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Final Episode of Dollhouse (Epitaph 2) SUCKED !! January 30, 2010

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The last three or four final episode of Dollhouse have been awesome — the second last episode –  (The Hollow Men) – the best of the series.

The FINAL episode – in very stark contrast – TOTALLY SUCKED.

This is one of the worst episodes, if no the worst episode in the whole two year history of Dollhouse. WTF was Joss thinking?

Yeeah cool to see the future world where everyone has been wiped –but there was little action and even less drama or plot in this episode. The only thing mildly interesting was the shockingly quick death of Agent Paul Ballard.

Beyond that this made no sense – Alpha as the keeper of the dollhouse? huh? the whole thing with Victor and Pria was overdone – Is it Caroline or Echo? and what was Neuropolis?

Some questions for sure — but the overall pacing was wrong and this was a major disappointment for us. After the fantastic second-last episode where Boyd is revealed (and blown up), this was a major let down.

Overall, Dollhouse was a brilliant concept show with some very intriguing episodes and some memorable characters. It did however have more holes in it than swiss cheese and this final episode has left us with a really foul taste in our mouth.

Stargate Universe Needs Our Help to Improve the Show January 28, 2010

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SGU Producer Joe Mallozzi WANTS our opinion – the opinion of the fans for what we want to see.

So, as we prep for the show’s second season – and keeping in mind you haven’t seen the more action-oriented back half of season one – I’d like to know:

1. Which character would you like to see explored more?

2. What aspect of the show would you like to see exploited more?

3. What aspect of the show would prefer to see minimized?

4. What was your favorite “story moment” from the first half of SGU’s first season?

5. What element (I’m leaving this one wide open) would you like to see added to the series as a whole?

K so here’s our ideas:

1. Which character would you like to see explored more? Eli! he’s the best character on the show. Though it might be fun to see a minor character a person that we’ve never seen before emerge to be interesting too – a wrong person, wrong place thing.

2. What aspect of the show would you like to see exploited more?

-The ship! we’ve barely seen the ship so far.

3. What aspect of the show would prefer to see minimized?

-the stones and the trips back to Earth – it was fun for a bit – now it’s just dumb.

4. What was your favorite “story moment” from the first half of SGU’s first season?

-fav story moment was in the loop episode where the crew realize that everything has already happened and will happen again.

5. What element (I’m leaving this one wide open) would you like to see added to the series as a whole?

-G’hould! Wraith! some familiar enemy

iPad Idea Comes from Star Trek January 28, 2010

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Think Steve Jobs is a genius? He might be..but he’s also a Star Trek fan.

All you need to do is watch an episode of Star Trek – classic, next gen, DS9 or Voyager and you’ll see..


PADDs everywhere.

They’re not a new idea and we’ve seen them since the 1960’s.

Officially speaking – “PADD” is an acronym for Personal Access Display Device.

So Apple’s iPad is a wrip off from Star Trek – CBS and the Roddenberry Estate SHOULD get the credit.

Caprica – trailer – Rebirth – first real Caprica episode coming this week January 25, 2010

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alrighty the pilot – which has been available for months on DVD has now aired on SyFy — so finally this week we can get down to the business of some NEW Caprica episodes

The first one is called Rebirth and SyFy now as an early sneak peek avail – looks Frakkin fine to us!

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Fringe is really starting to suck January 22, 2010

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Last night’s Fringe was much like the one the week before it…mediocre.

Another virus type thing..ppl get sick and Walter has to save the day.


Where is the pattern?

Where is the multi-verse and warriors from the other side?

Where is the drama that actually made us like this show?

And Another Thing – Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy Book Six – one Word Review – Froody January 18, 2010

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And Another Thing Review – Froody

We’re big fans of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy here at ShowMeSciFi.com – and we’ve been hesitant to pick up book six – And Another Thing…– the first non-Douglas Adams instalment.

As it turns out – and another thing – is feckin Froody.

No it’s not a Douglas Adams masterpiece, but it is good fun and an enjoyable read.

