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Final Episode of Dollhouse (Epitaph 2) SUCKED !! January 30, 2010

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The last three or four final episode of Dollhouse have been awesome — the second last episode –  (The Hollow Men) – the best of the series.

The FINAL episode – in very stark contrast – TOTALLY SUCKED.

This is one of the worst episodes, if no the worst episode in the whole two year history of Dollhouse. WTF was Joss thinking?

Yeeah cool to see the future world where everyone has been wiped –but there was little action and even less drama or plot in this episode. The only thing mildly interesting was the shockingly quick death of Agent Paul Ballard.

Beyond that this made no sense – Alpha as the keeper of the dollhouse? huh? the whole thing with Victor and Pria was overdone – Is it Caroline or Echo? and what was Neuropolis?

Some questions for sure — but the overall pacing was wrong and this was a major disappointment for us. After the fantastic second-last episode where Boyd is revealed (and blown up), this was a major let down.

Overall, Dollhouse was a brilliant concept show with some very intriguing episodes and some memorable characters. It did however have more holes in it than swiss cheese and this final episode has left us with a really foul taste in our mouth.

Dollhouse – Rossum/Boyd is Dead – one episode to go January 17, 2010

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After last week’s revelation that Boyd – flipping Boyd!! – is the head of Rossum – we knew that this week’s episode (The Hollow Men)would be interesting to say the least.

What an amazing episode – as all the major characters come to realize how Boyd played EVERYONE (including us the fans). What a total shocker.

The way he manipulated Topher to fix the automatic imprinter was also amazing..

And of course the sheer irony of the end of Boyd and Rossum – destroyed by the very tech they manipulated Topher to fix.

“Did I fall asleep?” Boyd asked Echo…that was great wasn’t it?

“I always try and be my best” Boyd said with the grenade in hand. How brilliantly ironic a final stroke was that??

If this had been the last episode of Dollhouse – it might have been enough for us. Rossum is done, Dollhouse is destroyed..

But wait it’s not…

We’ve got the finale still to come – the Epitaph.

Alpha is also still running wild and oh yeah all the other dollhouses and copies of the Rossum founders too.

What is amazing is how Dollhouse has come full circle from the first episode in what has become a really complete series. Sure we would have like to have seen Dollhouse continue on for a few years more, but the way that Whedon has managed to tie things together, surprise us and amaze us is totally outstanding.

Dollhouse – Boyd is Mr. Rossum? Really?? January 10, 2010

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Only two episodes left of Dollhouse and the surprises keep on rolling in don’t they?

Friday’s episode ‘ Getting Close’ had a few total shockers.

First – we alwasys figured Rossum was a British dude and that was that. But it turns out Rossum shifts bodies and is actually..BOYD!!

Unbelievable – so he’s been playing both sides against the middle the whole time? Didn’t anyone else know?

Astounding – we’re now going to go back and re-watch the whole series to see if there were any clues —

Boyd as Rossum changes the show, changes the whole reason why the house was going renegade…

Before that – Dr. Saunders/Whiskey was hiding out with Boyd?? rly?? and of course

Summer Glau got a bullet in the head(AWWWWWW….but will she reboot)?

Dollhouse has been an interesting show since its first episode,  then hit a bit of a rough patch, but it sure looks like this show is wrapping up in tremendous fashion.

Dollhouse – The Rossum Mainframe is powered by the Attic December 20, 2009

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We’ve heard about the Attic from the earliest Dollhouse shows – now we finally know what it’s all about. The Attic Part 2 was one of the finest Dollhouse episodes ever.

Rossum is using ‘unfit dolls’ and enemies of Rossum as human computers – their brains are all connected to power the mainframe – OUTSTANDING.

Meeting the Rossum co-founder – who has been stuck in the attic since 1993 – also neat.

But this was one episode that was also really disturbing – how about that guy stuck in the sushi bar where he had to eat his own legs??? That was repulsive.

On the other hand, the fact that Adele is now onside with bringing down Rossum is also an interesting change of events –

Dollhouse has had its ups and downs but the last four hours worth of episodes have been…well..outstanding. It is  a shame this show has been canceled, but it sure is going out with a bang isn’t it?

Dollhouse Season 2 Episode 8 – Alpha is back December 13, 2009

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It’s such a shame that Dollhouse has been canceled – this week’s double episode – 7 and 8 – were among the best this show has ever had.

Episode seven we see a new type of doll – one that can change personalities on the fly to suit the need. Call her – Echo Supreme. Wasn’t that awesome?

Then the tour de force that was Episode 8 –A Love Supreme Part 2 – finally alpha is back – (where the frak did he go after the end of Season 1)??

He’s a wonderful nutbag of a character that we all love to hate.

And in a brilliant stroke of drama – Ballard is now brain dead but his imprint with Alpha – WOW.

There are so many loose ends and lots more drama to come as the final 4 episode of Dollhouse wind down this awesome show, once and for all.

Dollhouse Season 2 Episode 5 & 6: The best two episodes of Dollhouse EVER Summer Glau rocks! December 5, 2009

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Dollhouse is Back (well until it gets cancelled) – and its back with a BANG!!

