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Pirated Stargate Atlantis Season 4 Episodes – Have No Special Effect Sounds October 5, 2007

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First off – piracy is bad. No one should pirate or illegally download or distribute pirate versions of TV shows and ShowMeSciFi certainly doesn’t support or encourage the practice.

That said – it happens, it’s out there now and that’s reality.

It has come to our attention through anonymous sources (privacy of the press and all that) that there are pirate version of Stargate Atlantis Season 4 available for download before they air.

So far it has just been 4×1 Adrift and 4×2 Lifeline. Apparently they’re pre-broadcast copies (not iTunes) and..get this…they’re missing all the sound effects for the special effects.

So no sounds for things like drone fire from a jumper, background theme and even stuff like announcements over the Atlantis comm system.

You know it’s only $1.99 an episode to buy from iTunes of Amazon Unbox but hey a buck is a buck. Personally speaking, I like sound effects.


1. joe Blow - October 8, 2007

What srap

So much for Fre trade agreement between US anD Australia. We can’t even download from US itunes so give it a break,
IT unes aus is crap…
WHY can’t we have same rights as US. and pay $2 and watch shows, We can’t even watch stuff on your SCI page

Its good enough to drag us into IRAQ but we cant watch your shows.

2. Peter Broughan - October 8, 2007

I agree
I went to ITUNES US page and get shot back to Australian Page,
I even tried to watch stuff on the SCI FI page and it won’t let me watch stuff also.
i am very dissappointed .
Even ghost whisperer ,we are 18 months behind

3. No one - October 10, 2007

Oh, shut the hell up. Yes, you all hate us, we get it.
Crocodile Dundee sucked.

4. Guess!?!? - October 12, 2007

I love stargate/stargate atlantis and the only way i can stay up to date with it in australia is to download we cant do it through itunes!!

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