The story picks up where the last one left off, with the destruction of the Earth (yet again). And yeaah Zaphod, yet again helps Arthur and Ford out.

The characters are much the same as Adams left them and Eoin Colfer does an admirable job of keeping them alive – even as the Vogons try and eliminate them.

The return of Wowbager – the alien that goes around insulting people is neat – but wowbagger just doesn’t have the same edge he did under Adams authorship — but then again it’s still fun.

We see Thor – the Thunder God – return and a really fun visit by Zaphod to the Aesir that we laughed our way through. The ‘second Earth’ Nano plotline in this book was also alot of fun and well written.

Throughout it all, we – and Arthur – miss his beloved Fennchurch – but she keeps popping up in …different way. Especially at the end, which in our view was a stroke of complete brillance.

That’s the good – the bad – which does exist in this book – comes in the form of the guide entries – which aren’t written like Guide entries – and just come off as being ..well..STOOPID. After the third or fourth guide entry that appears in this book, we actually started to just skip them altogether –which in our view made the book better and more enjoyable to read.

hitchhikers books have never been known for keeping consistent plotlines – but there are a few things that we would have liked to have seen. For one, the new MarkII Guide makes an appearance at the beginning of the book and then just goes away…that’s dumb.

The Guide itself has been taken over by Vogons (from the last book) but somehow Ford is still writing for them and little if any mention is made of how the Vogons have changed the book – that’s a real flaw in our view.

All in all though, this is a fun book and we’re glad that we had the opporunity to read it. It brings us back to that FROODY universe that Douglas Adams introduced us too 30 years ago and reminds us why we miss him so very much.

Dollhouse – Rossum/Boyd is Dead – one episode to go January 17, 2010

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After last week’s revelation that Boyd – flipping Boyd!! – is the head of Rossum – we knew that this week’s episode (The Hollow Men)would be interesting to say the least.

What an amazing episode – as all the major characters come to realize how Boyd played EVERYONE (including us the fans). What a total shocker.

The way he manipulated Topher to fix the automatic imprinter was also amazing..

And of course the sheer irony of the end of Boyd and Rossum – destroyed by the very tech they manipulated Topher to fix.

“Did I fall asleep?” Boyd asked Echo…that was great wasn’t it?

“I always try and be my best” Boyd said with the grenade in hand. How brilliantly ironic a final stroke was that??

If this had been the last episode of Dollhouse – it might have been enough for us. Rossum is done, Dollhouse is destroyed..

But wait it’s not…

We’ve got the finale still to come – the Epitaph.

Alpha is also still running wild and oh yeah all the other dollhouses and copies of the Rossum founders too.

What is amazing is how Dollhouse has come full circle from the first episode in what has become a really complete series. Sure we would have like to have seen Dollhouse continue on for a few years more, but the way that Whedon has managed to tie things together, surprise us and amaze us is totally outstanding.

Fringe is Back and this time the freaks are hidden by …sound waves? January 15, 2010

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Johari Window the first new Fringe episode of the year was an interesting episode…

freaks hidden behind sound waves?  interesting idea..

and really interesting to see how Walter has developed a friendship with Astrid too.

Agent Broiles also isnt’ the hard nosed cop he appears to be – he’s clearly willing to help people too.

Now what does any of this have to do with the pattern and or the trans-dimensional rift?


but it was  fun one-off episode

Daily News from Caprica – The Caprican site takes off January 14, 2010

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Do you really want to get into the world of the pre-apocalyptic cylon destroyed Caprica?
well now you can with the new  Caprican news site- which looks like a daily newspaper from our favorite planet among the 13 colonies – (frak you picons!)

Yeaaah just all part of the lead up hype for the Caprica series – but still good fun…especially the Google Ads…
I guess the even though Google has been kicked out of China (or will be) the colonies are still a good place for search ads.

Star Trek Captains Log Sulu leads a great week Jan 13th for comics January 13, 2010

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Every Wednesday new comic books ship to stores across North America.