So Rossum Corp turned one of its dollhouses against the other in a plot to ensure that the dollhouse itself is never exposed.


Topher and Topher as a doll – FUNNY

Summer Glau as the D.C version of Topher – ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT..Summer was awesome.

The complexity of plot in this two episode set was astounding with layer within layer and multiple sub-plot texts underneath. We know have seen our second dollhouse, we’ve now seen that Topher is really nuts..and we know more about Echo/Caroline than we’ve ever known before.

So where does Dollhouse go from here?

Well at some point Ballard will bring the Dollhouse down. At some point Caroline will help him and somewhere along the way Doc Sanders/Whisky and Alpha will return

Dollhouse Cancelled. FOX Fraks SciFi Fans AGAIN. November 11, 2009

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dollhouseIt’s official. FOX is cancelling Dollhouse.

Is anyone surprised?

This is FOX after all, they canceled Firefly and from the very first episode (which was awesome), we knew the FRAKKERS at FOX had their fingers on the button to kill this show.

It’s bad enough the show is on hiatus for the whole month of November too, but the plan is have the full 13 episode second season.

Yeaah we’re pissed.

Then again, Joss Whedon kinda screwed us all over with Season Two so far hasn’t he?

Where is Alpha??? what the frak happened btwn the last episode of Season One and the Season Two episodes. Sure as standalone episode a few of them have been great, but continuity is a problem.

Maybe we’re wrong for blaming FOX, maybe we should blame Joss for not executing on the full vision and giving us the show his fans deserve.


Dollhouse Belonging – Directed by Riker (aka Jonathan Frakes) – The Best Episode Yet October 24, 2009

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dollhouse What a great episode – Belonging – directed by Star Trek’s Riker (Johnathan Frakes) showed us how Sierra got into the dollhouse

No that party was freaky and disturbing.

When they returned her to the creep, I though ok this is a sad sack ending. But then having Prija/Sierra kick the dudes butt? That was great.

How/why Sierra ended back in the dollhouse after that is a little bit iffy though. I mean why not just set her free? Then again she’s probably not equipped to live in society anymore – at not until Topher can set her totally free.

Overall a brilliantly written, plotted, acted and directed episode that had a great mix of flashback and current action. We were on the edge of our seat until the end. BRAVO!

Fox cancels Dollhouse from November schedule October 22, 2009

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dollhouse No it’s not a full cancellation of Dollhouse – but FOX is still messing things up.

Season Two has barely started and now FOX has pulled the show out of the November line-up . Technically it’s not a cancellation, it’s worse.

FOX is putting Echo and the rest of the Dollhouse…


Joss Whedon however is still officially optimistic, but then again he was optmistic at one point that Firefly would return to FOX and we know how that worked out.

Here’s what Joss wrote.

Howzabout that schedule? Well, I’m not as depressed as everyone else. We weren’t about to rock sweeps anyway, and though there’s a chilly November, December is CRAZY. It’s like an Advent calendar of episodes! We get November to try to spread the word (which I’ll be leaning on Fox to do, though it’s hard to imagine them doing as good a job as the WhyIWatch guy) and then December is pure gluttony. Plus the episodes line up extremely well in these pairs, and we’ll have an absurdly appropriate lead-in.

Dollhouse : Season 2 Instinct. Where is Dr. ‘Whisky’ Saunders? October 5, 2009

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dollhouse So far Season 2 of Dollhouse has been a bit…odd.

We still don’t know what happened to Alpha and we don’t really know what deal Echo and Agent Ballard came up with.

Those unknowns really make this season VERY annoying to us.

That said, last Friday’s episode Instinct opened up some new ground.  Topher has now figured out a way to make the Doll’s imprint so powerful that it can overcome a wipe event. That’s the nature of the mother’s protective instinct.

It’s a really interesting premise that motherhood transcends the other human instincts.

Where the Dollhouse goes from here…who knows..with SGU now on Friday nights, I’d bet that the Dollhouse ends up the loser.

Dollhouse Season 2 Vows : What Happened to Alpha? September 25, 2009

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dollhouseWTF? Did we miss something?

The first episode of season two doesn’t follow from the last episode of season one.

At the end of the last season we had Alpha on the run and Ballard had just come in. Now?

Is this all some conspiracy to get us to buy season one on DVD?


And how could Echo get married to Jamie Bamber (Apollo – and oh he was great wasn’t he?) so fast? She wasn’t a doll for him – so was she a doll for ballard for months? years? to get the bad guy to marry her?

Yes it’s cool to have Ballard on the inside.

Yes it’s weird that Whiskey is a nutcase and has this love/hate thing with Topher.

No it’s not cool that we don’t know what happened to Alpha unless to line Joss Whedon’s pockets with more money. It’s a frakkin recession out there man.

but hey if you want to just buy the missing 13th episode from Dollhouse Season 1 – Amazon has it for $1.99 Epitaph One

Dollhouse Season (Series?) Finale Omega REVIEW May 10, 2009

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The season finale (episode 12) of Dollhouse was an interesting – if not confusing- episode.

