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Doctor Who Journey’s End Edited by CBC in Canada December 13, 2008

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What a joke. The CBC in Canada aired the final episode of Doctor Who season 4 (4×13) in Canada on Friday night – in a bastardized edited form that made the show impossible to watch.

The CBC editted nearly 20 minutes out of the episode which was the season finale!

There are a lot of people that are complaining about this (check out the CBC forums) .

Was the show too long? Something politically incorrect in it? Too much nudity?? What?!! Why would the CBC do such a thing? It’s just madness.

CBC is funded by the Canadian taxpayers. I suggest that all Canadian’s demand a refund.


1. John Thomas - December 15, 2008

Hopefully you were spared the inanely stupid ending where Donna starts spouting rubbish at double quick speed and throws switches on Davros’s own equipment to defeat the Daleks and the less said about the TARDIS dragging the Earth through space the better!

2. Jon - December 15, 2008

Yeah, it was a miserable end indeed. Davies will resign, so there’s hope that at least some credibility will return.

3. Visitor - December 15, 2008



4. Eddie - December 15, 2008

Someone explain something to me… If Time Lords can regenerate, why is the Doctor the last of his race?

5. tombakeristhebestdoctorevaaaaah - December 15, 2008

because of the destruction of Gallifrey by the Daleks and they can’t go back in time to fix it because its a ‘fixed point’. I think it was before the current version of Doctor Who. The not-very-good 1996 TV movie, perhaps?

6. Eddie - December 15, 2008

Ahhh, thanks… and I’m guessing then that only the doctor was off planet at the time?

7. CMJ - December 15, 2008

I thought that was one of the best episodes I’ve seen of Doctor Who ever! Very very good. I have the DVD set. I haven’t opened it yet, but I assume the full length episode is on there.

I didn’t see the edited version that aired on CBC, but I think that if it’s any redeeming factor, they aren’t the ones who did the editing. I recall that with season three’s finale, the pod commentary from BBC’s site had Jukie Gardener mentioning the bit where the Master is pushing the aged Doctor around on the Valiant with some music playing, and she said something to the effect of, “Oh, but if you’re in Canada or the US, I’m sorry, you won’t see this bit. We have to edit these longer episodes to air over there in yoru time slots.”

So I suppose at least they’ve been edited in the best way they could possibly be, and not randomly chopped up without thought.

8. Spencer - December 15, 2008

If you guys are getting 20 minutes of commercials per hour of programming on your state-funded broadcast, somebody’s getting screwed.

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