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Dollhouse – Rossum/Boyd is Dead – one episode to go January 17, 2010

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After last week’s revelation that Boyd – flipping Boyd!! – is the head of Rossum – we knew that this week’s episode (The Hollow Men)would be interesting to say the least.

What an amazing episode – as all the major characters come to realize how Boyd played EVERYONE (including us the fans). What a total shocker.

The way he manipulated Topher to fix the automatic imprinter was also amazing..

And of course the sheer irony of the end of Boyd and Rossum – destroyed by the very tech they manipulated Topher to fix.

“Did I fall asleep?” Boyd asked Echo…that was great wasn’t it?

“I always try and be my best” Boyd said with the grenade in hand. How brilliantly ironic a final stroke was that??

If this had been the last episode of Dollhouse – it might have been enough for us. Rossum is done, Dollhouse is destroyed..

But wait it’s not…

We’ve got the finale still to come – the Epitaph.

Alpha is also still running wild and oh yeah all the other dollhouses and copies of the Rossum founders too.

What is amazing is how Dollhouse has come full circle from the first episode in what has become a really complete series. Sure we would have like to have seen Dollhouse continue on for a few years more, but the way that Whedon has managed to tie things together, surprise us and amaze us is totally outstanding.