After chasing the dollhouse for 11 TV hours, Agent Ballard is now a dollhouse contractor.

We find out the Doctor is really a doll herself and that Alpha was a messed up dude from very early on.

What we didn’t have is a proper cliffhanger or even an ending for this show ..it just kinda ran out of time didn’t it?

Will they find Caroline? maybe but is that the chase? find alpha? I guess that’s neat. Considering that FOX is now apparently considering cancelling Dollhouse, Omega is not a good final episode at all.

There is a 13th episode that apparently will only be available on the Season One DVD..let’s hope that FOX pulls itself together, shows the 13th episode and renews Dollhouse for Season Two.

Dollhouse : Alpha Revealed !! It’s Firefly’s Wash! May 1, 2009

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What a great episode of dollhouse. Agent Ballard finally finds the Dollhouse with the help of


We did not see that coming, it wasn’t until Alpha slashed Victor that we even had a clue.

The twist with data key sending Sierra to Tucson was a little odd and didn’t really make much sense though..

And why wouldn’t Topher have known what Alpha looked like?

And which personality did Alpha imprint on Echo??

Lots of questions in this first episode of Dollhouse yet that did not have a clean ending.

Dollhouse : Haunted or how Dolls can let people experience life after death! April 25, 2009

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So  now Dolls can be used to let people come back after they’re dead? That’s what happened in last night’s episode Haunted

What a concept! Just scan a person regularly and they there will be a ‘copy’ of them ready to implant into another body.

Overall a really interesting episode, I didn’t pick the son as the killer and we really didn’t know till the last 10 minutes. That’s a sign of a brilliant writer ..with a story that keeps us entertained and guessing.

What was the deal with Topher though? Is he frakking Sierra too?

What about Agent Ballard? He knows Milly is a doll yet he can’t do much about it or can he?

Dollhouse : Dominic is NSA, Victor bangs DeWitt, April 10, 2009

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Tonight’s episode – wow…so much activity…

Let’s start at the top. Mr Dominic is NSA, and now in the attic…we knew something was wrong with that dude…so ok.

Victor banging DeWitt..that was a total surprise.

Mellie telling Agent Ballard she is a doll? WOWOW another total shock.

All told so many twist and turns in one episode..and an episode that had a puzzle of a timeline, back and forth and sideways.

Dollhouse : Needs : The dolls go for a stroll April 4, 2009

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Friday’s episode Needs
was an interesting one — let the dolls walk free so they can solve outstanding issues…their needs..

Caroline needed to free ppl..she does ..

And victor needed to be loved..

Neat stuff and until the end, we didn’t have a clue what was going on or why they’d let them wake up in the first place.

There is such tremendous depth to this show , in plot and characters it’s just great fun – intellectually – to watch and try and figure what is going on and what will happen next.

Have all their Needs been met?

Somehow I think that Caroline at least wants to be free herself , so a future glitch is still very possible

Dollhouse : Echoes – How dolls are made March 29, 2009

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What a great episode this week called –Echoes – (season 1 episode 7)

We get full insight into Caroline and how she became a doll – and insight overall into how the Dollhouse works.

Rossum Corp – finds people who are in trouble – financially or with the law and signs them up for a five year contract –

Does that mean that they’re free after five years and just get their original memories back?

It’s still unclear how agent ballard will get back on the case but you gotta know that he will be ..sooner rather than later.

Dollhouse: There are three flowers in a vase March 20, 2009

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So Agent Ballard’s neighbor is a doll too????
Who isn’t a doll?

Gotta love the control phrase too: There are Three Flowers in a vase.

We kinda/sort guessed she could have been a doll but still a surprise in the end and well played.

The whole thing with the abuse of Sierra was also disturbing…but perhaps most intriguing was the larger dollhouse conspiracy

There are 20 dollhouses? and who leaked the news to Echo to tell Agent Ballard? Was it the the head of the Los Angeles DollHouse? Or was it Topher’s assistant?

The TV documentary angle on the Dollhouse was also a realy interesting dramatic lure – this is one well craft show isn’t it?

Dollhouse : Victor’s Erection March 13, 2009

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Soo apparently the Doll’s do remember stuff! Why else would Victor get an erection whenever he sees Sierra?

Also how else would Echo have the residual to remember things too.

And what’s the deal with Mellie? Is she Agent Ballard’s stalker or is she somehow related to Echo too?

LOTS OF QUESTIONS which is a good thing. This latest episode with Branch Davidian types was pretty cool and once again proves that Dollhouse has legs. This is is show that (unless Fox screws it up) should last awhile.

Dollhouse – Taffy March 6, 2009

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That was interesting wasn’t it? What happens when an agent gets wiped remotely…

And the wiping was done by Alpha! That was neat.

Now what’s going on with Agent Ballard and Victor …I don’t know. It jsut doesn’t make sense to us.

We know Victor is a Doll – and he’s trying to get Agent Ballard out of the picture…but what was he doing this episode? it’s was just dumb.