribly cheesy and actually works quite well to setup the final Jenai Kolya showdown.

If I had shot this episode, I likely would have stretched out the final shootout just a bit..but as it is, it’s great stuff.

Sheppard stares down Kolya..offers him the chance to surrender…both men’s hands angle towards their respective firearms.

Shootout in the Pegasus Galaxy. GREAT stuff overall.