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Star Trek Typhon Pact Brinkmanship – REVIEW – the Tzenkethi are rat bastards November 2, 2012

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The Typhon Pact series of Star Trek books have been all about the political machinations for the Alpha Quandrant powers and this book is no different. Brinkmanship though, unlike all the other Typhon Pact books is only about one power, the Tzenkethi. That’s right almost no romulans, tholians or gorn in this book.

and that’s fine.

We learn a lot about the Tzenkethi, a race we barely know.

The best part of this book though is the pacing. From beginning to the end, this book has a flow that is driven by the approaching ships coming to the Venetan base. It’s a simple literary trick, but it works.

the only part that really didn’t quite up for us, was how the Federation was able to convince the Venetans that the Tzenkethi shouldn’t bring the ships in. It’s the point at which the plot pivots and it’s a bit weak. But we’ll forgive the author..becuase it almost doesn’t matter. This book is about characters and setting the actual final resolution is almost incidental.

Overall, a great read for fans of Typhon Pact series.


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