While there are a lot of interesting books for Scifi fans, our sister site – ShowMeSciFiComics.com – has a weekly list looking at the ones that fans are likely to graviate towards.

This week there is a new Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic trade paperback, a Farscape comic, new Doctor Who, new Battlestar Galactica 1980 and oh yeah the debut of STAR TREK CAPTAINS LOG SULU #1 – which gives us a Captain Sulu of the USS Excelsior tale.

Check out the full week in SciFi comics preview here.

Dollhouse – Boyd is Mr. Rossum? Really?? January 10, 2010

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Only two episodes left of Dollhouse and the surprises keep on rolling in don’t they?

Friday’s episode ‘ Getting Close’ had a few total shockers.

First – we alwasys figured Rossum was a British dude and that was that. But it turns out Rossum shifts bodies and is actually..BOYD!!

Unbelievable – so he’s been playing both sides against the middle the whole time? Didn’t anyone else know?

Astounding – we’re now going to go back and re-watch the whole series to see if there were any clues —

Boyd as Rossum changes the show, changes the whole reason why the house was going renegade…

Before that – Dr. Saunders/Whiskey was hiding out with Boyd?? rly?? and of course

Summer Glau got a bullet in the head(AWWWWWW….but will she reboot)?

Dollhouse has been an interesting show since its first episode,  then hit a bit of a rough patch, but it sure looks like this show is wrapping up in tremendous fashion.

Doctor Who : The End of Time on DVD – Cya David Tennant! January 6, 2010

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The end of time – which was out on Xmas day and New Years – was one fine special – and on Feb 2 it’ll be available on DVD too (amazon has a good price on the pre-order).

The end of time is the end for David Tennant – and it was one awesome special. It saw the return of the master and the return of Galifrey (home of the time lords) itself!

And oh yeah Timothy Dalton (James Bond) is an awesome Lord President of Galifrey too.

Yeaah it’s saaad to see tennant go, but the end of the end of time special is soo cheesy that it’s clear his time was up.

The DVD set also include the other specials – water of mars and the next doctor and some new footage from behind the scenes too.

[clearspring_widget title=”SCI FI Wire Video – Doctor Who on DVD: Sneak Peek” wid=”48e10f5e9dbb50aa” pid=”4b453989a4273f00″ width=”400″ height=”400″ domain=”wgtclsp.syfy.com”]

Star Wars graphic novels on sale – boxing day not over yet.. January 5, 2010

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one of the best deals we’ve ever seen on ‘new’ (that is not nick and dent) Star Wars trade paperbacks (that’s graphic novel for the old timers) is now on.

Our sister site – ShowMeSciFiComics.com has all the details on the offer.

While you’re there, why not check out some of the other content too? The site isn’t yet as established as this one, but hey every site starts somewhere.

Don’t dawdle too much though the deal on the Star Wars Tales TPBs is only going until Jan 6th – and oh yeah did we mention that they’re only $5 a piece?

Star Trek Enterpise : The Romulan War – A Great Read! January 3, 2010

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We were never fans of  the Star Trek Enterprise series when it was on the air – but the book series is another story.

The Romulan War – which continues on the story begun in Kobyashi Maru in 2009 – is an excellent novel and one that makes Enterprise ‘whole’ again.

The Romulans are bad guys – and no one (except for the vulcans and trip) really know who they are. What we get in this book is a whole lot of plot and drama about the Romulan War – the back and forth battle as Romulans take territory from Earth and then Earth tries to win in back.

Then there is the whole subplot of the aftermath of the Kobyashi Maru – with Travis being re-assigned to a pair of different NX class starships – both of which end up being destroyed by the Romulans.

T’pol hooks up with Trip again (woohoo) – but this novel isn’t about character development – it’s about the plot – the star trek universe at a critical pre-federation era when it faces down the Romulans.

This is great Star Trek fiction – with back and forth action as Starfleet gets its feet wet in in its first real interstellar conflict – highly recommended for all Star Trek fans in our view.